Title: Scream

Author: Jakia

Word Count: 242

Pairing: Jet/Mai

STFU he's not dead.

They were standing in the middle of a field, far enough away from civilization that no one would hear them scream if he decided that his hatred of the Fire Nation went as far as to kill a woman and her six year old brother. Mai kept a couple of knives sharp and ready behind her back, just in case.

Jet playfully sat Tom-Tom down on a nearby stump. "Okay, next lesson: Screaming. I want you to scream for me, okay?"

Tom-Tom looked horrified. "I can't do that." He said, calmer than any child should be. "It's against the rules."

Jet looked equally horrified (what kind of six year old doesn't know how to scream?) but collected himself fairly easily. "Well, today we're breaking the rules. I want you to scream for me. Like this!"

He then let out a blood-curling roar, which was followed shortly by her brother's more easily-subdued one. Pretty soon, they were both howling like dogs in the moonlight, taking breaks to laugh at one another in a childish fashion.

"Okay," Jet said, his grin wild, almost feral. "Now it's Mai's turn!"

She stared at him, her face blank and completely emotionless, epitomizing seriousness. "Sorry, I don't scream."

Suddenly, a hand sneaked away and landed firmly on her backside, giving it a small squeeze.

She yelped in surprise.

Jet grinned. "Not bad. Could use a bit more volume, though."

Mai made sure Jet was screaming the entire way back home.


A/N: …Because she was throwing knives at him. NOTHING PREVERTED. Unless you'd like it to be, but remember that Mai's six-year-old brother is with them, so…

Yeah, Jet/Mai. I went there. And it was hilarious because it could SO WORK. Seriously, Jet is a born-rebel and naturally a rule breaker. Mai was never allowed to break the rules, so naturally doesn't know how to. Together they are hilarious and fun. That, and I enjoy having Jet be a mentor to Tom-Tom. I blame fandomme for that, giving Tom-Tom hookswords…