This is told from Dawn's point of view later on it will get confusing so I will refer to her as Ericka.

"Wait what NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I hate that name!!" Dawn shouted waving her arms in the air.

CHAPTER 1 Dawn's first Adventure.

The sun was high in the Sinnoh air, its beams of light coming down on the small town of Twinleaf. The pond, on the south side of the small town was shining in the sunlight. The green grass, looked as green as ever. Trees all around the sides, except for in front of Route 201 which led to Lake Verity. Around the inside of the area where the homes are was a walkway with a sign in the middle. Dawn's home (not the anime Dawn but the video game version), is on the south east side of town that is where our story begins.

"Finally, I am ten years old maybe now mom will let me leave for my Poke'mon adventure!" I said, looking out my window on the second floor of the two story home. Then I felt as if a giant pink eye was watching me but I just shrugged it off because I was too excited to start my adventure.

"That's right folks, you heard right a red Gyarados is somewhere here in Sinnoh we will bring you more on this later stay tune next time on 'The Search For Red Gyarados!'" , shouted the man on T.V. I was not paying attention to the show even though I probably should have as Tyson (my best friend) was very interested in it. I turned off my T.V. and went downstairs to ask my mom, but right when I went downstairs my mom said that Tyson was just here, looking for me but left.

"Ok, thanks mom I will go look for him," I said as I left my home to find him. I did not have to go far because I knew that Tyson would most likely be at his house. Now me and Tyson have been best friends for seven years and I know that Tyson loves his wii and will most likely be playing it.

"Ya," Tyson screamed bumping into me knocking me to the ground. "Oh sorry Dawn didn't see you there!" screamed Tyson, but I only laughed and said.

"No, no its quite all right dude I am used to it," I said getting up and dusting myself off. "Did you take your meds today?" I asked jokingly (he has ADHD no offense to anyone who reallyhas it).

"No I forgot, later!" shouted Tyson, then ran off. Now I was standing there alone in front of Tyson's home. I entered it to get Tyson's meds from his mom, so I went in and asked her.

"Oh, I can't seem to find it Dawn," she said sitting there at the table head in her hands like she was about to cry.

"Don't worry, I am sure you'll find it somewhere till then I will look after him, ok?" I asked looking a little worried. "Maybe it's up in his room," I said hopefully. Tyson's mom said it might be up there. So with that I went into his room and did not find it. Tyson's room was as big as mine but much messy since he constantly forgets to take his damn meds. His room looked like a tornado hit it. His room seemed more boyish then mine but then again Tyson is a boy and am a girl so it makes sense but I wish my room could be as messy as his you see I am a tom-boy. I found his clothes on the floor and let out a high pitched girly (unfortunately) scream ever. Tyson's mom came rushing up to see what the problem was and found a pair of Tyson's underwear on the floor.

"Oh sorry, Dawn I was cleaning his room and forgot about these sorry," she said up the clothes. "Dawn, can you make sure that Tyson does not do anything stupid?" asked Tyson's mom, still holding the clothes.

"Sure, thing Tyson's mom," I said looking at his wii. I really wanted to play it but knew Tyson would get mad. Tyson's mom left me standing there looking at the wii. Then I left the room as well. I now had to find Tyson, but knew where to find him. I headed for Route 201 and Lake Verity. Once there I found Tyson waiting outside Twinleaf town.

Route 201 has trees on all sides, expect for on two sides that leads to Sandgem town or Twinleaf town. There are three patches of grass, where you can find wild Poke'mon.

"Dawn, there you are come on, lets go and get us a red Gyarados!" Tyson said eagerly. "Oh and by the way can I have 3,000 Poke'Dallors please?" he asked, holding out his hands.

"NO, you keep asked me for money and never pay me back once!" I screamed. Tyson withdrew his hands and hung his head in shame for being a bad friend to me then started to cry.

"Wa, Wa, Dawn doesn't like me any more!" he started to cry his eyes out.

"It's not that I don't like you, Tyson it's just that you always ask for money and never pay me back," I said putting me arm around Tyson, and smiling. So with that we both left for Verity Lake both talking and laughing. When we both got to Lake Verity, we found an elderly man and a cute boy in a red beret standing in a patch of grass, looking out at Lake Verity. Talking about the environmental changes that have been taking place around the lake over the years.

"Lucas, I am very disturbed by some of the environmental changes that have been taking place around the lake over years," said the old man.

"Professor Rowan, I think that this has something to do with Global Warming," added Lucas.

"Yes I think that you are right, my boy," Rowan added. Then after that they both left.

"Excuse me. Let us, pass, please," He said. Now just me and Tyson remained then Tyson pointed out Rowan's suit case, then we ran over to it, but just then a flock of bird Poke'mon attacked us. So we opened the case and found three Poke' balls in it.

"Dawn let me take first pick!" Tyson said, taking a Poke'ball.

"But, whatever I will take this one," I said taking a Poke'ball.