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Chapter 57: Epilogue

It's been 6 years after the battle against Malefor and Revan. The realms have enjoyed a great time of peace and rest. Spyro and Cynder got married a while ago; about 5 years ago, they now live a good life in the Palace of the Golden Dragons, Cynder also became pregnant and the two are waiting for their new child. Leon had gotten married to a pink dragon named Ember a while back, he leads his people with pride. Mustang (Mark the Dragon Lord) and his wife Godith fought off the last of the dark armies, but the Hounds of War disappeared.

Siegfried and Cecelia, Yulie's older sister got married 4 years ago, they had a child they named Trent. They live a good life in the Palace along with everyone else. Dante and Vergil returned to the human worlds, or rather the Human islands. Mustang had teleported Dante's shop the Devil May Cry into the Imperial City, so the brothers set up shop there. "And the best part, I don't have to pay the debt I owe to Lady!" Dante said and put his feet up on the table.

"Oh really Dante?" An all too familiar voice asked. Dante looked and saw Lady and Trish walk towards him. "Uhh, what I meant was…" Dante began. "You mean you thought you could just leave us behind did you?!" Lady asked. "Vergil a little help here!" Dante called. Vergil was eating some ramen on the coach "Go nuts girls" he said. Lady and Trish soon began beating up Dante while Vergil ate his ramen.

Nero had finally gotten the courage to marry Kyrie when he decided to stay in the dragon Realms with her. He's about 22 now living happily with Kyrie in a house Mark the dragon King managed to get them. Sedro and Elaine are now living in the Palace while Bahamut is living in the Tomb of the Dragon King again, thought he by every now and then to see what's going on.

Falzar and Elva are living in the Palace also, since Leon was kind enough to let them stay. Kuzo became a story teller in the Palace, he would tell stories from time to time to the children, everyone liked him and the stories he told. Nick was given a place to stay in the Dragon Realms, he spends his times making potions and selling them to people, he also teaches people how to hunt.

Hunter became the new leader of his tribe in Avalar, he allowed free trade with the other realms. Robert and the kings from the Imperial City along with their sons, the city itself was given trading routes to the other Realms, Humans and Dragons, along with other species got along with each other, they all thank Mark the Dragon King, who brought them together during the war.

Marquis had gotten surgery on himself, now he's normal without the cyber attachments, thought he and Twilight opened up a school to teach swordsmen, they where renown through out the realms. Winston lives a good live in the Realms, and hangs out with Mark and the others.

And as for Mark the Dragon King, he helped rule the Realms with Leon, though he was more popular because of his age of 21. He and Yulie got married a year ago and are a happy couple, he would occasionally sneak out to relax at his mother's tree sometimes, where Yulie would find him.

Mark leaned against the side of the tree, it was 6 years since he came back here. His outfit was different than last time. He wore a gold coat with a black shirt underneath, he wore some light brown pants and black boots. His jet-black hair was longer, going down to his neck. His amulet half hung on a small silver chain. He heard footsteps and turned to see Yulie walk towards him. She wore a light gold gown, her ginger hair tied in a ponytail. Her staff hung on her back. "I knew I'd find you here" she said. "Well this is my place where I would relax." Mark said. He looked at her, even the same age as him she still was attractive. "It's been 6 years since the battle, how are you feeling?" Yulie asked him. Mark was still a little sad about having to fight his brother all those years ago, but he soon got over it and moved on.

"Alright, a little sad but I'm okay with it." Mark said. "Yeah, well we still have to think about the people, and especially our child" Yulie said putting a hand on her stomach. He remembered that Yulie became pregnant a while ago, it was a few months since they got married and already her stomach was getting larger. Mark was surprised that they where having a child.

"Well until that day comes the Realms are safe from harm, but we should be careful. The Hounds are still alive somewhere." Mark pointed out. "Yeah, well come on. I heard Kuzo is planning to tell another story" Yulie said and turned into her dragon form and took off. Mark transformed also and followed her.

Kuzo stood before a group of children, he planned to tell a story to them today. "Tell us a story Kuzo!" one of the children asked. "Yeah, tell us!" another said. "Alright, I'll tell you a story." Kuzo said and saw Mark and Yulie walk towards him. "Ah Mark, it's been a while since I saw you!" Kuzo said. "Yeah, so you where about to tell the young ones a story." Mark said. "Ah yes, this story is of a boy, one who hadn't known anything about his family, he came here and helped liberate it from its chains. This boy had defeated thousands of enemies, and defeated the Dark Master, he even fought his own brother." Kuzo told them, the children looked at him wide-eyed.

Mark chuckled a bit and decided on leaving to see the others. "This is the story…of the Dragon King" Kuzo began.

The End…


In Convexity, a man was on one knee, covered in scars and bloody wounds. His left arm was a black dragon's claw, his hair was blonde and messy from the fight. Revan got up and looked at his enemy. It was a black dragon, he had black scales and red eyes, a dark aura surrounded him. Next to him was a cloud of shadow with red eyes.

"Got to say, your pretty good Demitri" Revan said to the dragon. The dragon-Demitri growled at him. "But if you want to become as powerful like your father Malefor" Revan said pulling out his blades "You'll have to try better than that." Revan yelled and charged at Demitri. Demitri charged at him also, the two ran towards each other. Revan prepared to swing his blade while Demitri was going to grab his throat.

...Or is it?


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