Senea: Hello everyone and welcome to the fic. I had thought up of some random support conversations that I thought would be interesting to write so, here I am. All of them will be Fire Emblem 9, or Path of Radiance so I hope you enjoy!

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And the first one is:

Makalov/Soren support

C Support

Makalov: Oooh…Where's that sister of mine? I need to ask her for some money. Those games at that pub seemed so interesting, I thought I might try my hand at some. Now where's her tent?

Soren: (appears) …Makalov.

Makalov: GAH!! Oh…H-hello there, um…

Soren: Soren.

Makalov: Yes, yes, right! Soren! The staff officer who helped paid off my debts! I can't thank you enough for that!

Soren: …

Makalov: Um, well. Oh! Do you know where Marcia is? I've been meaning to ask her something. It's very important.

Soren: Really?

Makalov: Uh-huh! We have a great bond, her and I. We do anything and everything for each other, as I'm sure you know already.

Soren: Hmm…

Makalov: Oh but I need to speak with her right away. Have you seen her?

Soren: No…And I suggest you don't look for her.

Makalov: Oh? Um, is that right?

Soren: Everyone in this camp, including your sister, has been told specifically to not lend you any money. Especially considering that you merely lose it gambling. This way, we insure that you do not keep going into debt and for us to pay for them again. Keep that in mind. (leaves)

Makalov: Aw, nuts! Did he hear me when I said that? He sure is scary….Oh dear, now how can I get some money?

B Support

Makalov: Ah! Soren! Just the person I wanted to see!

Soren: Hello Makalov…

Makalov: Hello…Um…

Soren: …

Makalov: Er…well, um…

Soren: Yes?

Makalov: …Nice weather today isn't it?

Soren: …I, suppose. If you'll excuse me…

Makalov: Ah! Wait, wait. That's not what I wanted to say.

Soren: Oh?

Makalov: Well, let's see here…Come on Makalov, you can do it… Is there any way that I could do some extra work to get just little bit of money?

Soren: …And what did you have in mind?

Makalov: Oh, well…I never thought that far into it. Perhaps you could give me a suggestion?

Soren: If you wish for something, merely asking without a plan to go further makes it useless. Come up with something yourself, and I'll see if it's even reasonable. If not, then stop wasting my time.

Makalov: …Really? Oh thank you thank you thankyou! I'll come up with something really great. You'll see. Luck is on my side tonight. (leaves)

Soren: Just for pocket money, he's willing to put in some effort. Perhaps I should discuss Ike about it. Sigh…He's really such a nuisance.

A Support

Makalov: Oh boy, nothing. Nothing at all! I have the worst luck! I can't even think of a simple job to earn something!

Soren: (appears) …

Makalov: Maybe I should just give up and accept that I will be broke for the rest of the war…or the rest of my LIFE!!

Soren: …

Makalov: My dear sister has a loser for a brother. One that has failed the goddess and his family and friends…

Soren: …Makalov…

Makalov: GAH!! Don't hurt me please! I don't want to be killed!!

Soren: Excuse me?

Makalov: I'm too young to die!! You will be breaking a family's….Oh….S-Soren, you, you startled me! H-hello.

Soren: Hello.

Makalov: About that….

Soren: I will pay it no mind. As per your request…

Makalov: I didn't find anything at all to do. I even asked the laguz if they needed help. Lethe nearly bit my head off…

Soren: I take it that means you could not find anything for extra pay?

Makalov: You got it. Oh well, I'll just be going now. Sorry for being a bother…

Soren: Makalov.

Makalov: Yes?

Soren: How well are you with inventory?

Makalov: Hmm?

Soren: As of late, the stock and inventory in the convoy has been out of date. Normally Titania assists me, but she is busy with other duties. I spoke with Ike and he agreed to let you help. For a small fee, of course. Do you accept?

Makalov: A-accept? Of course I do! Thank you very much Soren, you will not regret it! I—

Soren: It comes with conditions as well.

Makalov: Gulp…What kind of conditions?

Soren: Although the money you earn during this duty will not go towards your debt with us, it will be supervised so that you can not…exceed your limit. Also, if you are not doing a good job or you use too much of your money, the duty will be taken away and there will be no further openings. Do you still agree to this knowing the circumstances?

Makalov: Of course! I will make sure that I won't let you down, Soren, sir. When do we start?

Soren: Right now. You can start by listing all the weapons we have in the convoy and how well they are in shape.

Makalov: Alright.

Soren: You are to make sure to note whether or not we can or should sell them.

Makalov: Uh-huh…

Soren: Then, you can make sure everyone is properly equipped with items such as vulneries and antitoxins.

Makalov: O-okay…

Soren: That's all for now. I will check up on you in a couple of hours. Make sure it's all finished when I get back. (leaves)

Makalov: …Maybe I should reconsider… Oh well, it shouldn't be as hard as he made it sound…I hope.

Senea:...Finished YAY!! Oh well you guys be the judge. The reason for this one was in a base conversation Ike mentioned to Makalov Soren paid off everyone, then after reading Astrids/Makalovs suport about him thinking Soren would turn him into a newt I couldn't resist! Review please, if you must flame, be creative! Let me learn how to improve. Thank you