Author's Notes: Hi! This is collection of drabbles for TWEWY, so obviously spoilers from Shiki, Day 1 to post-game/secret reports/Another Day will all be in here. If you haven't finished the game yet, I suggest you don't read any of these, because the storyline of such a brilliant game really shouldn't be spoiled.

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Prompt: Pin Cushion


"I haven't seen some of those pins before. Where did you get them, Shiki?"

Shiki smiles, clutching her strap of her bag just a little tighter. Her fingers brush one of the pins, orange and red flame, the first of many pins she had given to Neku. But now Neku had no more use for them and he didn't particularly want to keep them. But it would have been such a shame for them to be thrown away. So to her they returned.

Shiki's hand curls over her mouth in a small giggle. "A friend," she replies, "A friend who helped me realise something."

And she's thankful, thankful for that chance to 'play' in the UG, thankful for all the things she's experienced, thankful for being able to meet new people -- no, that's not right. She's thankful for being able to make new friends. She's thankful she met someone who knew the right words; everytime she sees Eri, today, tomorrow, next week, she doesn't feel the envy gnawing at the back of her mind.

She sees the slight look of confusion on Eri's face at her words and flushes, waving her hands frantically, dismissively. "It's nothing you should worry about! Really!"

Eri gives her an unsure look, raising an eyebrow, "If you say so..." and the topic of conversation moves to general chit-chat. Shiki absentmindedly tugs again at the strap of her bag, casting a quick glance at the pins she's attached to it today. She wouldn't forget what those days in the UG taught her; she wouldn't allow herself to.

There is a pin on Mr. Mew now, right over its heart.