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The next few days pasted quietly for Sena. His routine was only broken by a check-up at the hospital to make sure that everything was healing nicely. Two weeks had passed since that fateful game and all of his bones were well on their way to being fully healed. The weekend game was coming up fast. Just one more day and everyone was very excited.

Sena was pleased to say that he would be getting to play in this game as apposed to sitting it out. Not that Hiruma would have been able to get away with benching him. Sena informed the blonde of that right off. The threatening look that the tall blonde had received made Hiruma smirk every time the demon thought of it.

Walking towards the school with Monta, Sena could hear the crowd of students. All were talking excitedly. Entering the gate, they could see why. There was a huge poster attached to the school. On it was the photo of Sena in his uniform with his middle finger raised with Rui-kun's cropped in.

Sena stared at it, in complete and utter shock. This didn't really surprise him, it was totally Hiruma all over. It just shocked him how far the blonde would take it. Shaking his head, Sena pulled Monta towards the club-room. They quickly changed and gathered with the rest of the team. Walking out to the field was an interesting time.

All of the students were there, cheering them on. Students from Zokugaku were also there and they were less then pleased with Eyeshield. One of them actually threw an empty pop can on him. Sena took a step back out of the way. He needn't bothered. Monta caught the can mid-air.

Hiruma was not pleased. A kick to the head and a lecture on showing secrets before the game let Monta know that quite well. Hiruma then bellowed out, "CERBERUS!" towards the roof. Following the demon's gaze, Sena made out the dog perched up there, right before he took a dump over the edge of the building. Right on the Zokugaku students. Giving a short laugh, Sena walked over to the blonde captain. Hiruma seemed to be debating on grabbing some more 'support' players.

"Don't bother," the smaller brunette said. "We have enough people. Any more and it will seem like we are worried about how this game will go. And we're not." Sena smirked confidently up at Hiruma. The older boy smirked back.

"You're right," he agreed. "So did you tell the damn leader about the game?" Hiruma was honestly curious if the damn chibi had informed the dock brats of the game. The brat would be playing and though he was better, his bones won't be completely healed for another three weeks at best. The fact that he was as healed as he was, was a testament to how healthy Sena had been before.

"Yeah right," Sena snorted. "Like I want to be fussed over more than Mamori-nee-san. I may love them all dearly, and like my own family, but I do get tired of them fussing and acting like I can't take care of myself. I can, and quite well, thank you very much." His tone was very derisive and harsh. It was clear that the younger boy didn't appreciate the overprotectiveness that the dock brats had shown him at times.

It was probably why he got so irritated when Hiruma called the damn leader to get the kid to relax. The kid didn't like the attention. At least not that kind. It made a lot of sense when put that way. The damn chibi was very independent, and as such, would consider any 'fussing', as he put it, very annoying.

"Well, you'll get to field any complaints then," Hiruma informed him with a grin. "I'm not running any interference there." With that, Hiruma called them to huddle up. Sena shook his head and joined them for the rally cry.

It was Zokugaku's kick off. Rui took it, causing the ball to jump around like a firecracker. Even as fast as he was, Sena couldn't get a hold of it. As the Zokugaku started forward, Monta caught it. However, when he went to toss it back to Sena, there was a minor malfunction. Monta threw it wide and hit someone on the sidelines.

Hiruma threw a small fit over that, but Mamori calling out encouragement seemed to help. The next play was set up like Chameleons were defending against a run. So it came to no surprise to Sena when Hiruma threw the ball, they were scrambling to get it. He thought for a moment that Rui would catch it with his long arms, but it sailed past him to quickly.

Monta caught it with no problems however. "Maxi-dash," he yelled as he ran. He was tackled after a 35-yard gain for the Devil Bats. Sena and Monta did a dual high-five in celebration. Hiruma did a typical him move: he kicked Monta in the back and walked off.

"That's his way of praising you," he reassured Monta. Hiruma took the kick. It went as wide as Monta's throw, even hitting the same person as before. Zokugaku turn went equally as well for them. Scoring a touchdown, along with the kick going in.

"They're going to have Monta covered now," Sena pointed out to Hiruma as they headed to the huddle.

"I'm aware," Hiruma replied. "Adapting to their plays will be to late. So we need to be ahead of them." He quickly explained how he wanted the next play to run down. Ishimaru was to take the run, with Sena faking it. It worked as Hiruma wanted. They gained ten-yards from it. The next few plays from the Devil Bats followed the same trend. Rui, in a fit of frustration, had a small tantrum.

"What! Are you afraid of the ball now!?" he yelled at Sena, him the bird as the team manager held him back. Sena and Hiruma had a small laugh over that. It was when the score read 20 to 14 in the Bats favor that Zokugaku showed the dirty playing that it was known for. They took down three players and Rui sent the smaller boy skidding back ten feet on the back of his neck.

"I'm fine," Sena grunted with some pain and annoyance at Monta when the monkey like boy came up to check on him. Monta grinned at him. "Must have been the neck training."

"Possibly," Sena hummed. He walked over to Hiruma. "Looks like we need more people pulled in," the brunette commented. Hiruma tsked in agreement.

"Do you even have anybody to pull in?" Rui's smug voice came from behind them. "Brute force has it's advantages," he said has they turned towards him. Sena scowled and glared flames at him. Rui eyed him nervously for a moment before walking over to his team. Rui-kun was so going to get it. Sena thought as he turned back to his own team where Juumonji, Toganou, and Kuroki had been pulled from the bench.

The next play Sena actually took the ball and ran with it. He made it through the line easily, the three punks of Deimon beating Zokugaku's tactics with no problems. Running head-long towards Rui-kun, Sena could see that the tall teen well and truly wanted to hurt him, if only for revenge for not taking him on earlier. Sena stopped running momentarily to give the lanky teen a small sense of triumph, before destroying it by taking off again and scoring another touchdown.

Sena smirked as he walked towards his own team. He loved to take passive-aggressive revenge. It worked so wonderfully. This will be bothering Rui-kun for weeks. As the game progressed with the Bats gaining a very large lead, Sena noticed the baseball team in the crowd cheering them on. Or rather, cheering Monta on. His eyes narrowed a little. He would have to look in to that later. He was not going to have Monta's newly gain confidence knocked down again.

There was a minor drama when Juumonji, Toganou, and Kuroki were taken off guard and let some of players through causing Hiruma to get tackled before he could pass the ball. Hiruma was ticked, of course, but turned the mishap into a play. Next play, the Deimon punks let the players through for a screen pass and double-teamed the remaining members of the line.

Sena took off with the ball straight through the gap his friends had made and headed right down the field. Rui was waiting for him , however the previous showdown between them had left a mark and Sena was able to slide right by with ease. The final touchdown brought the game to a close and the score to 46-28 in Deimon's favor.

Sena watched with some amusement as Hiruma collected the bet that he had made with Rui by making the Zokugaku Chameleons his slaves. Shrugging, Sena headed to the restrooms to change before he was missed.

Once he had changed into his uniform, the small brunette wandered to where the baseball team was waiting for the field to clear. As the crowd cleared, Sena stood with his arms crossed, staring flatly at the team as a whole, and the coach in particular. As the group fidgeted, he raised an eyebrow.

"Tell me, was there a reason why you were cheering on Raimon, when I know that the lot of you were not in any way, shape, or form supportive of him when he was on your team?" Sena asked with a serene smile on his face. "Or were you just here to mess with his mind? I have to say, if it's the second option, I will not be pleased."

The way he was looking at them told them all that if it was the second one, they were deeply screwed. It sent shivers down their spines.

"Well, we had the field today," one of the players said. Sena recognized him as the player that was there that day he told the coach off. "When we saw the game going on, we watched. I can't speak for everyone, but I didn't mind him all that much. Granted he really put to much on the catching part of baseball, but he was always very happy to be there. He cheered for us every game and at practice. It was too bad that he was put on third string, but there were a lot of hopefuls at the try-outs. We can't have everyone." The other players nodded in agreement as he spoke.

Sena hummed in response. "Well, that makes sense, I suppose. Did anyone try to explain that he needed to work on the other parts of the games?" he inquired. When a few of the upper years raised their hands, he sighed and shook his head in amusement. That sounded like his friend. Sena turned his gaze to the coach, who at that point was standing off to the side looking very uncomfortable.

"And your response?" he inquired, eyebrow raising. The man looked away from the amber eyes looking at him. It was really discerning how the kid wasn't even to his shoulders, and yet he was deeply intimidated by him. The look in the kid's eyes just said school shooter to him. Now he didn't have any knowledge if the kid was actually nuts enough or not, but he didn't want to push it.

"Look, I know I'm an ass. I don't bother with censoring what's coming out of my mouth most of the time," he bit out. "I'm the baseball coach. I'm only interested in people that can play baseball, and play it well. The kid couldn't. He was so against learning about anything that wasn't catching that I stopped trying after the first six times. Like I said that day, we don't need anyone that is only good at one thing. It doesn't work, especially when everyone has to play every position." He shrugged uncomfortably.

"Today, I wasn't watching baseball," the man said gruffly. "I was watching football. So I was only interested in someone that could play football. The kid can, and he did it well. I didn't see any reason not to cheer him on in that scenario." Tilting his head, Sena studied the man. Nodding his acceptance, Sena turned and walked way. They weren't going to bother Monta.

"What was that about?" Hiruma asked from where he had come up behind him. The blonde had watched as his running back had confronted the baseball team. Monta had been right next to him, watching as one the entire team and the coach squirmed like little kids that had been caught painting on the walls. Monta seemed to realize something as he watched his friend stare down the eighteen players and his former coach, and walked away to go change.

"I had noticed that they were watching and cheering on Monta during the game," Sena informed him. "I wanted to make sure that they weren't going to say anything to Monta that would ruin what confidence he has developed. I dislike those that kick people just to put them down."

Hiruma arched an eyebrow at him. "I do that. Yet, you don't seem to have an issue with me." Sena shook his head.

"No," Sena corrected. "You take advantage of people when they're down. There is a difference. I don't approve, however I'm not going to knock you for it. It's what you do, and it's how you are. They, or rather he, put him down to just to put him there." Hiruma clicked his tongue, and continued to the clubhouse.

Sena was not happy when they got to the club house and saw Deruku standing by the door, scowling at the smaller brunette. Sena turned and glared at the tall demon next to him. "Hey, don't look at me. The game was talked about for a week, and I do believe that Rui has his phone number too," Hiruma smirked at him. The smaller teen scowled at him then strode to his leader.

"What, may I ask, were you thinking?" Deruku inquired somewhat irritably.

"I was thinking that I didn't enter this sport to be protected from a little bit of pain," Sena snapped back. "I was thinking that I was feeling a hell of a lot better then I have been. I was thinking that I wasn't going to miss out on playing against Rui-kun, as there is no guarantee that the Devil Bats would play against them in the fall season. I was thinking that I didn't need to be treated like a god-damn baby by my friends." With that he strode past a red face teen and a smirking demon straight into the clubhouse to grab his bag.

Walking back out, the amber-eyed boy ignore the two of them and began his walk home. Deruku caught up with him a block later and fell into step beside him. "We're just worried that you'll push yourself to far," the older boy said after a few tense minutes of silence. "We know that you can take care of yourself and that you aren't a baby. We just know that if you're not reminded that you've hurt yourself, you push and push until you either re-hurt yourself or collapse."

Sena sighed, knowing this was true. "I know you worry, but wrapping me in wool won't do any good and make me angry at the lot of you." The taller brunette nodded.

"That's what Hiruma said," Deruku admitted. "Before I left, he told me that smothering you would only make you mad and that we needed to back off some." Sena blinked in surprise.

"Huh." Sena would have to get him something to show his gratitude. They had reached his house at that point, so Sena said good-bye and went inside. Dinner, showering, and doing his homework went by in a blur. Next thing he knew, he was falling into bed exhausted. Sighing, shifted into a comfortable position and sank down into a dreamless sleep.


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