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Chapter 11

"Well this is a different kind of ass kicking" Abbey startled the pair who suddenly broke their fiery lip lock and took steps away from each other.

"Uh, well um" Mara stuttered blushing and trying to ignore Marks smirk...had he just kissed her to shut her up or did it mean something...she was confused.

"I need a moment" Mara slunk away into another room, she had to get back at him and kissing him was not going to do that. Kissing him again would only serve to put her ideas to the back of her mind. And she had ideas...plenty of them.

Taking a deep breath she re-entered the living room with a smile on her face.

"Sorry about that, misjudgement and lack of a man has me in knots, still!" Mara smirked mark looked like he had been punched in the stomach

Abbey grinned and pulled Mara from the room before mark could react fully and take her across his knee for a tanning of her hide.

"Saying things like that is going to get you in trouble!" Mara smiled and plonked onto a chair in her kitchen

"I know, I want to push his buttons! See if he really did that to shut me up or not, eye him off like i KNOW he was doing in the diner the first time he saw me. I want to make him suffer, just a little" she grinned and abbey shook her head knowing this was going to end very badly or perfectly.


Mark paced back and forth in the middle of the room contemplating what Mara had just said. She had basically said he wasn't man enough for her, the kiss had done nothing for her, but he knew she had to be lying, she had returned the kiss!

He was going to prove to her that he was man enough! She may be a grease monkey with attitude and he had sought his revenge, it had worked to an extent, but he felt something when he kissed her, something he hadn't felt for a long time, something more.

"Man your acting like you care" Glens chuckle broke through Marks thoughts and made him pause

"Man, if you had been in my position a moment ago YOU would be just like I am now, trust me. The little minx is more than what she appears" Mark snapped

"Whoa, cool your jets!" Glen replied smiling

"If you're that bothered go talk to her" Glen shifted from the chair and went to find his wife, whom he had to suck up to.

Mark began to pace again and started muttering to himself in annoyance.


"Abbey I think I need to take him down a peg! He's been very chauvinistic and by kissing me, for whatever reason, probably thinks that I'll fall at his feet. I won't deny that I didn't feel something, I want more, but...he will have to work for it" Mara stopped ranting and sighed, how would she accomplish this?

"Well honey, I think I can help you out but leave him to stew for a couple of days and I'll get back to you on what he's like" Abbey smiled and hugged her friend, right now mark needed to go home with them and glen had to explain his actions in good faith or not.

Abbey skipped into the house, two days previous glen had made her dinner, taken her dancing and doted on her all night. He was in her good books again much to both of their delights.

Mark however had been spitting chips, going on and on about how Mara had been so abrupt and short with him and then shut him down after he kissed her. He was going insane, after tasting just a little of what she had to offer he had become intoxicated and wanted more.

"Glen, what are you going to do about psycho over there?" Abbey pointed to Mark who was stewing in his chair, just like she had predicted.

"Leave him be, he's a bear when he's worked up" Glen shrugged and grabbed a beer.

Abbey smiled and thought about her arranged coffee date with Mara for the following morning, she had juicy details for her new friend some things that would make Mara rethink her idea or perhaps push it to be over with quicker, either way Abbey was sure that somehow Mara would be stubborn about it all but Mark would be the one making the final decisions about everything.