Just a short one-shot that was inspired by the 6th issue of The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. Set at the end of season 3 when Chase gets fired but Cameron and Foreman haven't left.

Warning- Implied character death and suicide. Hope you guys enjoy and please review.

It was raining. His sneakers squeaked loudly on the smooth linoleum floor as he walked towards the elevator. He got a few odd looks from the nurses at the front desk. He could hear their whispers as he passed. 'Didn't he get fired yesterday?' they whispered.

They wouldn't be whispering for long. A look down at his watch as he stepped in the elevator, it was 1:27 and he knew that they would be there. Refreshed from their lunch break and bickering with each other about who was right and who was wrong.

He didn't care. If there was one thing House taught him over the years it was to find the answer not the cure. This was his answer, his reply to all the lies and bitter beings buzzing incessantly in between glass walls, cutting into each other like barb wire.

He had worked on his answer all night, rehearsing it over and over again to make sure everything was perfect, tweaking a few things here and there to make sure it had the most impact on everyone who knew or didn't know him.

The ping brought him back to the present and he stepped out onto the familiar floor and he walked familiar steps towards a life he was soon to leave behind.

He heard his father's voice in his head with each step. 'Unstable.' He smiled.

'Medication and therapy.'

He was so close, he looked down at his watch. 1:28. He finally came to a stop outside a familiar glass wall and he could see them discussing something. His eyes boring into each one of them until finally the man he loved and hated spotted him. Blue and green met and he couldn't help but smile as he held up his right hand. House's eyes furrowed in confusion causing the others to look behind them and see him with a smirk on his face, his eyes alight with satisfaction and his hand held up with the word 'Good bye' written in sharp black ink on his palm.



"An explosion that occurred just an hour ago at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, has taken over half of the building, police aren't sure what the death toll is at the moment but they say that it may number in the hundreds. No one is sure what caused the explosion or who but police say they will not rest until all the questions are answered."