Title: Of Pets and Dolls.

Summary: My name is Allen Walker, I'm a Pet and I'm in love with a Doll. AU, Slash, AllenKanda.



The first chapter will be from Allen's journal so even though the words are in italics, Allen did not think it in his mind. This is a sort of Prologue, and introduction to the concept of Pets and Dolls.

Disclaimer: I do not own D.gray-man. Though I wish I own Kanda's ass. grins


My name is Allen Walker, I'm a Pet, and I'm in love with a Doll.

Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself. What is a Pet you say? A Pet is the equivalent of a skilled and well-educated companion. We can sing, we can dance, and we can play music. You could say we're entertainers. But we're more than that. Pets are well-educated, with a sharp wit that is necessary in maintaining an intelligent and engaging conversation with our Master and their circle of friends. We are taught how to fight, in order to defend our Masters from any possible danger. And, should need arise; we perform sexual acts following the orders of our Masters. But what separates us most from true a companion is the fact that we lack freedom.

Oh, we're not like those slaves I used to see when pass by the fields during my travels with my Master. Truthfully, I think we have it better. We don't work as hard as they do and we're not punished as severely should we do any wrong. While like them, I don't have my freedom while under my Master but at least I know I can earn my freedom. What, you think those classes and lessons are for free? Kanda says a Pet is sort of equivalent to a Geisha. Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself again.

Kanda, Kanda. How do I explain him? Well, He's not what you'd expect of a Doll. But before that, I should explain, shouldn't I? What a Doll is, that is. Unlike us, Dolls lack freedom in every aspect. What they do, eat, say and think are all decided by their Masters. And, unlike us, Dolls will never be free. You can say, Dolls are a greater version to Pets, but I think Dolls are in a league all of their own. For one, the number of Dolls existing is so limited that it shows how truly elevated Dolls are in our society. To own one would be a mark of having a high standing in society. I, in my whole life, have only known two Dolls. What is so different about a Doll you say? Well, like their names imply, Dolls are simply treated like…Dolls. They're totted around and displayed proudly like some distorted version of a trophy. They dress in the most elaborate of clothing, full of frilly lace and fluffy skirts like those porcelain dolls those girl-child I'd see bring around. Of course, I cannot imagine Kanda in those clothes. I would have died from laughter; that is if he does not kill me first. Haha!

Ah, Kanda, Kanda Yuu. One of the most enigmatic people I've ever known. When he is out with his Master, he acts as how a proper Doll should. Vacant, Obedient, Subservient. But when his mask cracks, which I'm proud to say he only does it when he's around with me, he is one of the most surliest, broodiest, moody person I've had the unfortunate privilege of knowing. He's rude to the point of mean, violent to the point of dangerous. To top it off, he's so perfect, so pretty that no one has the heart to hate him! Kanda told me he used to be an Oiran before he became a Doll. I suppose that's why he never truly acted like a Doll. He was brought over to England during the rise of the Geisha era which ended the Oiran era and that was how I had first met him, my Doll.

This is the tale of my life; the life of a Pet, with a forbidden love for a Doll.

March 18th,1875


Pets – I took the notion of Pets from Geisha but westernised it and added a twist of slavery. Where Geisha's are bound to their houses, Pets are bound to their Masters who bought them and paid, the price of which is inclusive of their lessons and training. Pets are bound to their Masters until the services they perform can fully repay their debt.

Dolls – These were harder to decide because I wanted something that was similar to how Rhode played with Lenalee when she first met them. Don't worry, Lenalee will be Rhode's Doll. Fufufu…Dolls are like their names imply: Playthings to be dressed up and brought around. Eventually I'll come up with a higher purpose for Dolls but currently, I'm drawing a blank…

Oiran – I wiki-ed it under Oiran. They're like Geisha's but more high class. They're isolated from public and very self-contained, which I hope would be enough to explain for Kanda's anti-socialness.

Anywhoo…I'll try to make it up to the expectations of this story if my laziness permits me. I sort of like this plot, it has a good vibe to it so if you guys like it and want me to continue, please, do tell. :)