by Gunman

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Summary: When a gang of mercenaries steal a high-tech suit of armor from Tony Stark, ultimately falling into Rock's hands, the salaryman becomes a new kind of superhero.


Chapter 1


The report had been one of many incidents involving Stark Enterprises and its technology, but it's the one that Tony Stark would take a personal hand in dealing with.

"So what happened?" Tony Stark asked as he walked through the halls of the Stark Enterprise building.

"Last night, at about 12:35 am, a group of thieves broke into Warehouse 6 and stole a variety of high-tech goods." Pepper Potts said.

"Any injuries?" he asked.

"Two security guards. Dead."

"Damn it. Family men?"


"Make sure their families get full benefits."

"Of course."

"How much was taken from..." he said, pausing in mid-step. "Did you say Warehouse 6?"

"Yes." Pepper said, turning around and walking back to him.

Uh-oh. "Do you have a list?"

"Here, sir." she said, handing him the list.

"Let me see." he said, quickly snatching the list and scanning over the items that were stolen. "Let's see... engine parts... car parts... plane parts... computer parts... uh-oh!" he said, looking a little pale as Pepper looked at him curiously.

"Tony? What's wrong?" she asked.

"Get Jim Rhodes and meet me in my office. ASAP!" he said as he quickly walked, almost ran, to his office.

Wonder what's wrong? Pepper wondered and got to her task.


"Tony! What's going on?" Jim Rhodes asked as he and Pepper Potts walked into his office.

"Guys... we have a problem." Tony stated as he continued typing on his computer.

"What problem?" Pepper asked.

"Item Number 66102 on the list." Tony said, shoving the list across his desk.

"What about it?" Jim asked, looking over the list.

"We have to get it back." Tony said.

"Why that one in particular?" Pepper asked.

"Because... in the wrong hands... it could doom the world!" Tony said.

The pair looked at each other, confusion evident in their eyes.

"I though it was just outdated boat parts." Pepper said.

"They are just outdated boat parts... right?" Jim asked.

Tony sighed as he prepared to drop the bomb on them.

"Item 66102... the one labeled 'Outdated Boat Parts'... is actually my Mark II Iron Man armor." he said.

"WHAT?!" the pair cried out.


"The... the Mark II armor?" Jim asked.

"Yeah, you know, the silver and gray one that destroyed my sports car." Tony said.

"Oh, yeah. Your test suit." Pepper said.

"Yeah, that one. Anyway, I put it into storage after I worked out the bugs in the Mark III suit." Tony explained.

"So... you're Mark III suit and my stealth suit are more advanced. And doesn't the Mark II have a security system as well?" Jim asked.

"Well... yes."

"I hear a 'but' coming." Pepper said.

"But... before I put it into storage, I... gave it an upgrade." Tony admitted.

"YOU WHAT?" the pair shouted.

"It was supposed to be my back-up armor, in case anything happened to the Mark III. I put it into a steel locker under a standard serial number and stuck it into Warehouse 6." he explained further.

Pepper looked at him strangely. "Why Warehouse 6? Wouldn't the house have been better?"

"It would have. Only..."

"Only... what?" Jim asked.

"Only...I was worried that if something happened and I needed to don the armor quickly, having a suit in only once place wouldn't have been the best thing. So I stuck a spare Mark III suit at the office and my revamped Mark II suit in one of my smaller warehouses. I just never thought anyone would steal something labeled 'Outdated Boat Parts'." Tony stated.

"Well... they did." Pepper said.

"Great! If they actually find out what's inside that locker..." Jim said.

"So... where do we start looking?" Pepper asked.

"Actually I was running a search program for the armor when you walked in." Tony said, pointing to his computer, which had a map of the world on it.

"And?" Pepper asked.

"I've lost the signal." he replied.

"What?" Jim asked.

"There's no way they could have disabled the tracking device I installed." Tony said.

"Which means...The suit must have been damaged or something." Pepper said.

"Exactly." Tony said. "Which probably means they found it."

"Not good." Jim groaned.

"What was the last signal location?" Pepper asked.

"Latitude: 12° 40' 0 N, Longitude: 100° 54' 0 E." Tony said.

"12° 40' 0 North by 100° 54' 0 East? Why does that sound familiar?" Jim asked.

"Appears to be some place in Thailand." Tony said, looking at his screen

"Oh Shit!" Jim Rhodes gasped when he looked at the map.

"What's wrong, Jim?" Pepper asked.

"You recognize those coordinates?" Tony Stark asked.

"It's Roanapur." Jim said.

"Roanapur?" Tony asked.

"Your basic den of thieves. Every criminal organization is represented there."

"Every criminal organization?" Pepper questioned.

"The Triad, the Yakuza, the Russian Mafia, the Italian Mafia, the Columbians..."

"Oh boy!" Pepper gasped.

"How do you know that?" Tony asked.

"Back when I was in the military, we used to run Ops in and out of Thailand, Laos and Korea. Roanapur is almost a central hub of activity and such." Jim explained.

"The last time it was the Iranians who kidnapped you to get weapons technology." Pepper said. "If any of those guys get the Mark II armor..."

"It'll be a disaster. I know." Tony said, rising out of his seat. "James, saddle up your armor."

"Right." Jim replied and headed out.

"Pepper, get my private plane ready to leave within the hour." Tony said.

"Right." Pepper said and headed out.

While his friends went about their business, Tony went down to his lab to get his Mark III armor.

I just hope the armor didn't fall into the hands of any of those criminal organizations Jim mentioned. If it did... they're gonna have a fight on their hands. Tony thought as he arrived at his workshop.


Authors Notes:

The coordinates I designated for Roanapur are actually that of Sattahip, Chon Buri, Thailand, which to me seemed like the best choice to use for the fictional city that the Black Lagoon story takes place in. Since Sattahip itself is basically at the end of a peninsula, mostly surrounded by water, with it's own airport and dozens of islands around it, it seemed like the perfect place for a gang of pirates and criminals to hide.

I am not saying that Sattahip is a hub of criminal activity, but it's just what I'm using for my story, okay?

Also, this chapter is basically just a set-up, the real action takes place in the next chapter, where Rock actually finds the armor. Then things really get hectic and fun.

Leave me a review if you want, let me know if I got the first chapter right.