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"Only solitary men know the full joys of friendship. Others have their family; but to a solitary and an exile his friends are everything."

-Warren G. Harding


What is that noise?


Is that…a heart monitor…?


It's so slow…


Is it…me…?


I gotta wake up…

Kitty lazily opened her eyes only to squint them back shut as the bright lights above her flooded her vision, increasing the headache she didn't even know she had. With some effort, she managed to slowly open her eyes again and allow them to adjust to the white light around her. She slowly pushed herself up into a sitting position to better assess her situation. From lack of color that surrounded her, she deduced she was in the hospital wing of the mansion.

She tried to remember what had happened that had placed her in the infirmary, but her pounding head refrained her from any train of thought. She could remember heat and a pressure in her head, but nothing else. She stretched tight body, quickly pulling back when she felt a slight pull on her forearms. She maneuvered them to see the stitches keeping deep gashes in her forearms closed.

She tried desperately to remember why she had those gashes, but she just couldn't, and the beeping was driving her crazy. She looked around to see what was making that noise, but there was nothing attached to her that would make that sound. She knew it was the sound of a heart monitor, but she wasn't injured enough to need one. A memory pushed into her head causing her thoughts to stop.


With one fluid movement, Kitty threw off the covers and jumped off the hospital bed in the direction of the sound. She only hesitated a second before pulling back the curtain that separated her bed from the one next to hers and was unable to suppress the gasp that slid past her lips. For a moment, she could do nothing, paralyzed by the sight in front of her.

Kurt lay prone, unconscious in his bed, his dark blue fur contrasting the clean, white sheet tucked around his slender waist. His chest, left shoulder, and part of his head were encased in sterile wraps. His tail sat motionless beside him, bandages enveloping it from the middle to the tip with a splint placed about a foot from the spade. Several wires were attached to the young mutant, allowing multiple machines to monitor his vitals. There were two I.V.'s inserted into his arms, one supplying him with nutrients and the other giving him necessary antibiotics. A mask had been placed over the elf's mouth and nose to help him breathe, but the wheezing that accompanied each breath acted as a testament to his body's weakness.

She hesitated only for a moment before slowly approaching Kurt's bed. Pulling up one of the chairs located nearby, she lowered herself into it, her eyes never leaving his face. His brow was furled and his eyes were dancing frantically under his closed eyelids. He looked scared and in pain. Kitty knew he had to be having nightmares, and unfortunately, it looked like he was unable to wake up from them. She reached out and took his hand, wrapping both her hands around it.

Her touch seemed to calm him, but only slightly. His eyes continued to race and he still appeared afraid. A small groan emanated from the young man and Kitty reacted immediately, placing her hand on his cheek, surprised to find him chilled and sweaty. "Shh, Kurt," she cooed, wanting nothing more than to take the pain away from her best friend, "it's okay. You're safe now." He groaned again, mumbling something incoherent to her, which she could only assume was German. He shifted slightly causing him painfully moan from within his dreams.

She looked around for someone or something that could help her distraught friend find some peace, but she could see neither medication to give him other than the drip he already had nor someone who could give it to him. Her heart sunk as Kurt released a scared whimper. There had to be something she could do.

That is when she saw it, Kurt's hematite rosary. Someone must had found it after the battle with Azazel and scooped it up, most likely Ms. Monroe as she knew how important it was to Kurt. She reached over to the table it was laying on and looked at the religious object. The beads and stone crucifix were scratched and chipped, but the integrity of the relic was still intact.

Just like Kurt, she thought.

Gently, she took the hand that she was holding and wrapped the loop of the rosary around his wrist, laying the crucifix in his palm and gently closing his fingers around it. He calmed, but his eyes and face still seemed pained. She tried to think of what else she could do for him, and a smile played across her face as a memory came to her.

She sat on her bed, seething in anger as tears ran down her cheeks, her face cradled in her drawn up knees. How could he treat her like this? How could he do that to her?

Suddenly, a bamf disturbed the silence causing her to look up momentarily. A blue elf sat in front of her, balancing on the post of her bed, his eyes scrunched shut by the goofy grin plastered on his furry face. "Guten Tag, Kätzchen!" he greeted enthusiastically. "Rogue, Evan, and I are about to go see that new horror movie we saw previews for yesterday. You wanna come?"

Kitty didn't respond. She just glared daggers at him, wishing he would just leave her alone. She placed her head back in her arms as the grin slowly faded from his face only to be replaced by a concerned frown. "Kitty?" he asked, his voice filled with worry.

"Get out," she mumbled harshly, burying her face farther into her curled up knees. She just wanted to be alone. Why couldn't he understand that?!

"Kitty, what's wrong?" he asked, getting down from his perch and crouching on the floor next to where she sat.

"Nothing," she said venomously, not looking at her blue friend, "just leave me alone."

She heard him release an exasperated sigh. "What did he do this time?" he asked annoyed, but she could tell his annoyance was not directed at her, but him. He never expressed annoyance toward her.

She finally removed her head from her lap and looked into his concerned eyes. How is it he could always read her like an open book? She watched as a flicker of frustration flashed in his eyes before the return of his gentle sympathy. "Oh, Kitty," he cooed as he placed his hand on her chin and used his large thumb to wipe away a tear.

"He ditched me, again," she said angrily as she felt more tears flow from her already puffy eyes. "We were supposed to hang out this afternoon, have some time alone. He promised, but his idiot friends…," she said, trailing off at the end. "Stupid Lance."

"Kitty, why are you still going out with that guy?" he asked kindly.

"Because he's cute and funny and cool…" she listed.

"But he is not kind to you," he said. "The person you date should be the total opposite of Lance."

"Kurt," she warned, getting irritated. The two had had this conversation several times before.

"I'm serious, Kitty," he said, not a hint of sarcasm in his voice. "You should hear the way he talks about you! You need a guy who calls you beautiful, not hot like some piece of meat, or call you back when you hang up on him so that you can work it out, not ignore you for three days. Kitty, you deserve better and one day you'll find the perfect guy. One who will hold your hand in front of his friends, show you off when you're wearing sweatpants and tell you you're beautiful even when you don't think you are. Someone remembers everyday how lucky he is to have you, someone who will choose you over his friends."

Kitty couldn't help but let a small smile adorn her face at his words. "Thanks, Kurt. You always know what to say to make me feel better. You're such a good friend."

She noticed a hint of disappointment flicker through his eyes when she said friends, but he knew how she felt. She was impressed how his smile never faltered. "Hey, what are friends for? So, you're feeling better then?"

"A little…," she said, trailing off again as the hurt sunk back in.

"Not enough though, ja?" he said jumping up onto the bed. "I know the perfect remedy for the blues! When I was younger and I was feeling down, mien muter would give me this rosary," he said lifting his hematite rosary, showing it to Kitty for the first time. She was mesmerized by how beautiful and pristine it was. "Then, she would sing me a song. I know you aren't Catholic so you might not want the rosary so much, but you might like the song."

Kitty couldn't help but smile. "How does it go?"

She watched as another smile spread across Kurt's face before he began to sing.

"Wenn durch einen Sturm spazieren gehen,

Halten Ihren Kopf hoch,

Und haben Angst vor der Dunkelheit nicht,

Am Ende des Sturms ist ein goldener Himmel.

Und das süße Silberlied einer Lerche.

Gehen auf durch den Wind spazieren,

Gehen auf durch den Regen spazieren,

Obwohl Ihre Träume, geworfen und geblasen werden,

Gehen darauf spazieren, gehen auf mit Hoffnung in Ihrem Herzen spazieren,

Und werden allein nie spazieren gehen.

Werden allein nie spazieren gehen."

As he sang, she felt all of her worries melt away. When he had finished, she looked at him and smiled. "Thanks, Kurt, I feel a lot better."

"See," he said happily, "I swear that song has magic powers. No matter how bad you feel, it just makes you feel better. I know," he yelled, his goofy smile once again plastered to his face and his voice full of glee, "I will teach it to you!"

Kitty couldn't help but giggle at the elf's enthusiasm. "Kurt, no matter how much you try, I will never be able to remember German."

"Then I will teach it to you in English," he said happily.

Kitty looked around the room, checking to make sure there was no one else in the vecinity. She wasn't terrible at singing, but she wasn't fantastic either. She remembered when Kurt taught her the song, she was self-conscious, but that never lasted around the fuzzy mutant. She took a breath, closed her eyes, and sang.

"When you walk through a storm,

Hold your head up high,

And don't be afraid of the dark,

At the end of the storm is a golden sky.

And the sweet silver song of a lark.

Walk on through the wind,

Walk on through the rain,

Though your dreams be tossed and blown,

Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,

And you'll never walk alone.

You'll never walk alone."

When she finished, she opened her eyes and looked at her best friend. His eyebrows were no longer furled in pain or worry and his eyes move slowly behind their lids. He looked calm and like he was finally resting.

"Like, looks like you were right, you fuzzy elf, that song is, like, magic," she said smiling.

"That was beautiful, Kitty," came a deep voice, causing Kitty to jump up, letting go of Kurt's hand. Her head snapped around to the door behind her, located just in front of the hospital bed she had been occupying.

"M...Mr. McCoy," she stuttered, her heart rate starting to decline back to its normal pace, "I didn't know you were there."

The blue man gave a deep chuckle before proceeding toward her on all fours. "I'm sorry, Kitty, I didn't mean to scare you," he said as he went to Kurt's I.V. bags, checking them.

"It's alright, I'm just, like, a little jumpy," she said, giving him a weak smile.

"It's understandable regarding what you and Kurt went through."

The two sat in silence for a moment. "How long has he been like this?"

Hank looked at her and gave her a sympathetic smile. "You have both been unconcious for about three days. To be honest, I am a little surprised you are awake and walking around as easily as you are."

"How is he?"

"Considering the beating he got, he is doing very well," he said, his voice a little more optimistic. "His tail is broken and so are two of his ribs. His clavicle was broken, but we used the wound Azazel inflicted on his shoulder to go in and put in a plate and screws. He needed stitches in his shoulder, behind his ear and along his tail. He had a bunch of scratches, some deep bruises on his arms, legs, and torso, and some severely stressed muscles in his back. There was minimal internal damage, but he was suffering from extensive blood loss and exhaustion."

"Oh, my God," gasped Kitty.

"Don't worry," said Hank with a smile, "if Kurt behaves himself, he will make a full recovery. He just needs to rest. Before you know it, he will back to teleporting around the mansion making all sorts of mischief."

"What about, like, big, red, and ruthless?" asked Kitty solemnly.

"Azazel? Xavier says it will be quite some time before he will have enough strength to make it back to our dimension again. Kurt is safe for now."

"But he can come back?"

"Unfortunately." Kitty's gaze found its way to the floor. Hank silently scolded himself for giving her such depressing news when she first woke up before a though popped in his head. "Hey, it's dinner time. All of the other students were just getting settled to eat when I came down to check on you and Kurt. Why don't you come upstairs to dinner? I know they would love to see you," he said with a smile.

Kitty looked at the blue man, before returning her attention to her best friend lying in his bed. "Don't worry," said Hank, "he will still be here after dinner."

"Alright," she said, "but are you sure I'm, like, well enough?"

"You look alright to me," he said, once again giving her a bright smile as he pulled the curtain back around Kurt's bed. "We'll just take it slow."

She nodded and began to walk slowly with him up to the main floor and finally to the dining room. She could hear Xavier talking to the students, but otherwise the house was quiet. Hank led her into the room where she was met with a multitude of smiles from her mutant family.

"Kitty," yelled Jean as she jumped up from her chair and began to walk toward her, "you're awake! How are you feeling?"

"Alright," she said as the red head enveloped her in a hug, "just have a little headache."

"Don't worry," said Scott, placing a hand on her shoulder, "I'll go get you an aspirin. Is that alright, Mr. McCoy?"

"Go ahead, Scott."

Scott left to retrieve the aspirin while Jean led Kitty to an empty chair and got her a plate. Soon the conversations around the table began again. Kitty picked at her food, only eating little pieces of her dinner. She couldn't put her finger on it, but something was causing her to lose her appetite. She thought over the conversation she had with Beast in the infirmary, doing the calculations in her head to find that it was Monday. She had missed school.

"Professor," she said quietly, but grabbing the older man's attention nonetheless, "Kurt and I, like, missed school."

"Don't worry, Kitty," said the Professor, "it is all taken care of. You are sick with the flu, and Kurt had to return home for a family emergency."

"What about the warehouse," she said, a sudden frantic fear boiling in her stomach, "the roof is, like, gone. The city is going to know it was mutants and think we're, like, dangerous!"

"Apparently, there was this gang causing havoc on Friday night into Saturday morning. They were mugging people, shooting at animals, and starting small fires all over the neighborhood. The media thinks that one of those fires just got out of control, destabilizing the structure and the roof slid off."

Kitty felt the fear disappear from her heart and stomach. "So we're alright?"

"Like I said, Kitty, everything is taken care of." He gave her another reassuring smile before returning to his meal.

Kitty started to eat again after Scott came back with the medicine, her appetite returning somewhat as she continued to pick at her food. She listened to the other students' conversations about school with mild interest. She looked around the room and her eyes landed on the place next to her. Empty chair, empty glass, empty plate.

Kurt's seat.

She though of him down in the infirmary, all by himself. If he woke up while she was gone, he would be all alone. Would he be confused? Scared? Angry? Would he remember what happened with Azazel or her apology? The sick feeling came back to her as she thought about Kurt hooked up to the medical machines in the mansion's lower level with no one to look after him while they rest of them ate. She couldn't take it.

Slowly, she stood up from her place, drawing the attention of the group. She hadn't intended that, but decided to excuse herself. "I'm sorry, I'm just not feeling well. I'm going to go back and sit with Kurt."

She didn't even wait for an answer, she merely pushed back her chair and headed for the elevator, not wanting to take the stairs by herself. When she finally made it to the infirmary and stopped in her tracks when she noticed the lack of sound in the room. There was no reassuring beating of a heart monitor.

Kitty took off like a shot toward the hospital bed containing Kurt and threw back the curtain. A weird combination of relief and dread passed through her body as her brain processed her new discovery.

Kurt wasn't dead.

But Kurt wasn't there, either.

His bed lay empty, I.V.'s hanging on their racks, breathing mask resting on the pillow, and machines turned off. The sheets were bunched at the foot of the bed, allowing Kitty to see the small blotches of blood on the bed where Kurt's injuries had rested. It was obvious that Kurt had woken and left, but the question was to where. She had to tell the Professor.

She raced back to the elevator and pushed the button to bring her to the first floor. When the doors opened, she started to walk back to the dinning room when she hear a sound coming from the floor above her, like someone had dropped something. She slowly ascended the stairs, wanting to check on the sound before causing the other students to go into a panic. When she reached the second floor, she sighed with relief. Kurt's door was slightly ajar, light spilling through into the hall.

She slowly pushed open the door and smiled. He sat on the balcony railing, his back facing her as he watched the setting sun. His tail lay across his lap and his arm sat gently in its sling as he sat unmoving. She started to walk toward him noticed the team had cleaned up his room. The pictures were placed in new frames, the mirror had been replaced, and a new holo-watch sat on the bedside table. Kitty picked it up and looked at it, wondering what it truly felt like to rely on such a mundane thing for normalcy.

Her foot bumped something on the floor. She looked down and cringed at the sight of Azazel's sword. She tried to look away from it, only to find the second one on the dresser. They had been cleaned and didn't look as menacing in the daylight, but she couldn't shake the image of Kurt lying on the ground with one of those swords in his shoulder.

She pushed by the bed and out the balcony doors. She carefully hopped up and sat next to Kurt on the railing. "Hey, shouldn't you be resting?" she asked quietly, not quiet sure if they were still on speaking terms or not. He merely shrugged, not turning his attention to her. Her heart sunk at this, but she decided to try again. "I wanna know, like, who brought Azazel's swords up here?"

"I did," he said flatly. "I wanna be ready next time he comes."

"It will be a while," she said, understanding the noise she heard earlier was Kurt dropping the sword due to a weak arm. Was he really practicing with the swords already?

"I know."

The two sat in solitude for a long while, tension filling the air between them. She started to think he didn't want her around, and started to move to leave.

"I'm not a demon," he said, his voice raspy from the currents events. He turned his head toward her, and she felt her heart rise a little by the smile that had returned to his eyes. "Danke for helping me see that."

Nonetheless, she could not be cheered by his words. "How can you thank me," she said sadly, "when I called you one?"

She saw him smile slightly as a small chuckled passed through his lips. "You helped me face it," he said, facing the sun once more. "It has always been in the back of my mind, the idea that I could truly be a demon, but I always feared facing it and finding an answer. You helped me with that, and now I know that it doesn't matter."

Kitty felt tears prickling at her eyes. "I'm sorry, Kurt," she said, letting the tears start to fall, "for what I said. I'm, like, a horrible friend!" She buried her face in her hands, careful not to lose her balance and fall off the balcony.

Kurt didn't want Kitty to hurt, no matter how much she had hurt him. He reached out his uninjured, mutated hand, gently pushed her hands away from her face and turned her head to face him. "Actions speak louder than words, Kätzchen," said Kurt, his voice calm and sincere. "You risked your life to save me. You are my best and dearest friend."

A harsh, cough-like laugh escaped her as she tried to look away, stopped by the gentle force of Kurt's hand. "I'm not like the stars, Kurt," said Kitty, remembering the analogy he told her once.

"No, you're not," he said kindly, causing her to look at him again, "but you are like the sun. The darkness of night may come between us once and a while, but I know you will be there in the morning."

Kitty couldn't help but smile at her friend. "Kurt, that was beautiful…and, like, cheesy at the same time." She couldn't stop the giggle that came from her, nor could he stop the chuckle that came from him.

"Little bit, huh?"

The two continued to giggle for a while before Kitty became serious again. "I truly am sorry, Kurt. I should have never said those things to you."

Kurt rested his hand on her arm and smiled. "There is no need to apologize anymore, Kätzchen. All is forgiven and in the past."

"How can you be so forgiving, Kurt?" she said ashamed.

Kurt let his tell-tale smile spread across his face as he pointed at himself with his thumbs. "'Cause I'm the Fuzzy Dude."

Kitty smiled a genuine smile as she looked down at her hands and the holo-watch held by them. She handed the watch to Kurt, who looked at it confused. "Know you never, like, have to hide around me, Kurt," she said as his eyes flashed between her and the watch, "and when the day comes when you're ready to share your secret with the world, I will be right by your side; whether it be in thirty minutes or thirty years."

His yellow eyes locked with her blue ones as he studied her. He had accepted her apology, but there was still a small part of him that worried about being accepted. That portion was silenced, however, by the genuine sincerity shining in her eyes, and he smiled. "Really?"

"You're my best friend, you fuzzy elf," she said swinging her legs around and jumping off the railing to the safety of the balcony, "of course really." She chuckled at her friend's face as she leaned forward and gave him a small peck on the cheek.

Kurt felt the heat rush to his head. Dank-Gott(1) for having fur, he thought as his blushing went unnoticed. He watched as she walked across the room toward the door, stepping over his sword as she went. He picked up his tail from his lap and ran his finger over the pale scar on the uninjured side of his spade. The words of the last conversation he had with the Professor passed through his mind.

"Kurt, I know it scares you, but think over what I said about sharing the memory with your friends. You trust them with your future, so trust them with your past."

Kurt swallowed in an attempt to drown his fears. Am I really willing to do this? he thought.

"H…Hey, Kitty," he stuttered, his nerves starting to take their toll on his speech, and causing Kitty to turn back to him. "Do…do you think I could talk to you about something?"

Kitty gave Kurt a reassuring smile, somewhat calming his nerves. "Always," she said as she walked over to him again. "What do you, like, wanna talk about?"

Kurt looked at Kitty's face and knew that he could trust her, forever and always. "I'm ready to talk about something; about this," he said confidently, showing her the ancient scar on his spade.

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