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The next few days went in a smooth routine. Sena got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, took a pain pill, went to football practice where he wasn't allowed to do anything that involved the ball, went to class, had lunch, took another pain pill, finish school, and went to football practice where he was once again wasn't allowed to do anything. It was rather aggravating not being able to do anything with the team.

Four days after the game, Sena was totally fed up with the situation. He didn't like not being able to do anything. Every time he tried to do something both Hiruma and Mamori stopped him, or Hiruma, the big tattle-tale, called Deruku and he came to make sure that Sena didn't do anything. As he walked to school that morning, he practiced holding and protecting a football that he had grabbed from the holding bind.


Sena glanced down to look at a baseball that had landed at his feet. "Hey, a little help! The ball!" Sena looked up to see a ball-boy waving his hand. Picking up the baseball, Sena tossed it to him. As Sena started walking again, he was bumped from behind by a passing student, and the football in his hand went flying. Up and towards an oncoming semi-truck.

"Shit!" Before Sena could even think about running forward, the baseball player leaped up and neatly caught the ball fifteen feet in the air. "Wow. Thanks for getting that," Sena smiled as he walked up to the teen. "That was a great catch. You must be on the first string right?"

"Nah. I'm just the ball fetcher right now," the boy said, rubbing his nose which had a bandage across the bridge. He was the same height as Sena. He had dark, spiky hair and dark brown eyes. He looked a little bit like a monkey. "So you play rugby?"

"No, I play football. That's the ball we use," Sena explained, showing him the right way to hold the ball. "A rugby ball looks more like a basketball, just red." They chatted about the gripping of the football for a little while longer, until another player yelled for the boy to get moving.

"We have a scrimmage today if you feel like it, come and watch," the teen yelled as he was dragged away. Sena watched with amusement. Shaking his head, he headed towards the clubhouse. He passed construction workers as he did. The renovations must be done, he thought. He didn't really pay any attention to the clubhouse as he walked up, but he paid attention to the inside right away.

"Wow…if I didn't know better, I'd say that I had walked into a casino." He quickly backed out to look at the outside of the building. It did indeed look like a casino had taken over the club. "What the heck?" Sena glanced over to his right when he heard another person speak in sync with him. There stood Mamori holding some rolled up posters.

"Oh, good morning," Sena smiled up at his nee-san. "What are those posters?" She held one up. "Our secret weapon. Ta-daa!"

"Hey, are these done?" Hiruma appeared behind her and snatched the poster from her hand, ignoring the "Hey!" from Mamori. He unrolled the poster to display it. Sena looked it over, smiling in approval. It wasn't too bad. "The Ojo game will be on TV tonight. Timed with that, these will help with recruiting. And we've got a gussied up clubhouse too."

"Gussied up is one way to put it…" said Kurita from behind Hiruma.

"It's amazing…" Mamori agreed hesitantly.

"You know it somehow seems bigger on the inside," Sena mused out loud.

"We've got to get a full roster of players who practice as part of the team," Hiruma changed the subject much to the amusement of Sena. "If we showed up as we are now, we will lose for sure."

"Right—at the very least we need a receiver," Kurita nodded in agreement. "It's no good if none of us can catch passes." Sena thought back to early when that kid caught the football that morning. He would have to ask if that boy could be on both teams.

"If we're going to train someone, he may as well be tall," Hiruma put in. "That can be all the advantage a receiver needs." Sena ignored that statement. He knew that the boy's jumping ability was a gem. He was going to look at the rule book to see if a player could play on both teams.

"All right, hang these up are the school," Hiruma said as he passed out the posters. "Twenty posters per person."

"Don't we need permission to hang these up?" Sena asked absently, still thinking about the baseball kid.

"Just hang them up!" Hiruma snapped. "I say it's okay!"

"I got permission from the student committee!" Mamori put in quickly.

Sena checked the student board, but found it too full. He just began hanging them up wherever he thought that students would see them. He had just finished putting up his last one in his homeroom, hoping that they would bring in recruits, when he notice some writing in the TV. It read 'Go For It! The Christmas Bowl 1-2 Kurita Hiruma Musashi."

"Who's Musashi?" Sena asked out loud before he remembered an off handed comment Kurita had made about having three players for the first time in a long time. I guess someone quit. I wonder why. He looked out the window, thinking that it must have been lonely going off on his own. He saw the baseball team playing that scrimmage and decided to see if that kid would play for both teams.

He trotted down to the field to watch. It was amazing how that kid could catch every ball. But his passing left much to be desired. A ball went flying passed Sena's head when the brunette tried to return a ball to the home plate. He moved over to a safer side behind the fence. He continued to watch the scrimmage until the end.

He waited until the players had left before he went to look for the team's ball-boy. Sena didn't find him so much as he found Sena. "Hey, what are you doing here?" Sena heard called out behind him. He turned to see the boy from this morning there. "Did you come to watch me play?"

Sena smiled and nodded. "I watched you. I'm really impressed with your catching ability." Sena's smile turned a little rueful. "Your passing and batting weren't quite as up to code." The kid scratched his nose, looking embarrassed. "I know. I'm really good at catching because I practiced at it all the time. I want to be a hero like my personal hero, Honjo!"

"It's good that you have a goal, but in baseball don't you need to be good at everything? Not just catching?" Sena asked. The other brunette's cheeks turned red. "Yeah, usually," he conceded. "But Honjo didn't win the game by hitting the ball! He did by catching the ball!" Sena sighed.

"Look, I'm not saying that he's not a great player. Obviously he is, I'm just saying he didn't just focus on catching. Anyway, I'm Kobayakawa Sena. Pleased to meet you." Sena bowed politely. The other boy quickly bowed back. "I'm Taro Raimon. Pleased to meet you."

Sena did some quick thinking. "Alright, I was going to ask if you wouldn't mind play on the football team as well as the baseball team. I don't want to steal you away from your dream, don't think that! But I think that you would do really well on our team." Raimon frowned at him. "Why would I do well on your team?"

"Because unlike baseball where you need to be good at everything, in football you only need to be great at one thing! In your case, catching!" Sena beamed. "You don't have to make up your mind right now. There's a game on tonight if you want to see what I mean." Sena turned to go but stopped when something occurred to him.

"Oh, if you see anything about Eyeshield 21 on it, know that at least 50% of it is a lie," Sena cautioned. "My team captain is big on bluffs and on building images. So he'll try to make anything and everything seem bigger that what it was." With that, Sena turned and left.

He went back to the clubhouse. There, he joined Mamori and Kurita in making recruiting applications. He didn't pay much attention to what he was doing after a while since it was real easy. At one point, he was positive Hiruma said something to him, may have even shot at him, but he didn't really care. Mamori was there and would stop anything Hiruma would try to do to him.

He spent most of the time thinking of anything that might make Raimon join the team. Even when Hiruma made a big screen TV roll down from the ceiling, he didn't really care. Mostly because he wasn't surprised by anything Hiruma did at this point. He ignored the game as well. He played in it; he didn't need to watch it.

He left to go home shortly after the game finished. Well, more like he was sent home by his personal mother-hen. Hiruma informed him that he was to go home or else. Which, of course, meant the captain would call Deruku. Sena actually growled irritably at the blonde teen. Hiruma had gotten a really funny look on his face when the small brunette did that.

At home, Sena did one of his easier karate workouts to keep in shape. He was doing some cool down stretches when his dad called to him. "Sena, you have a visitor," Shuma said. "Do you want me to send him back?" Sena nodded.

He sat on the ground to do one last leg stretch when the back door opened. Glancing up, Sena's stare turned into a very angry glare. Agon stood in the doorway. He hesitated before walking over to and stopping front of Sena.

Sena's glare didn't let up for a second. Agon stood there with Sena glaring at him for about five minutes before he sat down on the ground in front of Sena. Agon didn't look like he usually did. He wasn't confident, or giving off an evil aura. He was nervous and looking off to the side. Agon was uncomfortable, and he couldn't believe that he was here to do the very thing that he promised himself that he wouldn't do.

"Willyoubemyfriend?" Agon said in a rush. Sena frowned, more puzzled than angry now. "Could you say that again? A little more slowly and clearly this time," Sena said. Agon cleared his throat.

"Will you be my friend?" Agon asked more clearly. His cheeks burned a brilliant red. He glanced at Sena then looked away again. Sena's face showed his shock and skepticism.

Agon really couldn't believe that he was doing this. He didn't have friends. He had terrified teammates and opponents. Friends were something he had never needed. He had his brother, which had been enough.

Then he met Kobayakawa Sena, a petite brunette that didn't care who he was. Sena, who had the balls to drill his knuckles into Agon's head and glare at the taller teen. Sena, the only person that in the world that Agon even felt need to have as his friend. Agon didn't understand it.

"You want me to be your friend?" Sena asked slowly. When Agon nodded, he went on. "I don't see why. It's not like we get along. If it's because you want to be friends with a dock brat, you can leave right now. I'm not going to put up with someone using me, I can tell you that right now."

Agon shook his head. He took a moment to organize his thoughts and began to explain about his life. How at an early age, his athletic talents had shown through. How his parents fond over him and ignored his brother, who didn't have the same abilities. How all the schools had competed to get him to attend. How as he grew older, he grew angrier and angrier at everyone for not paying any attention to his older twin. Who worked twice as hard to make sure that he could play his favorite sport.

He explained about how he got accepted into Shinryuji, and his brother didn't. How that had shattered his brother. He told Sena about how he had gone to the school and told them that he would only go to their school if they took his brother as well. The school had agreed, and now they were both on the football team. He explained that the team was scared of him, and that he was fine with that. As long as they respected his brother, he didn't have any issues with them fearing him.

He explained about how on the day that they met, and again on the game between Deimon and Ojo, he had felt some shock and confusion about Sena. Agon could count on one hand the amount of times that he was confused. It didn't sit well with him and he wanted to understand why he felt that way. He had no idea why he wanted Sena as a friend, but he did.

He just…..needed Sena understand that!

After this explanation and Agon's rather uncharacteristic outburst, Sena was quiet. He studied the older teen for a while. Weighing what he said against what Sena had observed. He had notice that Agon's teammates were very frightened of him. His brother was the only one that spoke to Agon like he was human.

Sena had made his decision around the same time Agon was about to stand and leave. "I'll be your friend," he said, freezing Agon in his place. "Understand this, I won't put up with being called trash or having my team put down. If I don't like what I'm hearing, I'll say so. Trying to beat me up isn't going to win you any points with anyone, either." Agon nodded, but Sena wasn't done yet.

"If you truly want me to be your friend, you're going to have to get used to the fact that I will be truthful with you," Sena warned. "I won't tell you what you want to hear. I'll tell you straight up what I think. If you don't like it, that's just too damn bad. I hope that's clear enough for you."

Agon smiled a real smile. "Thank you." That was all he said for the rest of the time he was there. Sena brought him inside and led Agon to his room. Gesturing for him to wait there, Sena got his bathing supplies and showered.

Dressed in a pair of sweatpants and a muscle shirt fifteen minutes later, Sena and Agon settled to play some games on his game console. They played until Sena's mother came up to ask if Agon was going to stay for dinner. He politely declined, and headed home. Sena exchanged nods and phone numbers with him before he left.

Dinner was a quick affair as his mom and dad were going to a movie that night. Sena had already finished his homework for the week, so he didn't have to do that. He decided to go to bed early. As he fell asleep, Sena came to the conclusion that if tomorrow went the same as the past for days, he was going to go practice with Rui-kun. Or maybe even Shin-san.

School the next day was amusing for Sena. Listening to everyone's different opinions about Eyeshield 21 was a lesson on how people are really gullible. Sena was changing his shoes out when he hear someone call his name. "Hey Sena-kun!" Turning, Sena smiled and wave at Raimon.

"Hi there!" Sena watched as the monkey-ish boy reached to get his shoes with one of his feet. "I saw it… last night on TV." Sena waited for him to put on his shoes before his opinion was announced. "That Eyeshield guy is a real jerk!" Raimon stated with on conviction. "First he injures a guy. Then he—"

Sena cut him off at that point. "You do remember that I said that at least 50% of the things you will hear about Eyeshield is a lie, right? The tackle was an accident. It's just the captain trying to hype everything up." Raimon got this thinking look on his face. "You sure?"

Sena nodded. "Positive. Besides, you never met the kid. How could you know how he is?"

Raimon nodded. "Good point. Oh, wasn't the game against Koigahama your first victory?" Sena confirmed that it was. "Let's celebrate! To your first victory! And to me making first string!"

"Oh, you got the results already? I thought they didn't post it until after school," Sena said, a little confused. Raimon sighed, pouting a little. "You're right. To tell the truth, first string is a little much to hope for. But I can probably work my way up from second string." He perked up a bit. "No negative thoughts allowed!" he said starting to dash off. "Meet me at the baseball team room after school!" Sena waved his acknowledgment.

His classes went by quickly for Sena, and in no time at all he was heading over to the baseball club room. When he arrived, he was surprised to see that there was no one around. Shrugging, he went to the board and looked for Raimon's name. When he found it, Sena frowned. It was under the third string listing. He had thought that with his catching skills, Monta-kun would be on second string at least. Sena had decided to give Raimon a nickname.

The club-room door opened, revealing a player and the coach. "Hey, how come he's on third string?" Sena pointed to Monta's name. "I mean, in know he's not up to par on passing or hitting, but he's really good at catching. The other two can be worked on."

The coach sneered. "The team doesn't need anyone that's only good at one thing. The third string are just club enthusiasts." It was clear to Sena that the man didn't think much of people that lived and breathed their chosen sport. The problem with that was Sena didn't think much of people that held kids back from their dreams.

"It's too bad the team also doesn't need a coach that doesn't give a damn, huh?" Sena smiled sweetly. He gave a, barely, polite bow to the gob-smacked coach and player. He left quickly. He didn't want to be around when they came out of the shock. He headed to see if Hiruma had anything for him to do.

As he walked up, the door to the clubhouse slid open. "Bombard any tall guys with fliers," Hiruma was saying as Sena reached them. Hiruma, Mamori, and Kurita were each holding a stack of fliers. He went to take some as Mamori left but Hiruma took the small stack from him almost immediately.

"You don't have to hand those out!" Hiruma snapped. "You'll hang them up in the most useless places…" Sena arched an eyebrow at Hiruma and crossed his arms. He stared at the tall blonde, silently daring him to continue with that statement. Hiruma cleared his throat.

"Instead you're going to train," he switched topics, pulling out a rope and tying it around Sena's waist.

Hiruma tied the other end to Cerberus's collar. The dog was barking and pulling against the chains holding him in place. "I wonder why he's all riled up…" Hiruma said pulling out the key. As he unlocked the chains, Sena pulled out his pocket knife and cut the rope that connected them. He did grab the portion still attached to the dog so that it didn't run off by itself.

Cerberus shot forward when the padlock was removed but when he couldn't continue after a few feet, he turned around to see why. Sena stood firmly in place with his arms crossed. The dog and running-back stared at each-other. Cerberus sat down and waited. Sena turned his stare to the shocked captain and linebacker.

"Care to explain why I was going to be dragged down the street by Cerberus?" Sena asked sweetly. Hiruma hid a wince. He knew that if Sena talked in a sweet tone he was very angry.

"You collapsed after you ran the 40 in 4.2 seconds," Hiruma said. "I want your legs to get used to the feel of it."

Sena nodded slowly. "That makes sense. All you had to do was say so. Next time just hand me the rope so I can go running with Cerberus."

Hiruma inclined his head in understanding. He kept forgetting that Sena isn't one of his usual players, only there because he threatened them. He didn't want to lose the small running-back due to his stupidity. The kid was their last chance to get to the Christmas Bowl. Hiruma ignored the little voice in the back of his mind saying that he didn't want to lose Sena just because of that.

Sena nodded to them and headed off with Cerberus. The dog was leading the way and Sena let him as he didn't care where they went as they ran. The pace was pretty fast, not quite as fast as Hiruma wanted but Cerberus didn't really know how far he could push the small player. The dog sensed that Sena wasn't in full health and couldn't be pushed as normal.

Sena saw where, or rather, who they were headed for in time to stop Cerberus from biting on tender portions. Monta smiled in gratitude at him before letting Cerberus have some of the snacks he had bought. Sena sat down next to him and let Monta tell him what was wrong. Hearing him say that he wasn't an athlete made Sena even madder at the baseball coach. Sena really didn't like that man.

"You know just because one person doesn't like how you do things doesn't mean that you have to give up your dream," Sena said, interrupting Monta's pity party. "You want to be a great catcher and hero right?" At Monta's nod Sena continued. "So become one. It doesn't have to be in baseball that you succeed in. It can be any sport. Like I said earlier, I would love it if you join the football team. We could really use a catcher with your skills. And besides, I really dislike that coach of yours'. He's an ass." Sena frowned at the thought of that man.

Monta smiled a little at Sena's obvious dislike. "Not many actually do. Not even on the team." Monta sat in thought for a while. It surprised him that someone actually wanted him on their team. Wanted him and was actively recruiting him for their team. That alone was appealing to him. The more he thought about what Sena had said, the more he began to realize that the brunette was right. He didn't have to be on the baseball team to achieve him dream.

"You're right you know. I don't have to be on the baseball team to reach my dream," Monta said slowly. "Alright, I'll join your team." Sena grinned happily. "Really? Great! Come on, let's go get you set up." They collected Cerberus and the rest of the snacks. They headed back towards the school. Once there, they noticed that there were several tall teens on the ground, some under a pile of flier, others rubbing sore spots.

Sena shook his head. Hiruma was going about recruiting all wrong. I mean, really. You would think that he would understand that bombarding kids with fliers and no clarification won't get him the results that he wants. Sena was glad that he knew how to talk to people.

He led Monta to the clubhouse. They got there the same time that Hiruma and Kurita got there.

"Hey, damn chibi-kun. Who's this?" Hiruma growled out. There weren't any tall freshmen that could catch worth a damn. Hiruma's irritation level was really high at that moment. Sena blinked at him and tilted his head. Hiruma had to suppress another growl. The little brunette was far too cute for Hiruma peace of mind.

"This is Taro Raimon. He was with the baseball team, but they were just using him as a ball-boy," Sena introduced Monta. "He's really good at catching. I thought that we could use him as a receiver." Hiruma stared at the two freshmen. He had forgotten that Sena was a great recruiter. He wondered if the small brunette would ever stop surprising him.

"Alright, we'll test him," Hiruma decided. "Down to the field." As they all trooped down to the field, Monta leaned over to Sena. "He's a little scary," he whispered. Sena just smiled and shook his head. Sena found Hiruma's scariness kind of cute. It was also comforting. If Hiruma was acting scary, there was nothing wrong. It was when Hiruma wasn't acting scary that Sena was going to worry.

Down on the field, Hiruma walked away from them with a bin of footballs. Sena and Kurita moved away from Monta as well, so that they were out of the firing range. Out of nowhere, Hiruma started throwing balls at Monta. Every one of them, he caught. No matter how high or where it went, Monta caught it. By the time that the bin was empty, Hiruma was grinning like a loon.

"Ya-Ha! Great find damn chibi-kun!" Hiruma walked back towards them. After confirming that Monta was indeed going to join the team, they went back to the clubhouse. Mamori was out front sweeping. Sena headed her off before she could accuse Hiruma of forcing Monta to join. While he had her distracted, Hiruma got Monta set up with a jersey, pads, and a helmet.

Everyone left shortly after that. Sena stopped at a burger place along the way since it was so late and got some burgers. He didn't really want to cook. He ate as he walked. Along the way he spotted Agon. Sena watched him for a minute, to make sure that he wouldn't be interrupting anything. See that Agon was just lounging against the wall, Sena walked over.


Agon turned and looked at him. A small smile graced his features. "Hey, what's up?" he asked. Sena shrugged, having just taken a bite of his burger. He offered the burger bag to Agon. The bigger teen accepted the silent offer and took a burger. The two of them ate in a comfortable silence. When the bag was empty, Sena balled it up and threw it in a near-by trash can.

Sena smiled at Agon. With a nod of his head, Sena headed home. Agon fell into step with him. Sena glanced at the taller teen but didn't say anything. Agon was glad. He didn't want to admit that he was walking Sena home. The neighborhood wasn't the safest one at night. Everyone that are out at night knew better than to mess with him.

While Agon was completely aware that Sena was fully able to protect himself, Agon knew that he had gotten hurt during Deimon's last game. Sena wasn't at his best and Agon would feel like shit if something happened to the small teen when he could have prevented it.

At Sena's house, Agon nodded to him and continued walking. Sena nodded back and went inside. His mom was still in the kitchen, doing the dishes from the sounds of it. His dad was in the living room reading a newspaper. Shuma looked up and gave a small smile. He gestured with his head for Sena to head up stairs. Sena nodded and headed up to the shower.

As Sena laid down on his bed, he had to smile. Agon was very much a surprise. He hadn't expected to have him walk him home. The taller teen was holding up to his end of the friendship deal. At least he didn't threaten him. Sena was rather pleased with that. He fell asleep smiling.


Sena walked to school the next morning in a much better mood than he did yesterday. He didn't need to take a pain pill this morning and his shoulder didn't hurt as much as it has the past week. Walking up to the clubhouse, he noticed that the door was slightly ajar. Poking his head in, Sena had to grin. Inside was Monta with his gear on.

"Hey! It looks good on you," Sena said has he walked in completely. "Want to start practice?" Monta nodded. "First, we're going for a run. We need to see how fast you are at the forty yard run." They walked down to the field and got ready to run the forty. "Ready?"

"Set," Monta got into position. "GO!" They took off together. Sena had grabbed a stopwatch when he headed out of the club-room. Sena started it and kept pace with his new teammate. At the end of the run, Monta's time was 5.0 seconds. While they were doing the run, Hiruma, Kurita, and Mamori had arrived. Sena knew that Juumonji and his friends were in detention that morning. Hiruma motioned for them to follow him to the weight room.

Mamori was set off to get some more towels. Hiruma lifted leg weights. Kurita was working on the bench-press. Sena and Monta started doing some neck stretches. As Sena did the stretches, his shoulder and ribs started hurting. Most of the stretches pulled on the muscles surrounding them. During last of the stretches, his shoulder gave out. He fell straight down on the mat, right as Mamori walked in.

He grimaced as she came over and fussed over him. "I'm alright," he waved her off. He watched as Kurita and Monta interacted. Kurita was helping Monta with his shoulder. Sena had to smile. Kurita looked so much happier. Hiruma broke in at that point. "Hey damn pip-squeaks—work on strengthening your necks…Otherwise you'll get kill in the next game." Sena looked at him, his skepticism plain. Hiruma ignored him in favor of getting the newspaper from Cerberus.

"THOSE DAMN SCRUBS!" Hiruma threw the paper down in a fit of anger. Sena and Monta picked up the paper to read why Hiruma was so angry. The first thing that they saw was that there was a crime wave at the river front. While Monta speculated that the robberies were done by some of the students at Zokugaku, Sena made a mental note to ask Rui-kun about it.

"Not that article!" Hiruma snapped, bonking their heads together lightly. "Look on the Sports page!" Changing the page, Sena was surprised to see that Ojo's next game didn't go as well as the game against them. The score was 7-6 in their favor. Sena assumed that the score was what really rankled Hiruma.

"That's a really close game!" Kurita said, looking over their shoulders. Hiruma fumed,

"Now we can't brag about scoring three times against them!" Mamori looked over at them thoughtfully. "Well, there's the publicity… The fliers and posters help too. What if we played a game here?"

Kurita nodded. "Yeah. She's right… Why would anyone care about us if they haven't seen us?" Hiruma sat down and brought out his computer and phone. "All right! A game this weekend!" Monta gapped at him. "So soon?"

Sena smiled at him soothingly. "It's just his way. Calm down." Hiruma sent them on their run with instructions to get some equipment on the way. Sena jogged calmly next to Monta, wondering when he would get to see Rui-kun. "Hey, that's it." Monta broke into Sena thoughts, pointing to the sports shop that Hiruma wanted them to get the equipment from.

"Maximum effort! RUN!" Raimon shouted as he took off, sprinting towards the shop. Sena shook his head in amusement. "Hey, wait up…" As he started to follow his friend, he crossed the path of another jogger. He glanced up to apologize, the words stopping when he saw that the jogger was Shin. Sena assumed that Shin didn't recognize him when the taller teen continued to run past him.

Sena was about to catch up to Monta when he was stopped by a deep tenor behind him. "You're Eyeshield 21." Turning Sena saw that Shin had stopped and turned to look at him. Sena nodded with a slight smile.

"Yes, I am. My real name is Kobayakawa Sena. Please to officially meet you." Sena bowed politely. Shin bowed back, a little puzzled by this player.

Shin didn't know what to make of the small teen. He was athletic, but not sporty. He was light weight, but strong. The boy was a complete contradiction. Before Shin was able to say anything, there was a shout from the stores. Sena turned toward the shout in time to watch some teens on a motorcycle grab the team funds from Monta's hand.

"Damn-it! That's the team's money!" Sena snapped as he took off after them. He was pissed now, because he knew those teens. They were on Rui-kun's football team. He was definitely going to talk to Rui-kun about this. You don't mess with another person's team, especially his team!

"There's a traffic jam on this side of the bridge," Shin said, running beside him. "You go on the left. We'll attack on both sides." Sena nodded in confirmation. They took off at top speed after the teens. They caught up to the motorcycle quickly. Since he was on the left side, the teens saw him first. The sight of Sena running and keeping up with the bike confused and startled them.

It also distracted them enough for Shin to jump in front of the bike and grab them off of it. Sena jumped onto the bike and slowed it down to a stop. He didn't want an accident to happen and for somebody get hurt. As he walked back, several police cruisers pulled up. Monta, Shin, and he gave brief statements and were turned lose.

Shin got ready to leave. "Thank you for your help," Sena said, bowing to the tall boy. Monta copied him. Shin pause for a moment.

"So you've got a receiver now?" Shin noted thoughtfully. "Come to the fall tournament fully prepared. Ojo will be stronger in the fall." He turned and looked over his shoulder at them.

"I will be waiting for you at the finals." He then turned and jogged off.

Sena was impressed with Shin's cool and even temper. Monta was more impressed with how he talked than anything else. They went back to the sports store and got the equipment Hiruma sent them for. Monta had gotten the money away from the teen that had stolen it. On the way back, Monta continued to talk about Shin. It was rather annoying by the time they got back to the clubhouse.

Monta was doing an impression of Shin's last statement as they walked the last few feet to the clubhouse. "He sounded a lot cooler than that," Sena informed him and ignored the order for him to do it. They noticed the door was open and peaked in. There was Rui-kun and his team adviser, sitting at the table. Across from them was Hiruma… in Sena's Eyeshield 21 jersey.

Sena just had to shake his head. Only Hiruma would bad mouth his friend in his jersey. It was as Rui-kun was reaching across the table to strangle Hiruma that Sena got fed up with the two of them. He walked in and just as Rui-kun reached Hiruma's neck, he grabbed hold of his pants. Yanking him back into the chair, Sena smacked him on the back of the head as he sat down.

"Knock it off, Rui-kun," Sena said firmly as the lanky teen turn towards him. "Eyeshield 21- san, Mamori-nee-chan, if you could, would you go find Hiruma-san?" Sena's tone was very sweet. Hiruma didn't conceal his wince this time. He knew that Sena wasn't going to be very nice when the two of them were alone together. He was very interested to find out why Sena was so friendly with Habashira. He head off to change, Mamori following along in a confused fashion.

"Err… Hi, Sena-kun. How are you?" Rui asked, knowing that Sena wasn't all that thrilled with both, Hiruma or him. He knew that it was Hiruma in the get-up. Mostly because Sena didn't sound anything similar to the voice that Hiruma was using. And Sena wouldn't talk to him like that. Sena was a lot more direct.

Sena turned a cool gaze to his friend. "I'm well. Yourself?"

"Can't complain."

"Indeed. Well, I just had an interesting shopping experience," Sena spoke in a very conversational tone, which put Kurita and Monta on edge. "See, as my friend and I were going to get some equipment, I ran into a friend. I stopped to talk while Monta-kun went on. Imagine my shock and dismay, when I heard Monta-kun yell and I turn to see some kids riding off with the team's money." Rui paled a little bit.

"Now, understand that I do read the newspaper and know that there were robberies around that area," Sena continued, ignoring Hiruma, who just walked in. "However, I do expect teams to respect other teams. So when I see some of the Zokugaku Chameleons stealing from my team, I get a little irritated. Especially when Monta-kun is wearing one of our jerseys. They should have known better."

Sena was staring at Rui with an intensity that bordered on psychotic. Rui was looking everywhere but Sena. He did not want to meet his small friend's gaze. Rui really didn't want to admit that those kids were doing the robberies on his command. He was going to have to talk to the boys that were in charge of doing the robberies.

"So tell me, Rui-kun," Sena leaned towards his friend, smiling sweetly. "Why is it that they didn't know better than to steal from Deimon? From my team?" Rui was sweating bullets now. Hiruma was standing back, struggling to control the impulse to latch on to the small brunette and hug him. He was really proud and excited to see this side of Sena. It was very interesting to know that Sena's method of getting information was just as scary as his.

"I told them to do small robberies along the river bank," Rui admitted sheepishly, finally looking at Sena. "Small ones, mind you. I didn't want any kind of police attention. I didn't know that you go jogging around there. If I knew that you did, I would have told them to not mess with you." Sena's eyes narrowed slightly.

"I see," Sena said slowly. He knew that Rui-kun wasn't always on the legal side of things. He also knew that he wasn't going to turn Rui-kun in. Finally, he sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Whatever. You're an idiot, you know that?" Sena asked as he leaned back. Rui relaxed into the chair and gave a tentative smile in return.

"Yeah, I've been told," he replied as everyone in the room relaxed again. Hiruma had noticed that the room had gotten considerably colder when Sena was interrogating Habashira. He knew that the damn manager would have had an aneurism had she seen the chibi doing that, so he sent her to go get some papers from the teachers' lounge. No need to spoil the chibi's surprise yet.

Rui left shortly after that. Since it was almost time for school, Monta and Sena went to go change. As Sena walked to class, he thought about what Rui-kun told him. He didn't really agree with what Rui did, but he wasn't going to tell him how to handle his minions. Sena got his point across though. Messing with his team was just dumb.

Sena sat through his classes impatiently. He wanted to talk to Hiruma during break about the game for that weekend. When lunch rolled around, hurried to the upperclassmen's rooms to see if he could spot Hiruma. He looked in all of them, but didn't find the blonde. Shrugging, he went to the cafeteria to get some food. On the way back, he ran into Monta.

"Hey, that was really brave of you this morning!" Monta chatted excitedly.

"Not that brave," Sena said calmly. "I went to the same school as him in middle school. He isn't that bad."

"YA—HA!" The two of them jumped as they heard their captain's favorite saying bellow its way over the com system. They stood and listened to the insane blonde gload the school into coming to Saturday's game. Sena sighed in exasperation and irritation. "Now, we'll have to win," Monta gulped.

Sena headed up to the roof. He ate lunch with Juumonji, Toganou, and Kuroki. They looked at him. Guessing that they wanted an explanation for the big announcement, Sena quickly informed them about what all happened that morning. They glanced at each-other when he explained about Rui, but didn't say anything. The four of them finished eating and went back to class.

After school, the permanent players gathered in the club-room. Mamori read about the Chameleons captain and Hiruma showed them on the TV why they weren't in the spring season. Sena knew all of this, so he ignored it. When Monta made a comment about Rui always carrying his butterfly knife, Sena did mention that somebody always carried a gun at their school as Hiruma walked out with a semi-automatic in his hand.

The whole team went to get out the practice gear from the storage room. While Hiruma made a comment about five million yen in response to some thing that was said and went on about the game, Sena notice a wooden board with some black scribbles on it. Kurita pulled it out, revealing that the scribbles were really a drawing of a football player in the catching position.

"Do you want me to put Rice Man out?" Kurita asked Hiruma. Hiruma looked over his shoulder at the big teen. "We don't really need him." Mamori and Monta questioned who 'Rice Man' was. Kurita displayed the board for them. He went on to explain how Hiruma and he had made it so Hiruma could practice passing.

While the rest of them set up the gear on the field, Hiruma hung Rice Man up on a goal post. "Now that we have a receiver, we don't need Rice Man anymore!" Hiruma announced to them. "It's time for his end!" with that, Hiruma opened fire on the board. Everyone dived out of the way.

"Hiruma is very happy that you joined the team, Monta-kun," Kurita said quietly to the monkey-ish boy. "He wants to throw the ball. He practices all the time, but he's never had the chance to prove how good he is." The friendly boy smiled then tackled the board.


Mamori was yelling at them both as Sena turned to Monta. "We will need to apologize to Mamori-nee-chan later," he said. Monta grinned. They picked up Hiruma's bazooka and fired at the board. It was in very sorry shape now. As Kuroki and his friends joined them in kicking and breaking up the board, Sena noticed that Mamori had decided to join in.

The problem was that she grabbed a flamethrower instead of a gun. Sena shoved Monta and the former bullies out of the way. He waved for Kurita to move away from the broken pieces of wood and grabbed Hiruma's wrist. He pulled the taller teen back just in time. Mamori squeezed the trigger and set the board on fire, along with a good fifteen foot radius around it.

Sena was barely aware of that. What he was really aware of was Hiruma pressed against him. When he yanked Hiruma out of Mamori's line of fire, Hiruma had been plastered to his side. Sena blushed slightly. Hiruma pulled away before Sena could say anything. Sena glanced at the tall boy, hoping that he wasn't upset with him. He couldn't tell what Hiruma was feeling as the blonde had turned away.

Hiruma was having his own problems. When he was pressed against his small running back, it had felt really good. It wasn't something that Hiruma wanted to feel. He shouldn't be having these strange urges. Most of all, he shouldn't want to kiss the brunette. So in true Hiruma fashion, he decided to ignore the whole thing.

Hiruma noticed some students watching. He started yelling, promoting the game, while Mamori ran to go get buckets of water. It took an hour to get the fire under control. The fire department had to be call. Since Hiruma was there with his little black book out, the firemen didn't make a huge deal out of it.

Once the fire was completely out, they started doing their drills. Sena was doing them as the manager until it came to doing a full-on body contact drill. He was sent to go 'find' Eyeshield 21. He changed and headed back to the field. He met Monta on the way. "Sena, what are you doing?" Monta asked, confused.

"I'm Eyeshield 21," Sena explained like it was the most normal thing in the world. "I told you, not everything about this team is as it seems." Sena sat down and gestured for Monta to join him. Monta sat down with a dazed look on his face. Sena explained why he had to have the eyeshield and why Mamori couldn't know who he was. Kurita joined them at one point and added to the story.

Reassured, Monta nodded. "I don't care that you're Eyeshield. I'll keep it a secret." Sena and Kurita both beamed at him. They headed back to the field. Once there, the three of them joined the other four in a mock game. Sena was showing Monta how to catch the ball while it was over head when Hiruma came over to them.

(A/N: Remember, Sena recruited him, without Hiruma lying to him. He would have a different reaction to finding out that Sena is Eyeshield.)

"No, no. Just one hand," Hiruma said to him. Sena lifted one hand. "Now drop all but the middle finger." Sena did as instructed, a little amused now. Hiruma snapped a picture and ran off. Sena shook his head and continued with practice. Hiruma didn't show up for the rest of the day.

Sena went home after practice was call off. It wasn't all that late, so when Agon joined him on his way home, it came as a shock. Agon just walked up from behind him and tapped his shoulder. Sena jumped, spun around and, using the momentum from the spin, threw a fast right hook. Agon was able to dodge it, barely. "Easy, Sena-kun," he said soothingly. "It's just me. I'm sorry to have scared you."

Sena blinked a couple of times before he breathed deeply. He brought his fist down to his side and unclenched it. "Agon, please don't sneak up on me," Sena requested softly. He was still in fight mode. "Being down at the docks makes a person jumpy. It can also teach a person to react first and think later. I don't take someone coming up behind me as a good thing." Agon nodded in agreement. They began walking again.

They made small talk as they walked to Sena's house. Agon wasn't quite ready to go past anything that wasn't superficial just yet. Sena respected that and didn't push. It was a short walk and Agon once again just continued walking. Sena gave a small wave and walked in. He went straight to the backyard and started doing one of his katas.

Sena's thoughts cleared as he went through the motions. He was in a meditative state when he reached the end of the workout. He smoothly flowed from that one straight into another one. He continued to go through his katas, until he reached his most complicated one. At the end of it he was very calm and collected. He stretched and cooled down.

Going inside, he was told that he had some time before dinner was ready. Sena smiled at both of his parents. He quickly showered and came back down. He decided to spend some time with his parents, since he hadn't been around them very much lately. After dinner, he didn't go upstairs as usual. Instead, he challenged his dad to a game of go. As they set up the board, Sena thought that random chances were wonderful things.


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