Bespelling allies to your side

Giving them power delightful

But what price they pay

They in truth are fools


Aristocratic in demeanor

Sauvé in mannerisms sophisticated

A tongue filled with sweet honey

Can none not bend to you upon knee?


Laughing at all of your enemies

Watching as they try in vain

To defeat your immense power

Power to do so seems nil


Treacherous to friend and foe

Venom for those who stand against

Vile and pain for those disloyal

None shall stand against you


Orchestrating plots so fiendishly

Bending probabilities to your will

None can thing ahead of you

The unexpected is never expected


Ruler to be of all we see

To be an undeniable victory

Unless someone defeats for eternity

And that is an impossibility

Author's note - This poem was published 6/15/08. Thanks goes to Authoress-in-training. Good luck to you when you get to writing yourself! :)