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"Don't let my looks fool you. I'm a harmless blue fuzzball. Really!"
-Kurt Wagner (Middleverse)

They all sat at the table in silence. It had been their first day back since their mutations were exposed to the public, and after a day of humiliation, no one really felt like talking. Everyone was reacting in their own way to the anger that still flowed through them though the torturous evens had happened hours ago.

Scott angrily chewed the pasta and vegetables that they had been served for dinner while Jean, who was seated beside him, ate calmly. Evan would every once in a while stab angrily at one of his meatballs and Rogue simply pushed her food around on her plate. Kitty didn't even touch hers; she simply threw angry glares at Kurt every few minutes.

Xavier could sense all of their anger, but the anger Kitty was feeling was almost overwhelming. He watched her for a few minutes, noticing her quick glances at Kurt, who, for some reason unbeknownst to him, sat at the end of the dinner table alone.

Kurt concerned the professor the most. He was not his normal happy-go-lucky self and he was not eating like the professor knew he should be. His teleportation took a lot of energy, thusly giving the boy a fast metabolism and the constant hunger that amazed everyone around him. If he missed a meal, he would only be able to teleport a few times before his body collapsed, thusly why the professor always left the kitchen open for him.

But most peculiar was the sense of guilt that surrounded the boy. Kurt normally had this feeling around him when he scared a new recruit or did something to anger someone, but it was so strong this time. His normally overactive tail was lying limply over the side of the chair outside the hologram he was still wearing. Xavier decided to get to the bottom of this.

"So, how was the first day back?" asked the professor, know the answers would not be pleasant; he didn't need psychic powers to know that.

"Terrible," said Bobby. "I had my locker graffitied, Scott almost got beat up, and Jean got kicked out of gym because they thought she was using her powers during basketball. Every one of us was harassed!"

"Like, not everyone," said Kitty with a small snotty tone slithering into her voice. She shot a sideways look at Kurt who seemed to slide farther down in his seat as if trying to hide. "Someone avoided the rest of us and, like, denied being a mutant. Some passed as a human today and left the rest of us to be, like, humiliated and pained."

Her voice hit him like ice, venom seeping from every word. He didn't have to look at her to know she was talking about him. If only she knew why. He didn't want to abandon his friends, but he couldn't let that happen again. He was ashamed of himself, but at the same time he was more afraid of it happening again than of his friends being angry.

When Kurt didn't respond, Evan became enraged at his friend. At first, Evan thought he understood Kurt and believed that he would explain his actions later or at least say he was sorry, but not responding now was worse than his betrayal at school.

"What the hell, dude?!" Evan yelled as he slammed his hands on the table and stood up making everyone jump. "What, you too good for us now?"

Kurt didn't even look at him, he didn't deserve to after what he had done. He closed his eyes in an attempt to hold back his tears as memories of his past came flooding into his mind.

Xavier noticed Evan becoming angrier by the minute. "Evan…"

"What's the matter, like, cant' stand to look at us?" screamed Kitty, interrupting the professor. "You're just like those kids at school; think you're, like, better than us because you're 'normal'! Oh, wait! You're not! You're a freak just like us! No! You're, like, more of a freak than the rest of us! Like, you're a blue and furry demon monster!!"

The words came from Kitty before she knew what she was doing, and she immediately regretted it. Kurt's head shot up and looked at her with a mixture of guile, shame, fear, and pain. They only glowed through his eyes for a minute before anger began to show more prominently through the tears that had formed in his eyes. "Und was wisst du über Dämonen, mein Genosse?(1)" he yelled in a deep voice that none of them had heard him use before, filled with anger and hurt, his ivory white fangs flashing in the light and his hands slamming on the table. His eyes shot in Kitty's direction, seemingly glowing a pale yellow, causing a shudder to involuntarily run down her spine. His eyes then moved toward his hands. "Was weiss jeder von ihnen über Demütigung und Schmerz?(2)" he said to himself, his voice pained and quiet.

"Kurt…" began the professor, but before he could finish, a loud bamf and the smell of sulfur and brimstone filled the room. The students could only stare as the black cloud dissipated; the only evidence that Kurt had been there was his untouched food. His words rang in their ears though none of them knew what they meant.

Kitty's anger had caused her to say something that she was thinking, something that had always been deep in her mind. She didn't think he was a freak or a monster, but she knew his mutations were worse than the rest of the group. Freak just happened to make its way out rather than mutant or mutations. Still, she was angry with him, and though she was unhappy with how she said it, she was glad that she said something.

"Kitty," said the professor quietly, "do you realize how much you just hurt that young lad?"

"Yeah," she said sadly, but quickly changed to a defensive tone, "but, like, somebody had to. He abandoned the team. I any of the rest of us had done that, you would, like, be angry with them, and since you weren't getting angry at Kurt, someone, like, had to call him on it!"

"You're right, I would have been disappointed with the rest of you…," began the professor.

"Yeah, see."

"…but, not Kurt," he finished.

"What?!" yelled everyone before putting in their two cents.

"Professor, is that really fair!" yelled Scott.

"Ah always thought he was ya'll's favorite," said Rogue.

"That isn't fair to have different expectations for one person in a time like this, professor," said Jean quietly.

"That's not fair!" yelled Kitty and Evan together.

"Quiet, all of you!" yelled the professor causing everyone to fall silent immediately. "That boy has gone through enough without you making him feel any worse! I would be disappointed with all of you because you would have done this out of fear of ridicule. Kurt, on the other hand, would only do this out of fear of…." He stopped himself before he could finish, silently scolding himself for what he almost exposed due to anger.

"What?" said Bobby. "Fear of what?"

"It is not my place to speak of these things," said the professor as he rolled toward the door. "I suggest you speak with Kurt if you would like that question answered."

"But, he won't speak with us after what just happened," said Jean.

"Then I suggest you recreate that bond of trust with Kurt as soon as possible," said Xavier as he left the room, leaving the silent students in his wake.

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(1) And what do you know of demons, my comrade?

(2) What do any of them know of humiliation and pain?