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Summary – more smut

Chapter 8

The sun was beginning to peek through the bedroom curtains as Gene lay on his side watching her sleep. He allowed himself a wry smile as he continued to gaze at her beside him, her mouth slightly open but looking totally relaxed and untroubled. He noticed the little smudges of make up on her lashes and then the bruise on her cheek. Unnoticed in their love-making last night, it looked painful in the morning light. His lips tightened involuntarily and he felt the tug of possessiveness, never again, he thought to himself, he wouldn't allow anyone to do that to her ever.

"Stop watching me sleep."

He started at the sound her voice, "I'm not I'm just…looking."

"What time is it?" she mumbled, reluctant to open her eyes in case he disappeared like a mirage.

"Just after half seven."

She groaned, "Do we have to get up yet?"

He laughed gently, "Nope, not unless yer want to – it's Saturday!"

She opened sleepy eyes, hazel eyes meeting blue, "Really?"

He moved the hair out of her eyes, "Really – so you can go back to sleep if you want."

She moved across the bed until she came into contact with his chest and he wrapped his arms around her, "That would be rude, "she said kissing his chest her arms stroking his back.

"Nah, rude is what we were doin' last night."

"Rude? I call it downright filthy," she giggled and then winced as pain shot through her cheekbone. Guess the painkillers had worn off then. She rolled away onto her back gently touching her cheek as Gene watched her.

"Still hurts?"

"Only when I laugh – does it look bad?"

"Does what look bad? – can't see a thing," he said as he kissed her forehead.

"Liar! But you are sweet,"

"I am not bloody sweet!"

She leaned over and rubbed a thumb over his pouty lips, "Yes you are Gene Hunt, but I promise never to tell another soul."

"I'll 'old you to that – otherwise…"

"Otherwise what?"

"Well," he said, his hands slowly wandering down to the cheeks of her arse, "otherwise I might 'ave to think of some suitable punishment."

She laughed and wriggled closer to him, "Gene?"

"Yes luv?" he muttered as he continued to appreciate the soft firm roundness beneath his hands.

"Any regrets…about last night I mean?"

"Only one," he said as his hands travelled lightly up her back and cupped her face.


"That we didn't do this a few months ago," and then claimed her lips and began to nibble and probe until she allowed him access, their tongues gently dancing together until he broke away. "But then it would 'ave just been just a shag, and now…"

"It's not," she stated looking directly into his eyes, hoping he would understand.

"It's not."

He tenderly kissed her eyelids, the tip of her nose and then her mouth, kissing her until she gasped for breath. She started to wriggle away from him.

"Where yer going?"

"Not far, back in a mo," she said as he left the bedroom.

Gene lay on his back and watched her go, admiring the sway of her hips and gorgeous long longs. He wriggled and parted his thighs slightly to accommodate the growing hard on he had had since waking up – she'd better come back quick otherwise he might have to take the matter into his own hands! He closed his eyes – the better to imagine Alex riding him like a cowboy in a rodeo.

He didn't hear her come back into the room but instead was aware of a shuffling at the bottom of the bed, under the duvet and then skin against skin as she worked her way up his legs, caressing his thighs until she reached her target.

He flipped the duvet back to reveal her poised, "Found summat interesting?"

"Very much so," she said with a wicked smile as she reverently took him between her soft hands and began to explore the length of him. "I didn't get my hands on you last night – but I intend to make up for that right now." She settled into a comfortable position as her hands grasped him firmly, up and down from the base of the tip, hands alternating and crossing over, teasing him by rubbing the sensitive head and then quickly down the shaft to the base. It felt like a thousand hands working him.

"Yeah...god...don't stop," he mumbled.

With one hand she cupped his balls and rolled them in her hand while still working his cock firmly with the other hand. She leaned forward and brushed her breasts against his erection.

"Bloody 'ell..."he tailed off. At this rate he wasn't going to last long. He looked down at her, intent on her work and their eyes met. He briefly recognised the look that signified she was about to do something wicked, and then she moved her hair back and lowered her head.

"Oarrrrh," he cried as the sensations threatened to overpower him. Her mouth encircling his cock, the warmth but then something else cool, and the contrast threatened to make him lose control. "Wassat?" he managed to gasp his hips bucking.

She briefly looked up but continued to work him with her hand, "Sorry, must have been the mouthwash I just used," she smirked.


She bent her head and took him inside her mouth once more, teasing the tip with her tongue, and then licking up and down the shaft until finally she grasped his cock firmly and began to suck, like a lollipop at first but then taking him deeper into her warm wet mouth. He began to thrust gently as with one hand she simultaneously began to stroke the sensitive skin between balls and arse. Droplets of liquid escaped from him and she lapped them up, driving him wild.

"Alex...I'm gonna..come," he warned.

That wicked smile again as she drove him on relentlessly, hands and mouth moving until he could take no more of this exquisite torture. His hips bucked again and as he looked down he saw her lips clamped around him, he groaned as the orgasm rocked him, spurting once, twice, three times.

Alex swallowed but didn't grimace – the taste was definitely not the most pleasurable part of the job but a natural conclusion which she wanted to give Gene. Besides, she was feeling more that a little turned on herself. As he lay prone beneath her she kissed her way up his body until she reached his neck, nuzzling him there and listening to his heartbeat. This man is real, she thought. How could she have ever thought otherwise?

He grabbed her head and placed a passionate kiss on her lips, tasting the saltiness of his own body on her lips. He didn't mind – well, if she didn't how could he possibly object?

She propped herself up on his chest and looked at him, raising an eyebrow.

"Bols, you are a woman with hidden talents," he finally declared once his heartbeat had returned to normal levels.

"Well, I could hardly advertise could I?"

"True, and now you won't 'ave too – cos I'll be yer only customer."

"Good - of course, one good turn deserves another," she said.


Honestly men! "Touch me Gene."

"Oh right."

His hand slowly wandered down her torso until he reached the curly triangle of hair and slipped a finger lower. God she was wet already, he thought in amazement.

She rubbed herself against his hand and whispered, "See, this is what you do to me!"

He quickly flipped her over onto her back and settled himself between her legs, his fingers swirling around her moist folds, grazing her clit and dipping into her. She writhed underneath him, moaning and gently thrusting her hips towards him in the search for completion.

"Yes...more...I want..."

Gene moved back and licked his lips in concentration. Now, it had been a while but...nothing ventured! He held her hips as he moved forward and tentatively tasted her warmth with his tongue. She bucked violently against him and he smiled and held her still, more confident now. His tongue traced a line from clit to pussy, lapping at her goodness, experimenting and trying to find what pleased her the most.

"Oh god..." she burbled.

"Oh yeah!" he said as he inserted two fingers into her moist heat and began to thrust gently but firmly as she wriggled against him. He parted her folds and tongued the nub of nerves gently in time with his busily working fingers. She flung one leg over his back as he continued to lick and thrust in time to her body's rhythm. She writhed and began to buck uncontrollably as he thrust deeper into her as he sent her spiralling over the edge.


When the final convulsions stopped he crawled his way back to her face and saw with amazement the look of utter contentment upon it. He had done that to her, he had made her feel that!

She finally opened her eyes to find him looking at her with the widest smile she had ever seen. For a moment it looked strange – she wasn't used to it, that look of pure happiness on his face. She dragged him down for a long kiss.

"So," she whispered, "'we're really going to do"

He nodded, "Course we are – if you..."

She nodded quickly in assent.

"Well then," he said taking her into his arms, "probably not gonna be easy, but the best things never are."

She sighed, "We'll probably still fight and argue – in fact I expect it."

"Good – 'cos that's why I...I love you."

She stroked his face and looked into his eyes, "And I love you Gene – don't you ever forget that."

"I won't."

As they snuggled together under the duvet, Alex kissed his chest, "Gene?"

"Yes darlin'?"

"That German officer's uniform?"


She smirked, "Any chance of hiring it for a private party? Say, just you and me?"

He laughed and hugged her closer, "Oh yeah!"


And that is the end of my little fluffy smut fic – which I hope you enjoyed. But fret not if you still want more – I already have an idea for a sequel – a sequel that will involve erm, actual plot :-)