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A breeze whispered through the grass, and hissed in the treetops. The sky was vast and filled with stars that turned it from a shapeless dark mass into a canvas painted with varying hues of blue, and purple. Enjoying the view two figures were encircled by the silence of night, serenaded by crickets. One lay sprawled calmly among the lush green stalks while the other sat in stiff repose.

The former tore her eyes from the sky to cast an askance look at her companion before darting back to the heaven's above. The action was repeated several times before the sitting one heaved a minute sigh that bespoke of vast patience, a single word broke the tenuous silence, "Speak."

Mischievous in her permission the laying figure rolled over onto her hands, and knees crawling closer to her companion before flopping back down on her stomach. She propped her chin in the cup of her hands, ankles tangling as her legs swung, she didn't bother waiting for his regard, "So, I've been wondering: What kind of dog are you exactly?" Those gold eyes snapped down from the view of the sky to regard her incredulously. "Maybe some sort of collie?" she wondered aloud finally focusing her eyes to meet his gaze.

Narrowing his eyes he finally decided that the whole affair was not worth his time, and with a soft snort lifted his eyes back to the abyss above. She, however, would not be so easily deterred.

"Maybe you're an Afghan hound?" Her eyes trailed over the silvery figure critically as if she could see past the humanoid, and into the creature that he was. "Oh!" Snapping her fingers she grinned impishly, "Or maybe you're a cocker spaniel!"

Glancing at her from the corner's of his eyes he gave a haughty little sniff that nearly had the human girl snickering, "This Sesshoumaru is no lap dog, Miko." he intoned flatly, in a way meant to ensure the end of the discussion.

Sighing exasperatedly Kagome rolled her eyes, and sat up onto her knees her hand flapping about in a 'yeah, yeah' gesture, "So, no to the cocker spaniel then...How about borzoi, or maybe saluki?"

"Kagome..." He spoke the syllables with perfect enunciation as though if he clipped off each syllable perfectly it'd drive his point home further; like it ever did.

She just laughed at him, crawling forward the last remaining few inches hands reaching up to clasp lightly on a hank of silver hair to either side of his face as she leaned in close to him, smiling warmly, "It was just a thought," she pouted, the effect ruined by her own mirth.

He simply sighed, reaching out and dragging her forward until she was cradled against his chest, sprawled in his lap, "Your mind works in odd ways."

She just laughed.


A/N: Just a silly bit of something that came to mind froma discussion I was having. I was thinking of drawing a picture of Sesshoumaru's dog form, but was having trouble finding a decent reference, and absently mentioned to my friend that I wondered what kind of dog he was. This just popped into my head, and I decided why not write it up and toss it on here?

It's very spurr of the moment, and I haven't actually acclimated myself to the InuYasha characters or universe for a few years, so my apologies if it isn't that great. But, hopefully, some of you might find enjoyment in it.