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Five years.

He left five years ago, and I've only recently begun to pick up the pieces.

I still see his face in my mind, but his voice only comes back to me when I am completely alone and everything is quiet. Sometimes I hear his voice say he loves me, and others I hear his words from the night he left.

I'm in my fifth semester of college at the University of Washington's Seattle campus, majoring in Medical Education and Biomedical Informatics. I stopped telling myself long ago that he would ever come back. My memory conjured him every day though, as I walked the campus, heading to class. I would see a tall, pale man with messy bronze hair in passing, and do a double take, convinced it was him. Disappointment always washed over me as I often found it was just another illusion.

Victoria had found me six months after the Cullens left, and, in retaliation for Edward killing James, attacked me in the most brutal fashion possible. She initially aimed to kill me, but then decided changing me would be a worse punishment, since she knew Edward was gone, never to return. She locked me in my house while I suffered through the transformation, and then returned to murder Charlie after she saw that I refused to feed on my own father.

I delighted in discovering that my aversion to human blood carried over into my vampire life. I fed off only animals, following in the Cullen fashion, and soon I found myself able to co-exist with humans without wanting to kill them. I surprised myself with the amount of restraint I could exercise while in the presence of a particularly delicious smelling person.

I thought becoming the undead would leave me devoid of any human emotions, but the long nights without the ability to sleep only left me to my own devices. My mind would toggle between human memories and visions. I spent long nights immersed in books or listening to music on my iTouch.

That is neither here nor there.

I thought I had gotten past all of it; the gaping hole that threatened me every day since he left was now closed.

Little did I know, everything was about to change in a way I never thought possible.