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-Chapter 4: My Master is a Sadist-

He had slipped. For a moment, he had felt his darker side surfaced and he had wanted so badly to hurt someone, preferably the young white haired boy in front of him. But no, he couldn't do it now, not in front of everyone. Suppressing his dark urges, Tyki reined his features, putting on the façade of a bored aristocrat.

"Looks like I won," he drawled to his red haired companion, every inch of him calm and composed. The two man in front of him were still staring at him, the younger warily, the older resignedly. The dark urges were there again, raging. Tyki wanted punish his Doll. He wanted to wrench a scream from those lips that had betrayed him. He wanted his Doll writhing under him, begging for mercy.

But that will have to wait.

"From what I can see, your Doll did nothing but hold my Pet down," Cross replied. He was rather red in the face, whether from anger that he had lost or the large amount of wine he had drunk, Tyki couldn't tell.

"From what I can see," Tyki countered his eyes never leaving his Doll's face. "Your Pet had been losing to begin with."

"He would have won if your Doll hadn't used that underhanded trick," he shot back.

"This coming from a person who says 'deception is a key part of strategy'?"

"Now, now gentlemen," Sokaro tried to placate the two men. "It was obvious that Tyki's Doll had your Pet cornered, Cross."

"You're only saying that because you want to win too," Cross muttered angrily as he knocked back his wine and buried his face into the neck of the young girl lying with him, keen on ignoring the world around him. Apparently, this meant that Cross had grudgingly accepted the verdict and had decided to concentrate on more important matters at hand – such as debauching his young companion.

"Well then, now that it's been decided," Sokaro grinned once he saw that Cross had conceded. "Pay up, gentlemen – and ladies."

The red head across the room gave a groan. "I thought for sure the bean sprout would win." He gave the man sitting next to him a sheepish smile, "Sorry, Krory."

"It's alright, Lavi," the Baron gave a reassuring smile. Both parties gave a start when a girlish squeal erupted from the other side of the room.

Rhode flung herself on Allen, wrapping her arms around his waist. "Allen! This means you'll be staying with us!" She was bouncing up and down happily at the thought. "Come, sit with me. I want someone to play with."

"I have to get back to my Master, Lady Rhode," Allen told her nervously.

"Don't be silly Allen," she giggled childishly, tugging at his white locks. "We're your Masters now – unless you prefer to sit with Yuu-kun." She nodded towards the long haired Doll who was making his way back to his seat at the foot of his Master's couch. Allen watched as the Doll move to sit only to be stopped by the long, lanky hand of his Master – Allen's new Master. The hand, gave a strong tug which sent the Doll sprawling across his Master who clambered over him and proceeded to thoroughly ravage his Doll's mouth. Allen bit his lip – the same lips that had been kissed previously – and turned away from the blatant display of possessiveness. The message was clear: This one's mine. He obediently let himself be led to Rhode's seat, preferring to sit with the young lady and ignore the strange new feeling bubbling up in him at the thought of the two of them kissing.

Tyki watched from the corner of his eyes as the white-haired young man was led away by his cousin. The look of longing on the Pet's face was enough to tell him everything. Tyki felt a surge of dark rage boil through him and proceeded to attack the pliant mouth under him with more ferocity. His Doll, as usual, did not respond to his kiss, his mouth was lax even when Tyki bit his bottom lip.

Never, never in the years his Yuu-pet had been with him had he kissed Tyki back willingly – not even once. And yet, this young man, this Pet, whom they had just met had managed to get him to respond just a moment ago. Narrowing his eyes in anger, he broke the kiss, too disgusted by the lack of response. His dark eyes took in the face beneath him, the dark dead eyes, the angular feminine face, the scowling lips, cherry red from being kissed.


Tyki felt a smirk play on his lips. Oh yes, the Doll belonged to him, and only him and he intended to remind his Doll of it. He leaned forward; close enough to whisper in his Doll's ear.

"You've been very, very naughty Yuu-pet," he murmured silkily one hand toying with the end of one long strand, the other settling gently on the vulnerable neck below him.

"Have you forgotten who you belong to?" he asked the hand on the neck tightening slightly. It'd be so easy, he knew. The urge to squeeze the neck was strong, to see those lifeless eyes look at him fearfully, that pretty face contort in fear. It wouldn't be hard. After all, most of the guests were busy with their companions to notice.

He licked his lips, watching his Doll's face as his hands slowly tightened. The young man didn't even twitch. His face was docile and subservient just like a perfect Doll. He rarely went against his authority, always maintaining the strict discipline of a proper Doll – even if it meant being humiliated. Tyki smirked. That was why he liked his Doll so much; the young man was stubborn and hard to break which was perfect for someone of Tyki's nature. He squeezed, just enough to cut off air, and felt his lips twist wickedly when the body under him tensed and those dark eyes widen.

"Tyki," a cool, calm voice interrupted him. Instantly Tyki released his prey and schooled his face.

"Yes?" he asked, turning to the young blonde lady who called out to him. He had an air of boredom around him, as though he had just went through an uninteresting conversation instead of trying to strangle his Doll.

"It's about time to take Rhode home," Lulubell said with distaste as she gestured to the men around her who were busying themselves with their companions. Why the woman wanted to attend the symposium, Tyki had no idea. She despised events where there were rowdy and bawdy men. Then again, she probably felt the need to look after their younger cousin as Tyki can be quite distracted at times.

"Shall I bring her home?" Lulubell asked, taking in Tyki's distracted look and the position he was in.

"No, no," Tyki replied gracing her with a charming smile all traces of his dark nature hidden. "I wouldn't want to trouble you. I'll bring her home."

Tyki climbed off the couch and offered his Doll a hand who took it obediently. His face betrayed nothing as he collected the garments that had tossed aside for the fight and handed them silently to his Doll. After his Doll had donned on his coat, Tyki led his Doll to his young cousin who was busy trying to snuggle up to the young Pet.

Lulubell watched as Tyki stopped at Rhode's couch and gestured for her to leave. The young girl gave a pout and Lulubell could tell she was protesting even from her place. When she was sure Rhode had agreed to leave, Lulubell allowed herself to leave; sure that Tyki would take care of their cousin. It pained her to be in the presence of these man-pigs but the Earl would be happy knowing Rhode was safe. She caught Tyki's eye and gave him a nod to indicate that she was leaving before she silently left through the back exit with her Pet.

Tyki watched Lulubell leave with her Pet and decided they should be going soon too. After all, he shouldn't keep his disobedient Doll waiting any longer. His gaze swept at the men around the room as he marched their little group out and he gave a nonchalant shrug. As the host he really should wait to see his guests off, but he sincerely doubts anything short of a cannon fire will be able to catch their attention. He reminded himself to collect his winnings from Sokaro another time. The man looked too busy with his Pet to care. He led them out of the ardon and through the house again but this time he took a different route – to the stables.

"Why do we have to leave so early?" Rhode pouted. "The fun was just starting."

"You're too young for these sorts of things," Tyki said. "And you're not allowed to try them on our new Pet either." He added after glancing at Rhode clinging to the boy's arm.

"Why not?" Rhode questioned, decidedly unhappy.

"You can play with him though," Tyki told her as he opened the door to the stable. Tyki couldn't suppress a smirk at the thought of Rhode toying with the young Pet. Like him, Rhode had a knack for being cruel too. Yes, it would be amusing to show that Pet his place. The stables were dark, and the only light was a single gas lamp but Tyki spotted their carriage easily. The jarvey jumped to attention when he saw his Masters and quickly opened the door to the carriage.

"The manor," Tyki instructed before he climbed in with his Doll, Rhode and the boy following behind. Tyki had barely managed to settle himself in before the carriage gave a jerk and they started off. The dim light from the two brass lamps in the carriage was bright enough for Tyki to study the white-haired young man sitting across him.

"Ne, Allen," Rhode said as she leaned closer to her new Pet. "Where did you learn to fight like that?"

The Pet, Tyki noticed amusedly, was trying to lean away without seeming like he was trying to do so.

"Here and there," he answered airily. "I had many teachers."

"You're pretty good," Rhode said. "Strong too."

She had one hand wrapped around his arm and was lightly trailing it up and down his arm as though feeling his muscles. Tyki frowned at her actions. He had thought the Pet would be a good playmate for Rhode since Lenalee was away at the moment but now it did not seem like such a good idea. His expression darkened as he was further reminded what the boy had done to his Doll.

"Have you ever fought any other trained fighters before?" Tyki questioned as he slung his arm across his Doll's shoulder. His sharp eyes did not miss the way the boy's gaze followed his arm's movement and neither did he miss how the body under his arm tensed. Tyki couldn't stop his lips from curling in distaste. What is it about this Pet that had his Doll reacting so strangely?

"Does it bother you?" Tyki questioned at the boy's blatant staring.

"What?" he replied intelligently.

"My being affectionate to Yuu-pet," Tyki answered as pressed a kissed to the corner of his Doll's lips. He was rewarded with a slight downturn of those lips and the boy opposite him gawping at him.

"N-Not at all," Allen stuttered. Rhode watched his reaction with a predatory gleam in her eyes before a sadistic smirk graced her lips.

"Are you a virgin, Allen?" Rhode asked suddenly.

"Eh?!" Allen squeaked his face so red Tyki was surprised he hadn't burst a blood vessel yet.

"So you are a virgin!" Rhode sounded pleased which did not bode well for Tyki.

"N-No," Allen mumbled fidgeting in his seat looking distinctively uncomfortable. "I mean, I'm not. My Master – Cross that is – he brought me to a brothel a few years back so that…" The boy looked so shamefaced that Tyki would have felt sorry for him if his more sadistic side were not dancing with glee.

"But that was only once," Allen said shuddering at the memory. "I don't pla – mmff!"

Tyki blinked in surprise as he watched his cousin kiss the young Pet. With Rhode's obvious attraction to him, Tyki should have expected it but that didn't stop him from being surprised at his cousin's bold move.

"Rhode," Tyki asked his cousin when she released a stunned looking Pet. "Do you like the boy so much?"

"Don't you, Tyki?" Rhode asked back. Tyki had wanted to answer no. The boy had irked him; he stole his Yuu-pet's attention and now his cousin's. And it seems, Tyki thought as he watched the boy compose himself after the kiss, the boy has some – Attraction? Lust? – towards his Doll. But Tyki stopped before he could reply. The boy had irked him, true, but he was nothing if not amusing. It had been quite some time since Tyki felt this maniacal dark glee.

"Perhaps," Tyki murmured. "You're quite the enigma Allen Walker. What is it about you that draw everyone's attention to you?"

"Isn't that right, Yuu-pet?"

"He's nothing but an annoying moyashi," Kanda replied. His voice was bored but Tyki could tell by the tight corners of his mouth that his Doll was annoyed.

"I'm not a moyashi!" Allen said indignantly. "I don't know what that means but the name is Allen, Allen Walker."

"You're short, you're small, and you're white. You're a moyashi." Kanda huffed.

"If you want to insult someone," Allen snapped. "At least use a name they'd know. For all I know it could mean a bunny rabbit!"

"That's usagi, you baka," Kanda hissed. "And one baka usagi is more than enough."

Tyki raised an eyebrow as he watched the pair. Across from him, Rhode shrugged helplessly at the both of them. For some reason, this irked him – a lot. The boy was making Yuu-pet throw a fit like he had never seen before and Tyki couldn't help but feel annoyed. His Doll, his own Doll, who had rarely reacted so expressively with him unless properly provoked, was now responding to a stranger they had met a few hours ago. Tyki felt like he was losing control of his Doll this new Pet. He could feel his dark, sadistic side urging him on – to take back what was rightfully his. His body moved on its own accord with every intention to strike to boy across from him or at least to stop the both of them from ignoring him.

The sudden lurch of the carriage as it came to an unexpected stop made Tyki stumble back into his seat, his previous intentions were foiled. A strong pair of arms encircled his waist to steady him as he felt himself pitch forward from his seat.

"Are you alright?" a deep voice breathed into his ear. Tyki felt himself stir at the close proximity of his Doll. It took a lot of his willpower not to take his Yuu-pet there and then and show the Pet who his Doll really belonged to. The arms quickly left him when the latch clicked and the door swung open. Tyki watched as the owner of those arms leave the carriage followed by his cousin and the Pet before he stood up, dusted himself, composed his face and left too.

"Send the horses to the stable and go get a good night's rest," he ordered the driver as he exited the carriage. The servant gave a nod and quickly scampered away to carry out the orders. Tyki ascended the steps leading up to the mansion. The house was dark as he unlocked the front door, most of the servants already asleep at this time of the night.

"Rhode, show our new Pet to one of the guest rooms," he ordered. His cousin gave him a questioning look. Tyki knew he must be acting strangely to her. Usually he, being the responsible host and gentleman, would be the one to show their guest around – but not tonight. Tonight he had more important matters at hand, such as making sure he properly reminds his Doll who he truly belonged to.

Tyki watched with hooded eyes as Rhode tug playfully on the boy's arms and lead him up the grand staircase to the rooms upstairs. Once they were out of his sight, Tyki turned to the silent man standing next to him. His lips curved in anticipation and a predatory gleam entered his eyes.



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It was a long time after Tyki left before Kanda could rouse himself. He was half conscious and half in pain but somehow, he managed to drag himself up. He staggered and teetered across the room to the half opened armoire and through his pained haze, was able to pull on a fine linen robe. For a moment, he stood there, clinging to the open door trying to sort out his pain clouded mind.

His room, he needed to get to his room. He had bandages, he always kept bandages in his room and Kanda knew he needed to treat himself. This time, it felt worse, harsher than the normal punishments. He must be more careful, he couldn't risk angering his Master anymore – not when he's so close to fulfilling the agreement.

By the time he managed to catch his breath, Kanda was able to stand upright without having to lean on any support. He slowly exited the room. His movements were laboured and lacking in his usual grace but his face betrayed nothing, not even the fiery pain that covered his entire back and behind. He was careful not to shift too much. Even the slightest brush of the fine linen robe sent a stab of red-hot pain to his senses. The dull thrum of pain was pounding relentlessly at the back of his mind making his vision waver but Kanda, through sheer force of will, forced his mind to focus; one step at a time.

He went slowly, sometimes to stop and lean against the wall when his pride allowed him, most of the time he was struggling to stay upright as he edged forward. He could feel the warm trickle of blood making its way down the back of his thighs from his aggravated wounds and somewhere, in the back of his clouded mind, Kanda knew he was leaving a trail of blood on the expensive carpet and his Master would most certainly not be pleased.

His room seemed further than usual even though it was only a few rooms away. Every step he took sent a stab of pain to his already pain filled head, but he ignored it. He was so intent on making it to his destination, on putting on foot out in front of the other; he had entirely missed the white haired young man.

"Mphat," the young Pet swallowed quickly. "What are you doing here?" His hands had quickly disappeared behind his back the moment Kanda turned to him but he managed to catch the sight of a few loaves of bread.

Kanda's unfocused gaze swept over the nervous looking young man before he disregarded him and continued making his way to his room.

"Hey!" an indignant voice sounded behind him. "I asked you a question. Can you not be so rude for once in your life?"


A hand grip is shoulder firmly and turned him around to meet furious grey eyes.

"Look I don't know what you have against me but I've done nothing against you!"

Hatred was boiling in Kanda's veins. Doesn't this boy know that he just wanted to be left alone! He had a bad night, a really, really bad night.

"Get you filthy hands off me you cursed creature."

At his words, the boy snapped. Kanda could tell because he had this angry glint in those large, grey eyes of his. Even so, Kanda was completely taken by surprised when his back was slammed harshly to the nearest wall.

"You're not only rude," Allen grounded out. "You think yourself so great, looking down on people like us."

Kanda didn't reply. He was too busy trying to fight off the blackness that was filling the edge of his vision. The pain of the hit made spots appear in front of his eyes and darkness threaten to overcome him. Kanda knew was dangerously wavering between awareness and oblivion.

Had Allen Walker known that his words were barely registered to the half conscious man in his grasp, he would have stopped. But, he didn't see how the man in front of him winced; he didn't see because the hallway was just too dark and he was too angry to notice or care.

"Just because you're a Doll," Allen said sternly as he tightened his grip on the man before him. "Doesn't give you the right to look down on us."

He had half the mind to continue his angry tirade when the man in his hold gave a pained groan and collapsed into Allen's arms. This near, he could hear the soft, pained breathes coming from the man.

"Hey," Allen's voice was tinged with worry. "Are you alright?" He gently placed his gloved hand on the man's back to steady the sudden weight. He frowned when he felt his fingers slip over something slick.

The sight of his dirtied glove made his blood run cold. There was no mistaking it. Even in the dark hallway, Allen could see – smell – the sinister colour of the blood red, standing starkly against his pure white glove.

Oh, damnation!


very, very, important notes:

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Kanda: The aggressive, sour-faced type of guy. So why is he so docile in this fic? Yes, that's what I wondered too. So I went back and checked my character profile and lo behold! It says:


Follows orders (snorts in disbelief I actually wrote that)

Arrogant and thinks lowly of others

Does not act out of line in public

I have no idea what I was thinking (and drinking) when I wrote that but, there you have it.

'Does not act out of line in public' - In this story, no slave can act out of line when they're in public and neither can any Master. During the Victorian Era, social etiquette was considered important and behaving inappropriately would definitely bring about a social ruin.

'Follows orders' - As for him being an obedient little Doll, I added a little twist to the story to compensate for it.

Tyki: He became a possessive control freak in this story because he's a sadist. And like any sadist it's all about the domination and having control over someone. So when Allen steps in, Tyki felt like he lost control over his Doll which brought to the extreme possessiveness.

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