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C Support

Haar: Zzzz...

Ulki: ...Hm? Ah. So this is where that noise came from.

Haar: Huh? What? What's wrong there, boy? Hey come on now, what's got you all bothered.

Ulki: (appears)...

Haar: Oh. You...You're a laguz, right?

Ulki: Correct.

Haar: Then you might want to take your distance a bit further there. My wyvern might tear you in two.

Ulki: Ah. (moves back)...This better?

Haar: Yeah, just fine. Come on there, calm down. He isn't going to attack you. Relax. There you go.

Ulki: ...

Haar: ...Huh? What do you need from me?

Ulki: You're wyvern...He is quite exquiste.

Haar: Hmm? You think so?

Ulki: Besides us from the hawk tribe and the laguz in the dragon tribe, wyverns are next to our kin and are quite skilled in the ways of flight. Though I could not say that for your counterparts the Pegasus.

Haar: Yeah those horses aren't made for much but they sure can terrorize you if they're trianed properly.

Ulki: Indeed. We hawks stand away when there are more then we can handle.

Haar: Is that so?

Ulki: ...

Haar: What's your're name there, hawk?

Ulki: It's Ulki.

Haar: Well, Ulki, I'm Haar and this here is my partner, Heath. Come by anytime. Yawn...Not now though. Need a nap...ZZzzzz...

Ulki: What a odd fellow...

B Support

Ulke: Ah, Haar was it? And Heath the wyvern.

Haar: Zzzz...Gha, uh, what? What's gotten into you now there boy? Oh, Ulki.

Ulki: I'm sorry...(moves back) Is that better?

Haar: Yeah. Thanks. He's fine now.

Ulki: ...Does he not like me?

Haar: Nah. Just that when he was a little guy in Begnion. A whole flock of crows came in to terrorize us riders and manage to get where the small ones were. It scared Heath quite a bit so he's just cautious around bird laguz.

Ulki: ...I see...I'm sorry.

Haar: Not your fault for what those other guys did. And you joined this army so you can't be all bad.

Ulki: What those crows did...Should not have been done. No one should just go into a nursery and kill innocent babies.

Haar: Hey, don't get made now over what happened years ago. What was done was done. No point crying over spilled milk.

Ulki: ...

Haar: Hey Ulki, C'mere a sec.

Ulki: But...

Haar: Don't worry about it. Heath won't bite.

Ulki: (Moves closer)...AH!

Haar: Haha! One big lick for one big bird! Heath seems to have gotten over his fear. He likes you.

Ulki: It's so...sticky...Ugh...But, thank you.

A Support

Ulki: Haar.

Haar: Zuh? Erm...Oh. Ulki. You know, you find me a lot faster then Jill does.

Ulki: Of course. Your snoring I can hear anywhere in the camp.

Haar: Huh. No kidding. You laguz are really something else.

Ulki: I had heard that you came from Daein yet you treat laguz as if they were your partners...

Haar: I was from Begnion orginally and I always believed that whatever the Goddess made couldn't always be that bad. Besides, if I treated you any lesser, then how should I treat my fellow wyvern? We're both comrades in arms.

Ulki: Heh, it seems that not all beorc are as bad as they say as well.

Haar: Glad to hear you won't be scratching my face any time soon. Hm? What do you have there?

Ulki: This here is a delicacy from my land. It's a large herring glazed with a fruit and nut dress. I thought that perhaps I would share it with you and Heath. As a token of gratitude and friendship.

Haar: Yawn...I'm sure one little snack wouldn't hurt before taking another nap. Right, Heath?

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