Kurosaki Karin was in a dilemma

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The Dilemma of Kurosaki Karin

Kurosaki Karin was in a dilemma.

And to think it had all started with a simple enough request.

It was widely known now, at least amongst the higher officials; that Karin used to kick footballs infused with her own reiatsu at hollows and make them go poof. She had even done it once to take down a Menos.

Emphasis on once, as in one kick only.

So, after the war had ended, the shinigami officials had asked her father to let her go to Shinigami Academy during school holidays so that she would learn how to control her large reiatsu and not affect the other normal people souls around her. And in addition, they would let the Kurosaki family live normal lives. Well, relatively normal lives. It was a good bargain.

There was no question about Ichi-nii though. Even her dad practically threw him into the academy.

So that was why she was currently in Soul Society.

And that brought her back to her current dilemma.

"Ne, you can do it, right?" asked the deceivingly cute pink haired vice-captain who was currently crouched on the floor, her head cocked sideways looking up at her with those bright eyes.

"Of course I can," answered Karin slowly, "-but this…"

She trailed off, unsure how exactly to express herself.

"Aww, come on. It does look like a ball, ne? Or would like me to make it look like a football?"

Yachiru pulled out a black sharpie.

"No, of course not, any ball is fine," she said quickly. Things were bad enough as it is, she didn't need to make it worse.

"Mkay, so, what are you waiting for?"

Ah, shit. Back to square one.

It was already after lunch and Ichi-nii had disappeared to the training grounds to spar with Zaraki and some of the guys were sleeping there lunches off when Yachiru had approached her and asked her if it was true she could really kick footballs at hollows and make them go poof.

Karin thought furiously at what Ichi-nii had told her while they were still outside the gates of the eleventh division compounds.

They had been invited to have lunch that day and, face it, anyone would do anything to not eat the slop they call food at the academy cafeteria, even if it means fighting with Zaraki, which was what her brother had already prepared to do. But there was still one minor detail…

Which was why Ichigo had stopped a few steps from the wooden gates, took his sister by the shoulders and said in a grave voice;

"Remember, what ever Yachiru asks you to do, do it. If you have no candy on you, do it faster."

Ichi-nii had looked dead serious.

She had no candy.


"I'm waiting," Yachiru said in sing-song.

"Okay, here goes nothing…"

Oh please god, help me. I hope this doesn't hurt…

Karin took a running start, aimed at the 'ball' Yachiru had given her and kicked.

And since Ikkaku's neck was attached to that said 'ball', he went flying straight through the roof.

Ouch… that had to hurt.

Blegh… yeah…Ikkaku's head was the 'ball'. He was sleeping by the way.

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