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Chapter 20
aking Me Under

Six Months Later

Time had flown by so quickly that Nicole barely had time to breath. She had been training like a fiend with the FCW, to get in shape and be ready for whatever the WWE was going to throw at her. Six long months in the making and here she was.

Standing in the Diva's locker room backstage on Monday Night Raw. She grinned. This is what she had been dreaming of. Vince had offered her an actual contract, and she had signed the contract without a second thought.

After a month of preparation for her storyline, she was ready to take the WWE by storm, and she wasn't going to do it alone. She was doing it along side her boyfriend, Jeff Hardy.

"Nic," The dark haired girl looked up at her name being said. She smiled at the woman, Mickie James had welcomed her to Raw with a warm smile and hug and the two had hit it off from the beginning.

"What's up Mick?" She asked.

"Lover boy is at the door for you…" She grinned. "Looking mighty scrumptious, might I add…" She winked at her friend.

"Thanks," She fixed her boot and walked to the door, opening it to see Jeff standing there leaning against the door frame. A small smile crept across her face as he leaned down and kissed her slowly.

"You excited?" He asked pulling away slightly.

"You have no idea," She grinned happy that she would be tossed in to his storyline; doing a run in to take out Katie Lea who would try a 'sneak' attack on her boyfriend.

"So, I have a couple of people here that wanted to surprise you…" He stated lifting his chin over his shoulder.

She glanced passed him and noticed several very familiar faces. She squealed with delight and ran over to the group, throwing herself at them. Jeff laughed as she went from each Carolinian to the next, and finally hugging the Chicago Native that had joined them.

"Babe," Jeff cleared his throat.

Nicole turned around and looked at him, "What?" She was confused.

Jeff's gaze went from her face to her chest, and she glanced down… she smirked. The first night on the job and she was running around in her bra and lycra wrestling pants. She grinned holding up a finger to the group as she ran in to the locker room and tossed on a shirt.

She came back out and Mickie joined the group, she had started hanging out with Nicole and Jeff a lot, and Nicole thought that she might have noticed some sparks between Mickie James and her very own Shannon Moore.

They entered catering where Mickie took a seat between Shannon and Shane, Phil pulled up a chair on the end, and Nicole sat between her two favorite brothers. They all chatted and were having a good time until Jeff stood up abruptly.

"Jeff, what's wrong?" Nicole asked as he glanced down at her, his face unreadable.

"Yo, Jeff man… what's going on?" Matt asked playing along.

Jeff looked around the room and noticed that a good portion of the roster was hanging out in catering; he cleared his throat, "Excuse me…" The catering room got quiet as Jeff smiled at everyone. "Can I get everyone's attention please?" Nicole noticed that he had it and he looked down at her and then back up at everyone else. "There's somethin' that I need to ask, Nicole…"

Nicole's heart skipped a beat as his hands slipped in to his pockets; the rainbow haired man got down on his knee and his hand pulled out a piece of jewelry. Jeff looked up at her, his eyes never leaving hers.

"Nicole Delaney, will you marry me?" He asked holding out the ring, that he held in his hand.

Nicole felt her stomach rise to her throat; she choked back the tears that threatened to fall as she stared at Jeff. He had just proposed; something she never thought she would see Jeff Hardy do. She swallowed hard her eyes darting up to meet Mickie's who were bright and her smile was almost as big as Nicole's. Then to Shannon who was smirking like a little devil.

Shane, Phil and Matt all had the same look on their faces and she turned back to Jeff who was giving her a loving look. She couldn't form any words, so all she could do was nod her head.

Tears began to stream from her eyes Jeff slipped the ring on to her finger. He pulled her out of her seat and in to a long kiss as the entire catering area erupted in to cheers and applause.


Nicole still couldn't grasp it. She sat staring in the women's locker room staring down at the pear shaped Emerald ring with diamond accents all around it. She felt her stomach flutter just looking at the magnificent piece of jewelry.

"Congratulations, Nicki…" Melina Perez smiled at her slapping her hand on her shoulder.

"Thanks Mel," She grinned sitting back with a sigh. "It's unreal,"

"Who would have ever thought Jeff Hardy would settle down?" Another voice chimed from the door.

Nicole's head snapped up, her eyes went wide recognizing the voice immediately. She got up and literally jumped in to the woman's arms without any warning. It had been a while since she had seen the red head and she couldn't be happier.

"Amy, what are you doing here?" She asked after they exchanged greetings.

"C'mon… Nicole Delaney is debutin' on Raw and puttin' the lock and key on Jeff Hardy, I wouldn't miss it for the world…" She grinned taking her friend's hand in hers and inspecting the ring on her finger. "Totally Jeff…" She grinned.

"My eclectic man…" She grinned as the two sat down. "How'd you find out?"

"Matt," Amy replied with a small grin.

Nicole knew that Matt had forgiven her, and that they were on speaking terms again. But she hadn't known to what extent exactly. Amy seemed awfully happy while saying his name.

"Anything I should know?" Nicole raised an arched eyebrow.

"We're takin' it, whatever it is, very slowly…" She smiled, "But enough about me, and my pathetic excuse of a love life… more about you…" She grinned.


She was standing at the guerilla watching everything go down on the monitors waiting for her cue to run out and stop Katie Lea Burchill from beating her boyfriend to a pulp from behind. She watched as Katie gave him a few blows and she ran out to the ring.

She could hear King and JR ad libbing as she ran out to the ring to attack Katie Lea. She grabbed the girl by the hair and gave her a Twist of Fate, glaring at Paul Burchill, daring him to step foot in to the ring with her and Jeff Hardy.

Katie rolled out of the ring as Paul helped her back up the ramp. She knelt down by Jeff as he was helping himself up. He stared at her for a second in shock, the camera zooming in on them, reading Jeff's lips.

'What are you doin' here?"

She grinned at him and lifted her chin to the top of the ramp, the two rolled out of the ring and the camera followed them up the ramp and to the backstage area.

"What the hell are you doing' here Laney?" Jeff's southern drawl made his words rush together.

"Apparently savin' your ass, Jeffrey…" She grinned at him, a mischievous glint in her eye.

"I told you not to do things like this…" He shook his head.

"Oh, c'mon Jeff… aren't you the one that always said 'Live for the Moment'?" She grinned her eyes bright as she stared up at him.

"Yeah, but this is dangerous… I'm not sure I want you doin' this…" He pointed to the ground trying to catch his breath.

"Listen…" She grabbed his biceps and stared up at him. "I already signed my contract, you can't get rid of me… Hardy…"

With that she stormed off and Jeff sighed, "Laney! C'mon… Delaney!" He ran a hand through his hair before taking off after the younger girl.


Things had wrapped up for the night, and they were heading to the hotel. The newly engaged couple was now sitting on their king sized bed watching re-runs of 'I Love Lucy', and eating popcorn and soda. Jeff tossed a few pieces of popcorn in the air and caught them in his mouth.

"Hey Jeff," She turned the volume on the TV down.

Jeff glanced down at her and smiled, "What's up babe?" He questioned.

"I have a questions for you…" She glanced down at the beautiful ring on her finger and smiled at him.

"Which is?" He asked her carefully arching an eyebrow up at her.

Nicole smiled kissing him softly, he looked so sexy when he did that, he had no idea. She wrapped her arms around his middle and looked up at him with loving eyes.

"I'm just curious…" She scrunched her nose up.

"Would you stop beatin' around the bush and ask me what you want to ask me already…" He laughed tickling her sides.

"Fine," She laughed pushing his arms away from her sides, "Why haven't you gone back?" Her voice was soft and he had to strain to hear her question.

He hadn't touched nor thought about touching anything in the last six and a half months. He had quickly turned his life around, and he only had one person to thank, and that was the woman that was lying beside him now.

He kissed her forehead.

"Because I had someone there for me when no one else was there; someone who stuck by me even though I was an ass, even though I had almost destroyed everything I had worked for. And that someone believed in me… and made me see that I didn't have to give in to the temptation. I didn't have to let myself fall in to the trap…"

Nicole felt tears stinging her eyes as she pressed her face in to his chest, she kissed the naked flesh and held on to him, "I love you, so much…" She whispered.

"And I love you even more… because you stopped it from takin' me under…"


Sappy ending; but I love it. So a few things, there is a picture of the general idea for her engagement ring, now in my profile.

And the Amy subject... well I like few other people absolutely love Amy... and I will always respect her as a wrestler. I also feel that if Matt is willing to forgive her, so can I... and she's still a cool chick in my book. They always had great chemistry together, so to me... they're the elite wrestling couple; because I heart them.

But that's the end. I left some parts open so that I could possibly come back and revisit Nicole and the gang if I choose to do so... so you might get lucky and get another sequel out of me. But, we'll see.