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Toph picked at her food. Being back here, at her home, was so boring. After the freedom she had enjoyed travelling with Aang, Katara, Sokka and Zuko, after their adventures…nothing could compare to that. Why was she even here?

But she knew the answer to that. They had pulled it off for almost a year, sticking together, flying all over the world, helping sort things out after the war. They had mourned together, for all those that had gone, for Hakoda, for Momo, for Zuko's girlfriend, Mai. They had kept each other up.

But slowly, slowly responsibility had come creeping back. Sokka and Katara had gone back to the South Pole; they wanted to rebuild their Tribe. Then Zuko had returned to the Palace, he was still the crown prince of the Fire Nation after all. Aang had started a search of his own, looking for any airbenders that might have survived the war. She had wanted to come with him but he said that he needed to do this alone.

So she had returned home, reluctantly, dragging her feet. Her parents had taken her back again, fussing over her, angry with her, treating her like a child. But they had forgiven her, even though they were horrified.

And now she was sitting at the dinner table with them, bored out of her mind.

Her father was relating some dull politics discussion. He went more and more often to the Earth King's Cabinet, fulfilling his duty as the head of one of the oldest and wealthiest families in the Earth Kingdom.

"The wedding is supposed to be a symbol," he was saying, "a symbol of hope and unity, of renewal. A hundred years of war are not forgotten in an instant. But this could be a start."

Toph gave a snort of laughter, but controlled herself when she felt her father's disapproving gaze. A wedding, between some rich Fire Nation Noble and one of the spoiled Earth Kingdom Princess, a symbol of unity for everyone. It was ridiculous.

"The Fire Nation is to propose the groom," Master Bei Fong said, "So we will be supplying the bride," he took a small bite of his food, "I have put forward your name, Toph."

For a moment she didn't understand. Then she became angry, "You did what?"

"Clam yourself," her father said, "It is just a proposal."

"Well take it back," Toph had leapt up in her seat, ready to bend her way out and be away from here in a second.

He looked at her, then sighed, "Sit down."

She didn't want to but she did, slowly, warily. But they couldn't make her; they had no power over her.

"Will you at least think about it?" Lady Bei Fong asked, hesitantly, not wanting to provoke her, "It's a good chance, a worthy marriage. It would be good for you."

Toph thought about it for a just a second, and came to a quick conclusion, "I won't do it."


"No," she interrupted, "I'm only thirteen years old. I'm not going to marry someone. Especially not some brat from the Fire Nation."

"Thirteen is young," her mother admitted, "But you're almost fourteen. I was only fourteen when I married your father. And this a great chance, for you and for our family."

You mean it's a political marriage, Toph thought bitterly, with no consideration for either the bride's or the groom's feelings. But all she did was repeat her answer from before, "No, I won't do it."

"Fine," her father sighed, he sounded disappointed. "Let's not discuss this anymore and continue with dinner alright? The wine please!"

A servant arrived from the next room, holding a bottle. Toph hated the taste of wine but it was apparently the correct drink for this meal so she always drank a little. She picked up her glass and toasted to her parents in the correct way. Her fathers heartbeat picked up, but what the reason was she couldn't tell. So she ignored it, instead taking the glass to her lips and taking a drink.

And that's when it happened.

Toph gasped and dropped the cup. Wine spilled on the floor, staining the carpet as the world around her went dark. She couldn't feel the earth anymore!

"What did you do?" She screamed at them, "Stop it! Stop it!"

"It's for your own good," that was her mothers voice, soft and worried, trying to calm her down, trying to make her understand. She didn't want to understand! They were wrong anyway.

"Put it back!"

"Be quiet," now her father spoke, clam, collected, commanding. He demanded that his rule was followed, "Your chi has been blocked to stop your bending. There will be no more running around for 'adventures'. You will stay here and you will marry, like we tell you. And if you cooperate we will restore your bending."

"Please, Toph," her mother again, "please understand. This is for your own good."

Toph was shaking with anger. How could they? How could they take away what was most important to her? How could they blind her, truly blind her? How could they call her their daughter?

But she didn't have a choice did she? It was this or her bending, her sight, her life. And what kind of choice was that. None.

"Fine," her voice trembled only slightly, "Fine, I will do what you say. I will do what you want. But I want you to know," here she jutted out the slender chin, "I will never, ever, as long as I live, forgive you for this." Then she pressed her jaws together.

They ignored her, like this was just another silly thing that young girls uttered. She knew what they were thinking: She'll forgive us when she sees were right, she'll come around. But she wouldn't. What they were doing was wrong. And she wouldn't forgive them. Ever.

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