Lumiotto (singing): The seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake.

(Liyu swims over to Light)

Liyu (singing): You dream about going up there... But that is a big


(Light looks away)

Liyu (singing): Just look at the world around you, right here on the ocean


(Manaphy and Phione spin to the music)

Liyu (singing): Such wonderful things surround you. What more is you

looking for?

(Lanturn swim in and spin around Light. Liyu grabs onto one)

Liyu (singing): Under the sea. Under the sea.

(The Lanturn makes a sharp turn and knocks Liyu into a wall)

Lumiotto: Darling, it's better down where it's wetter. Take it from me.

(Lumiotto spins around. Light looks from Manaphy and Phione and moves to the other side of

the pillar, looking unhappy)

Liyu (singing): Up on the shore they work all day. Out in the sun they

slave away...

(A Seaking swims in)

Liyu (singing): While we devoting full time to floating... Under the sea.

(An octopus and several Lanturn dance along)

Liyu (singing): Under the sea.

Snails (singing): Under the sea!

Liyu (singing): Under the sea.

Snails (singing): Under the sea!

(The Kingcrab hops to the center rock and poses. Light's mood lifts)

Liyu (singing): Since life is sweet here, we got the beat here, naturally!

Snails (singing): Naturally-y-y!

Lumiotto (singing): Even the sturgeon and the ray.

(A manta ray swims up to Phione and they dance together)

Light (singing): They get the urge and start to play.

Liyu (singing): We got the spirit, you got to hear it... Under the sea.

(She plays his bongo shells again. Lumiotto spins and swims around. Bubbles pop on


Lumiotto, Light, & Liyu (singing): Under the sea.

Snails (singing): Under the sea.

Lumiotto, Light, & Liyu (singing): Under the sea.

Snails (singing): Under the sea.

Light (singing): When the sardine begin the beguine, it's music to me.

(Light grabs the tail of a swimming Seaking, lets go, and spins)

Liyu (singing): What do they got? A lot of sand.

(Lumiotto slaps his Aura staff on a hot spring. It bubbles and spouts)

Liyu (singing): We got a hot crustacean band.

Light (singing): Eat little clam here, know how to jam here...

(Light spins upward near the spring)

Liyu (singing): Under the sea.

(A snail plays on his shell horn. Lumiotto dances with Light)

Lumiotto & Light (singing): Each little slug here, cutting a rug here, under the


(Phione dances with an octopus. Lumiotto laughs)

Liyu (singing): Each little snail here, know how to wail here.

(Liyu jumps down past the soaring Light and Lumiotto)

Lumiotto (singing): That's why it's hotter...

Light (singing): Under the water.

(Liyu grabs onto a jellyLanturn and swims up with it)

Liyu (singing): Ya we in luck here, down in the muck here.

Lumiotto, Light, & Liyu (singing): Under the sea.