I love lying next to her and hearing her heart beat

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I love lying next to her and hearing her heart beat. Many songs I have composed with its rhythm in my head, as my hands fly over the ivory keys…

She is my inspiration, the delicate melody twinkling like a star behind the tune. So quiet and yet so capturing— each word I hear one I must remember. Yet to put it to music is so much simpler. The notes flow from my fingers like a bubbling brook, sometimes like an overflowing stream… but often more violently, as if she was a waterfall determined to jump over the edge and into space… and crash down to earth in a cacophony of sound and tempo that makes my ears ring.

Her hold on my emotions is much the same- we are connected by a heartstring that begins in my chest and connects invisibly like a fine strand of silken gossamer to hers. And whenever she is so far away that I cannot see her, it tugs and pulls me and I can never rest.

But our reunion is the sweetest thing- as we join once again like we have never been apart. The thing that was missing is returned, the broken piece of the puzzle repaired, the song completed.

And the piece goes on, and will do so for eternity. Its melody will withstand the years, the heartbreak and the sorrow. For millennia to come, it will tell of the love of Edward for Bella, for a gentle vampire for a human… and it will be something that withstands time as nothing else can.

It will last through the brutality of war, through the pain of suffering, through the anguish of loss. It will comfort in tragedy. It will ring of triumph in greatness. Beating in the hearts of the masses, it will capture humanity with its beauty and it will never be forgotten.

This piece, written once by gentle hands, shall sing.