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Mara was tired, she had been working on her latest art piece all night and Joe had said she should get it done that the buyer

Mara was tired, she had been working on her latest art piece all night and Joe had said she should get it done that the buyer wanted it as soon as possible which meant tomorrow morning.

She sighed and wiped the back of her hand across her forehead, not amused. The bike had been sent in that morning and it was an impossibly detailed job. She would find out who the man was and kill him if she could, because tomorrow, well today was going to be busy and she was going to be working on little to no sleep.

She walked into the makeshift room she had out the back of the store and collapsed onto the couch in a heap.


She woke with a start, the banging on the door was her Alarm, and told her that her boss was in and she had to get ready. Not something she wanted to do.

15 minuets, a shower and new set of clothes later, Mara pulled on her coveralls and headed out to the shop, she felt every bit as tired as she did before sleep and was not going to be able to hold her tongue if someone gave her shit.

Which was usually the case, most of the women in the town had taken to mocking her because she worked a "mans" job. She didn't mind being a grease monkey, but there was more to her job than that, she was the best detailer in the town. All be it was only a small sized town of 700. River Spring's was her home and she loved her work, what they said about her meant nothing to her.

"Joe, it's done, but I'm gunna kill the guy who ordered it for this morning!" she called out as she moved through to the garage where the bikes were.

"Now, now Mara. He's our best customer…we can have you kill him, I'll let you maim something later" he retorted chuckling.

Joe Sylar was one of Mara's dad's best friends, she had known him since she was little and when she turned 16 and took and interest in Mechanics and the sort, Joe took her under his wing, gave her work and taught her everything he could.

He helped her get into a detailing course which she took at age 18, by 20 she was his best worker and his business had boomed because he had her on board. Joe couldn't complain, she had her days where she was a right pain in the ass and he gave her shit about it now and then, but he loved the girl like she was his own.

"Joe, I swear to god if I don't get more than 2 hours sleep tonight it's your ass!" she smiled as she started to work

Joe shook his head and grinned from ear to ear, his favorite customer had just walked in.


Mark walked into the office of Joes Bikes and Detailing; He had ordered his bike last night and was coming to pick it up, with the assurance that it would be finished.

"Joe, how'd it go?" He was eager to see the piece of art work and meet the guy who'd done it.

"All finished as promised Mark, it's out back, come on through" Joe grinned, he'd better love it or all hell was going to break loose.

Much to his relief Mara had disappeared for some reason

"Here she is" Joe pulled the sheet off the bike and Mark smiled, the bike was Black with Skull's, Tombstones decorating it, then he looked beneath the fuel cap and saw his own personal sign one he had carried through out his career.

"It's perfect, where's the guy who did this?" Mark asked running his hands of the piece of work.

Joe bit his lip a little and looked around, he was sure Mara was hiding because she wanted to kill the guy…that or she was sleeping.

"Uh, they're out doing another job, running a couple of errands for me before they work on the next bike. I'll let them know you love it" Joe replied, he would cover for her this time but next time he was going to make her face him.

Mara was one who would lose her temper; she could fight if she had to and had a smart mouth on her…which tended to cause some trouble.

Mark nodded and hopped on the bike, the engine roared to life and he grinned, the guy had fixed the starter as well, much to his delight.

"That guy is good Joe did a tune up and fixed the starter. Keep a hold of him" Mark nodded in thanks and sped out the back of the garage.


Mara watched the huge man leave on his bike, when she saw him she hid, he was massive, built. She had looked him over like any woman would, taking in his auburn hair and his green eyes that looked like they could bore into your soul with one glance. His Tattoo's had made her smile, she had a few herself although no one knew about them but her. The fact that his arms wore tattoos like they were sleeves of a shirt fascinated her.

When he left she sighed, her plan of going off at the man had flown out the window.

"Mara, why you hiding?" Joe had crept up behind her

"I'm not hiding I was observing, sizing my target so to speak" she replied grinning and skipping over to the next job Joe had for her. She had always done that to annoy him, she knew he hated when she skipped off half way through what he thought was a conversation. It was her way of saying, end of discussion…politely"

Joe shook his head, he would head out front and scout the women who walked by, a favorite past time of his.


Bailey Wright. Blonde, tanned and oh so Barbie, walked into Joe's Bike's and Detailing she knew Joe would be waiting as per usual. He was her on the side man…not that he knew that. But that was only part of the pleasure of visiting Joe; the other pleasure was being able to have a go at Mara, which by the looks of it was going to be a simple as ever.

"Joe" she cooed seductively, she swayed her hips as she approached and Joe dropped everything he was doing, including the conversation about the bike he had going with Mara.

"Bailey!" he replied, Mara wanted to be sick the woman was all plastic and hand SKANK written on her forehead, not that Joe would notice anything past her chest.

"I'll be out back" Mara turned to leave she had no desire to stay and watch them play suck face in the front of the store.

"Bye grease monkey, I guess it's true that those who haven't experienced don't want to see what they can't have" Bailey snickered

"I have no problem getting what I want bailey, I just don't want to see Joe Making out with a blow up doll, not very classy!" Mara retorted as she walked to the back.

She was glad the day was almost over, she had the desire to sleep but first she wanted a shower and some food.