by Gunman

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Summary: Rock and the Lagoon team face off against the deadly Melter, who wants Revy dead., and the crew meets someone who can help them, but has secret plans of his own.


Chapter 3


In a secret location, a simple warehouse on the eastern side of the city, a grinning man with a small black beard rose up from his worktable to put a strange weapon on his arm.

"Soon, brother. Soon I will have your revenge!" Bruno "Melter" Weaver said.

(Lagoon Couriers, 24 hours later)

"So... let me get this straight... you FOUND this suit of armor on the beach?" Dutch asked.

"After it fell out of the sky?" Revy asked.

"And let you become its wearer?" Benny asked.

"Pretty much." Rock said, his face plate opened to reveal himself.

The trio looked at each other and then back to Rock.

"CAN WE TRY IT OUT?" they asked in unison.

"Uh... I don't know about that." Rock said.

"Why not?" Revy asked.

"I'm not sure the armor's security system will allow it." he stated as he 'asked' the armor to release his left gauntlet. "Here, take a look." he said, handing the gauntlet to the techno expert.

While Benny examined the silver and metallic gauntlet, Dutch was brooding.

"What are you so upset about now?" Revy asked.

"Those men that attacked us. Because of you." Dutch said to the female gunslinger.

"For the last time, I don't know who they were or why they wanted me dead!" she snapped.

"It wasn't for nothing, Revy." Rock said.

"For all you know, it could have been." she huffed. "Don't really need a reason to shoot at someone in this town."

"As true as that may be, we've got another problem." Rock said.

"Like what?" Revy asked.

"Like what do we do now?" Rock asked.

"You mean about the armor?" Dutch asked.


"I have no idea." Dutch replied. "I've never see a weapon system that advanced before. It's like something out of a comic book."

"You can say that again." Benny said, carefully examining the gauntlet. "Advanced mechanical hydraulics, reinforced titanium casing, the palm seems to serve a dual function of some kind. With it's own power source, this thing could be more formidable than any weapon we've ever come across."

"So, can you get it to do just that?" Revy asked.

"I don't know." Benny said.

"What do you mean you don't know?" Revy asked, miffed.

"Revy, something like this has never happened before. We don't know anything about this armor, and we have no idea who it really belongs too." Benny said.

"Maybe it's stolen." Rock said.

"And with the obvious out of the way..." Revy grumbled.

"Military?" Dutch wondered.

"Doubtful. If it was it would have more weapons, right?" Revy asked.

"Maybe it's a prototype." Rock said.

"That's actually possible." Dutch said.

However, their conversation was cut short when a man in a bright green outfit, mechanical headgear and a bizarre looking weapons on his left arm arrived.

"TWO-HANDS!" the man shouted.

"Huh?' Revy asked, turning to the man.

"Who are you?"

"The brother of the man you murdered!" he shouted.

If it was possible, all four of the Lagoon Courier's sweat dropped as he said that.

"Uh... I've killed a lot of people's brothers. Maybe you could narrow it down just a bit?" she asked.

He sighed in defeat. "Fine. His name was Claude 'Torch' Weaver."

Revy's eyes snapped open. "Torch? That assassin with the flamethrower?"

"That's him. He was my older brother. And I'm here to kill you for that!" he shouted.

"You ought to be thanking me! He was a murdering psycho who killed people for fun!" she shouted.

"Oh! You're One To Talk!" he shouted back.

"Oh boy!" Rock groaned.

"Now Face The Power Of The MELTER!" he shouted as he turned his weapon on and aimed it at Revy.

Revy was quick on the draw, her pistols firing with crackshot thunder.

However, Melter was prepared for that and fired his weapon. The energy field he unleashed caused the bullets in Revy's guns to disintegrate into powder.

"What the..." Revy gasped.

"They don't call me The Melter for nothing." he stated.

"Benny! Gauntlet!" Rock shouted as he dropped his face plate.

"Catch!" Benny shouted as he tossed the weighty gauntlet to the negotiator.

Rock caught the gauntlet with his armored hand and quickly squeezed it over his exposed arm. He took off into the air with his rocket boots and flight stabilizers, firing at Melter when he got high enough. The repulsor blast struck at Melter's feet, knocking him backwards. He landed hard on his back, his weapon automatically discharging and firing at one of the other buildings.

The energy field struck the base of the buildings, quickly loosening the bonding forces between the atoms and molecules of substances, and causing the solid form to transform into liquid, thus melting the objects themselves.

Though the science behind the melting technology was fairly simple, the actual device itself had been a prototype that was stolen from a research laboratory in China. Melter hadn't bothered to research the finer aspects of the melting technology. As long as it got him his revenge, he didn't care what it did.

The base of the building quickly eroded away, collapsing the entire two-story building into rubble.

"Not good." Rock gasped. "Gotta stop this guy and fast!"

Revy was firing at Melter, but he was wearing some kind of body armor.

Guy's obviously not an idiot! Revy groaned as she reloaded her guns while Melter fired his weapon again.

Rock grabbed a large chuck of a nearby roof and hurled it into the path of the energy blast. The debris was melted away, saving Revy in the process.

He saved me? Revy gasped.

"You dare interrupt my revenge?" Melter shouted.

"I DARE!" Rock shouted as he fired his repulsor at Melter.

Melter raised his weapon arm and fired at Rock.

Their weapons energy beams collided with each other for several seconds, before being deflected back towards their masters. Rock was struck hard in the chest by his own repulsors, knocking him out of the air and back into the upper floor of the Lagoon Couriers office. Melter, however, was not so lucky, as the melting energy waves washed over him, causing the tech he was wearing and the skin on his body to start... melting.

"What? No! NO! It Can't End Like This! Oh.. What A World!" he screamed as his body started melting into a rather disgusting puddle of goo.

While Revy raced upstairs to check on Rock, Dutch and Benny went over to the remains of Melter and just stared at it.

"Did he just quote a line from 'The Wizard of Oz'?" Benny asked.

"Don't ask me. Never saw it." Dutch replied.

They turned back to see Rock and Revy coming down the stairs, though Rock was kinda crushing the steps as he walked down it.

"Great! If he keeps this up, we're gonna need reinforced metal stairs!" Benny groaned.

"Perhaps I can help you with that." a voice behind them said.

Dutch and Benny looked over at the voice, and found themselves staring at a tall, muscular man with long salt and pepper hair, dressed in black cargo pants, boots, a dark, dirty shirt, and a thick silver watch on his left wrist. His toothy grin have half covered in silver metal.

"Greetings, comrades." the man said.

"Who are you?" Dutch asked.

"My name is Ivan Vanko. I'm here to help you." he said as a black limousine pulled up next to the demolished building.

(Hotel Moscow)

"So you two know each other?" Dutch asked as the group sat down in Balalaika's office.

"Yes." the blond Russian mob boss said. "I brought Vanko here when I found out he was on the verge of creating a new weapons system. I figured he could be useful."

"Brilliant engineering." Vanko said as he stared at the armor that was off to the side. Rock was behind the man as he examined the armor.

"Can't you do anything about the identification controls?" Revy asked. "I'd love to have my own suit of armor like this."

"Actually... I can't." Vanko said.

"You can't?" Dutch asked.

"No. The identification program is locked on Mr Rock here. But what I can do, is duplicate this. With very little trouble." Vanko said.

"Really?" Revy asked.

"Oh yes." he replied.

"And what makes you think you can do this?" Balalaika asked.

Vanko grinned, revealing his real and metal teeth in a wide grin.

He walked over to a small case that he had brought with him, and opened it up. From inside the case he pulled a small glowing circular device that looked familiar. He walked over and placed the device right next to the circular device in the armor.

Everyone gasped as they noticed that the two devices were virtually the same.

Balalaika was smirking. "So... what do you require?" she asked.


Authors Notes:

This chapter was hastily written. I wanted to do a bigger scene with them, Rock vs Melter kind of thing, but never came out quite right.

I also cut out two additional scenes (Tony Stark and James Rhodes coming to Roanapur, the Iron Monger armors being mobilized) But I will have them in the next chapter. This chapter also introduces Ivan Vanko into the story, because it made sense to have him here to make use of his own arc reactor technology.

I will probably be adding other characters, such as Justin Hammer and even Natalia Rushman, but later.

Also, if I have time, I will be updating this story to a strange degree. Maybe replacing this chapter with a much larger version.

Lastly, you will notice I only used a couple of Rock's Iron Man armor capabilities for this battle. I only used his rocket boots and repulsors. It also includes a short range tazer that fires from the top of its left hand, a vibro-knife that springs out of its right wrist, an advanced on-board computer system and reinforced titanium armor.

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