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There was a certain weight to the quiet that had settled over the sprawling estate, an odd weight of expectancy as though the quiet expected to be broke, shattered really, within moments. It was a quality that hadn't existed in this particular place for a long time, after all the Lord of this place was a rather quiet being. The soft rustles of wind in flora precede the melodic tinkle of wind chimes as it tugged playfully at them, the plants in the garden rustled softly. It was peaceful, it was tranquil, it was...

Sesshoumaru cracked his eyes open as the sound of quick footfalls came to him through the thin walls. His gaze alighted on the well kept array that sprawled out before him as he sat in an almost meditative pose on the low deck that ran the length of the wall, and encircled the garden courtyard. Directly in front of him a koi pond glittered in the noon day sunlight, sending fractured pools of light to dance over the rocks that edged it as well as the underside of the small arching bridge that crossed it. At the near end a deer chaser began it's decent, and gave a quiet thock as the hollow bamboo connected lightly with the stone and the water inside flowed out into the pond below.

Somewhere behind him he heard a pause in the staccato beat of footsteps, followed shortly by the quiet glide of well crafted wood through it's runners as the door slid open to allow passage.

Another couple steps, a pause, another slide, more steps…

His head tipped back slightly and to the side so he could regard the figure standing next to him. She was swathed in a resplendent kimono, though she had forsaken the multiple layers she could have worn due to her station. He wasn't surprised by this, it just wasn't in her. He almost smiled at the look on her face as she carefully lowered herself to sit on her knees at his side, her hands flicking the fabric around her to arrange it so that it would take the least amount of damage possible. She'd always did that, and then she would forget and inevitably the clothing would get torn, or dirtied somehow: He found it amusing, really.

Once she was settled Sesshoumaru continued to watch her discreetly from the corner of his eyes; taking in her slightly pinched expression, and the way her hands were clenched into fists in her lap. He knew that expression, it meant she'd had one of her obtuse thoughts, and was intent on sharing it. Turning his gaze back to the garden he waited, knowing she'd begin eventually.

The deer chaser thocked quietly again, and Kagome opened her mouth, closed it, and opened it again finally letting the beginning of her diatribe spill out, "You know when I was younger I used to wonder what the consequences of staying in the past was." She looked over at the silent demon lord at her side, before sliding her gaze toward the garden as well. "One of my biggest worries was about my ancestors."

The silent figure pulled his gaze away from the peaceful view to study the profile of the human beside him, head tilting ever so slightly in piqued curiosity, "Ancestors?" He knew, on an intellectual level that since she was from the future she would inevitably have forefathers in the here and now, but it was still an abstract concept that he hadn't really considered.

"Well, yeah!" She said, apparently warming up to the subject, and the fact that she had someone to share it with. She'd never really bothered with InuYasha, and while Miroku was intelligent he'd never really been able to grasp all that quantum insanity that was involved in discussions of temporality. Sango didn't even want to know. "At first it didn't really occur to me, but over time I just started thinking: What if that random villager that just got ate is my ancestor? Am I going to disappear if I don't save the right person?" She shifted slightly until she was leaning against his side, head resting on his shoulder. She peered up at him through her bangs, blowing out a slow breathe, "That, however, wasn't the worst!"

He blinked slowly, really, what was worse than the possibly of eradicating yourself due to a single unforeseeable misstep?

She seemed unaware of his thoughts, and continued to push onward, "It first came to me when I was thinking about staying in the past for the first time: What if I'm my own ancestor?!" She sat up suddenly gesturing a bit wildly to get her point across; it was one of those things that seemed to require intense gesturing, after all.

The world seemed to be placed on pause as soon as she spoke those words, because that thought was so very strange that everything just had to stop, and give it a moment to hang there. Sesshoumaru blinked, and blinked again, because that was a thought he'd probably never have contemplated.

Oblivious to Sesshoumaru's inner shock Kagome strove on ahead as she poured out the thoughts that had cluttered inside her skull, "I mean, that'd be just so weird! My Mother would be her own several great grandmother, and I'd be Mama's something great grandmother, but she's my Mama!" Wrinkling her nose decided not to even contemplate her possible relation to the male who'd have helped with the whole thing. Ew. "It's kind of icky." She decided aloud.

Sesshoumaru stared ahead blankly, appearing to contemplate a sparrow hopping along the curving ridge of the bridge over the koi pond, occasionally it would stop to peck and worry the wood. His mind, however, was not on the sparrow but busy trying to sort out the whirl of thoughts Kagome's words had thrown him into.

"But," Kagome exclaimed clapping her hands together suddenly, ignoring the way his muscles tensed; after all even if she called him on the fact he'd been startled he'd just deny it. "I'm with you, so I don't think I really have to worry about any of that now. After all, I don't think there's any demon in my lineage… Not that I ever asked. Maybe I should have." Her brows drew down in thought for a moment. "Anyway, everything's fine, right? Right!" Clapping her hands together again she stood up, and just as she'd come she left leaving only the quick staccato sound of her footsteps to fade.

Quiet settled around the demon lord once more, and he gave a very small sigh as the human hurricane blew away just as quickly as she came, and like the weather phenomenon left a mess of chaotic debris in her wake. The deer chaser thocked quietly again, and Sesshoumaru decided that at least that one thing in life was rather predictable.