Disclaimer – I do not own Pokémon.

1. Bulbasaur

The grass starter for Kento

Your smile is quite charming

With skin the color of turquoise

With triangles patterning your sides


With eyes like those of a cat

Eyes that are red like cherries

Small and rotund you are

Are you some kind of dinosaur?


Your face speaks of one with smarts

With personality mild and tame

Perfect for a beginning trainer

Who wishes to grow to master fame


Your vines fly quite fast

Fast with a flurry speed

Yet you thing out consequences

Of having moves to hurried

Author's note – This is a compilation of my poetry about different Pokémon. Please do enjoy. It is complete, but I do plan on adding more when they come into mine. Also, the poems are going to be listed by Pokémon number, so they will be moving around as need be. Fill free to ask for a poem about a specific Pokémon. This poem was published 5/15/08.