Just a little bit of fluff that's being bugging me for a while – inspired by a moment in Episode 4 and a strange dream! Probably just a couple of chapters for this one.

Disclaimers: Characters belong to BBC and Kudos yadda, yadda………..

Rated for slight language and you know, Gene

Chapter One

"Drake – my office now!"

The familiar dulcet tones rang out over CID and Alex raised her head only to see the not totally unexpected site of DCI Gene Hunt who stood at the threshold of his office with a look on his face that would frighten small children – and possibly grown adults too.

Here we go, she thought. However on this occasion she knew exactly what the problem was and had already prepared her arguments in advance. Now all she had to do was convince him.

He was still waiting at the door by the time she had slowly risen from her desk and walked over to him. He seemed to take up the whole of the doorframe making it deliberately difficult for her to squeeze past him into the room. 'Well, two can play at that game Mr Hunt', she thought, as her hand 'accidentally' brushed against the outside of his thigh. She smiled to herself as she heard a sharp intake of breath. Alex 1 – Gene 0, she thought – but she also knew it was going to take more than a little unresolved sexual tension to get him to play ball today.

"Yes Guv?"

He pouted and raised an eyebrow, "Don't call me that."

"Excuse me?"

"I said don't call me that. You only ever call me that when you're up to no good or you've done somethin' wrong, although on this occasion Bolly, I already know what you've done!"

"I really don't know what you mean, Guv…err Gene," she said as innocently as possible.

"And don't try the innocent act with me Drake, I know you too well and bloody innocent you're not!

"Gene I…"

"What the flamin' 'ell is that?" he pointed to the offending item hanging on the coat stand.

"Oh that."

"Yes that." he spat. "When I agreed to this undercover job Drake, I thought I made myself very clear."

Alex wandered over and inspected the outfit and ran her hands over medals and various insignia. It really was very good, very authentic. "Well, yes – you said…"

"I said that it 'ad better be an outfit befitting my lofty rank – nothing undignified I said!"

She turned to face him, eyes blazing and hands on hips, "Well really, if you think this is undignified, I give up! Honestly Gene this couldn't be more dignified and…appropriate – for the job at hand that is."

He moved closer to her, "In case it 'ad escaped your notice Detective Inspector, I am English."

She frowned, "Err, yes actually I had noticed that, although I believe the correct term is British."

"I'm bloody English I'll 'ave you know and I can't wear….that," he said gesturing at the outfit.

Alex realised that she was going to have to employ different tactics to win him over or risk the operation being compromised. "It looks fine and besides you'll blend in, trust me."

"Trust you? Trust you? This comin' from the woman who 'ad me suspended!" he shouted.

Alex blushed heavily; he was never going to forget that was he? "It's a World War II themed party Gene – so yes trust me, no one will notice you in this outfit."

He moved closer and stood directly behind her as they both scrutinised the offending garment. "Couldn't 'ave been something a bit more patriotic?" he said, gentler now. He reached over towards the outfit to adjust a medal and brushed against her arm. A shiver ran through her as she thought, Damn, Gene 1 – Alex 1.

"You'll be very impressive," she said as she turned to face him, "besides they didn't have much left in your size."

"My size?" he said, "what's my size 'ave to do with it?"

She sighed, it really was like walking through a minefield sometimes. "Gene you are a tall, broad shouldered man. Not everyone would be able to carry this off, but you can." The air around them crackled with electricity as they stared at each other, each one unwilling to look away first. She saw his hand moving towards her and held her breath, as he hesitated and then went to scratch the back of his neck. They both looked away and then quickly moved to put some distance between them.

He wandered over to his desk and sat down behind it, creating a barrier between them. Alex followed and leaned over the desk towards him, unintentionally giving him a quick glimpse of cleavage.

"Boots," she said.

He gulped and stared at her, his mind still focused on the creamy flesh so recently but fleetingly exposed. "Boots?"

"Yes, didn't I say? It comes with boots - quite impressive boots – very masculine!"

"Well, 'course – why didn't you say so?" he said now quite warming to the idea, "and if it'll help the operation."

She smiled, victory within her grasp, "It will Gene, really it will."

He nodded, "Right then, if it means we catch the thieving bastards, I'll do it."

"Excellent." She went towards the door.

"So you Bolly – you'll be wearing something appropriate I trust?"

She turned to face him, "Of course I will, though alas uniform is not my style. Lets just say we'll be well matched I think."

Gene pursed his lips, "I take it inappropriate glimpses of flesh and suspenders will be involved then?" He bloody hoped so at any rate.

"I think it will be up to my usual standard of undercover dress."

"Excellent, in that case I'm really looking forward to tonight, Bols."

So am I Gene, so am I, she thought. "So, will you pick me up from the flat then?"

He raised an eyebrow and then nodded his head towards the outfit, "Don't think that would be such a good idea do you? Luigi catches me in that he's likely to 'ave a bloody heart attack," he laughed. "We'd best leave from here eh?"

"Good idea, see you later then," she said as she left his office and closed the door.

"Oh yes," he muttered, visions of long legs, suspender belts and eye-popping cleavage running through his head. He didn't know how she was going to work her usual tarty undercover look into a World War II theme but frankly he didn't care too much. As long as he had another glimpse of the forbidden fruits he would be a happy man.

……………………to be continued