A/N: this is what happens when I get into a game, get bored and stay up late while laughing at the News 8 Weather Radar NOW channel for being as sucky as ever. (Seriously, it's 2am and the channel is still showing only 10pm to 12:20am.) Also, I've got the Side Blue and Side Crimson of Ar Tonelico Hymmnos concert playing on my Zune so it's all good. (Guess what plays when I play Dream of Mirror Online, eh?)

Also, the dating prospects of playing Toral are pretty stupid. One is nice, but he's not Toral's true love, SO… if you can't get 'em, make one up. XD

Dream of Mirror:

Folk Heroine


A girl worked a wagon carefully, trying to get it unstuck from the mud. She was covered in muck and so was her brother whom she was helping. She didn't mind such work, really. A girl was not wanted and was only supposed to be married off when she reached the right age, but this girl had not been told she was given to anyone. That was fine by her, though. She didn't mind it one bit, for it gave her more time to be with her older brother whom she loved dearly.

Her family was a farming family, been so for generations. However, her brother was to join the military and be taken away from her finally. The Emperor needed all good and healthy young men to keep his ranks up against outside enemies, of course. And so the girl continued to work in the mud despite the muck covering her. Her brother smiled at her and said she was doing fine and pushed some more, dislodging the cart from the mud.

That had been so long ago it seemed to the girl. Her brother went off to join the military and not come back once. The only word they got back was a note saying he had died protecting the kingdom from villains. Now, the girl was alone with her father and mother and helped in the fields as much as she could.

And she was back in that mud again, pushing that same cart as the rain poured around her. This time, however, she didn't have a big brother to help anymore. She was alone.

"You can stop doing that when you want, you know," said a voice out of no where. It was as though she were listening to someone speak from far away. She didn't stop though; she had to get the cart unstuck so that she could get the vegetables to market by the next day.

A light in the sky stopped her motions and she looked up past the rain and the dingy gray of the sky. Was she speaking to a spirit? She could not know for certain what this light meant to her, but she felt compelled to join it.

"We need you here where I am. Are you willing to give it up to join with me?" asked the voice.

"Give… it up?" she asked, uncertain as to what this older man she was hearing wanted from her.

"It is the price for joining our world," said the voice softly, almost fatherly, "You must give it all up to be with us here. You may lead your own life here, but we need you."

The rain poured even harder around the girl and the lightning flashed even more. If she didn't get under protection soon, she would die from either pneumonia or lightning strike. Again the voice spoke to her from the light in the sky, though the light seemed to be descending toward her. "Look into the mirror," said the spirit voice.

A mirror took form in front of the girl, brightly lit from within as though the rain and muck around the area were nothing. "Look into the mirror and touch it," said the voice again, "Toral."