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Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon Part 2

Chapter 1: Friends Old and New

It was over a month later since Sedro and Falzar began to bond with their sons. During this time Mark turned 15; there was a celebration in his honor. No one didn't know that that day was also Yulie's birthday. Though they where concentrating on Mark, he himself knew. So when Yulie got to her room she found a slice of cake on her table along with a card and a rose. She read the card it said:

I figured today was your birthday, so I decided to give you this. Hope you like it.

From Mark, with love

"That was nice of him" Yulie said reading the card and sniffing the rose. Behind her Mark was watching from the balcony, he smiled to himself and jumped down the balcony to his room.

After the night when Sedro and Falzar told their sons how they felt, with Sedro's revelation of Mark's past, Mark and Spyro became more connected with their fathers. They would spend the day doing various things, sometimes practicing techniques with the others or going to town and watching fights at the coliseum. During a sparing match between Spyro and Cynder, who where learning how to use their powers more effectively, Nero came in with a woman behind him.

"We where wondering what happened to you." Spyro said after the match with cynder. "I had to take care of something" he said grinning. "Who's your friend?" cynder asked looking at the woman behind him. The woman was about a year younger than Nero, she had her orange hair in a ponytail and wore priestess clothing. Around her neck was a golden chain with a small red crystal inside it.

"My name is Kyrie" the woman said with a smile. "My name is Cynder" she said shaking Kyrie's hand. "And I'm Spyro" he said. "I've heard about you two; you're a lot different than what I thought you where." Kyrie said. Sparx came up and looked at Kyrie "I take it this is your girlfriend Nero?" he asked. Nero looked away, a bit embarrassed "Sparx!" Spyro and Cynder both said shooting him a mean look. "What? All I asked was…" he told them.

Kyrie laughed at the little dragonfly's question "And I take it this little guy is Sparx?" she asked smiling. "Unfortunately" Cynder said. "I heard that the two Dragon Kings are here?" she asked looking around. "Well, Revan went to town for something and Mark is over there." Spyro said and pointed to what looked like a dog coming towards them.

But the dog turned out to be a wolf walking towards them. At first Kyrie was a little scared, but after Cynder explained that this was Mark the wolf touched his paw and soon turned into a human. He had jet-black cropped hair, golden eyes and a moustache on his upper lip. His chin was a bit larger than some others, his right hand was a golden Dragon's arm while his left was normal, though it was hairy, and he wore a red sleeved shirt and shorts to go with it. He was about 15 years old.

"So you're Mark huh?" Kyrie asked him. "Yeah, and I take it your Kyrie?" he asked. "Yes, you know, you're a lot cuter than what people say" she told him. Mark blushed looking away. "Really?" he asked sill looking away. "Yeah, though I heard you already have a girlfriend." Kyrie said. "Wow, word spreads fast." Spyro said. It was true, since Mark and Yulie fell in love, they where the talk of the palace, though there where rumors that Spyro liked Cynder but no one believed them.

"There's the rumors and what I heard about the fight against that Tyrael guy last month" Kyrie told them. "You heard about that?" a voice said. The group turned around and saw Yulie, Sedro, and Elva walking towards them. "I take it your Yulie?" Kyrie asked the girl in the blue dress. "Yes, and your Kyrie, pleasure to meet you" she said and shook hands. "I heard you and Mark are the couple of the town" Kyrie said smiling. "Yeah, at first we wanted it to be quiet. But after the fight against Tyrael everyone knows now." She explained.

"Really? I didn't know that." She said. "But we knew before anyone else" Cynder joined in. The three soon began to gossip, so the guys decided to leave them to chat while they went to the parlor. The parlor was a cozy little room with two bookshelves next to a fireplace. The guys soon began to talk about various things like different ways to kill an enemy and other things. Mark was reading a book near the fireplace for fun.

Just then a servant entered "Excuse me sirs but there is someone here for Mark" he said. "Send him in" Sedro told them. The servant left the room, a few minutes later a hooded man who looked travel-worn came in. His brown cloak was torn and nearly shredded; his pants had a few tears in it. And he had a bow and arrow on his back and a short sword on his hip. His tunic was old and worn out, the man carried a foul smell. "did this guy bathe or anything?" Mark thought to himself.

"Who are you?" Mark asked the man. "What? Can't say hello to an old friend?" the man said in a familiar voice. The man removed his hood revealing a young, short-dirty-blond-haired boy about Mark's age. "Nick! I don't believe it!" Mark yelled and held him a fierce bear hug. "Mark! I thought you where dead!" Nick said. The two both laughed patting their backs. SPyro and the others looked at them strangely, the traveler, Nick was shorter than Mark and looked younger than him while Mark looked like an older brother to him.

"I take it you know this guy?" Sparx said. "Yeah I know him; he was my best friend back in the day." Mark said joyfully. "Yeah, names Nick. I take it your Spyro and Sparx I heard about?" he asked the dragon and his friend. "Yeah, Mark never told us you're his friend." Spyro told him. "It never came up" he said. "Boy we have a lot to catch up on, old friend" Nick said. "Come let's talk in my room" he said as the two left the parlor.

"Weird day, first Nero shows up with a girl he knew and Cynder and Yulie like her, then a blast from Mark's past comes in and starts to get friendly with him" Sparx sighed "My god i need a nap". "For once, i have to agree" Sedro said.


sorry it's short, i had a hard time coming up with what to write for this chapter