Disclaimer – I do not own Winx Club


Beautiful heart that you do have

Caring for others before yourself

Sacrificing if need be your own life

Thankfully it yet has come to that


Loyal to your Faerie friends

Not accepting supposed friendships broken

Helping to heal their broken hearts

Caring for them beyond measure


Orphaned planet frozen cold with death

Saved from death by a miracle

The power within your blood line

It thus unexpectedly did survive


Outgoing personality making new friends

Counting even the odd ball witch

A princess from another realm

Not to mention a lovable Pixie baby


Moving through history, setting it

Letting the truth to proceed forward

Becoming the heroine never thought

Your adventure has only just begun

Author's note - This poem was published 5/15/08. I am starting a collection of Winx Club word poems that I create. I recall the many times that I have seen these, but most have been one word. A few have been one line. Here, I choose to make four lines for each letter. I also have started with the first five Winx Girls. If there is a character, place ecetera that you wish for me to attept, please do let me know.