Last month I was babysitting and as my little brother ate dinner I started to write a 'little' "What could have Happened" If Anthony Hope, the sailor, hadn't have barged in and interrupted Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett. Anyways, we are back at the time where Mrs. Lovett is talking about her and Mr. Todd's possible future together, until Anthony bursts in and interrupts them. But where would the conversation had gone if he didn't interrupt? It's sort of my version of "Sweeney Todd, The demon barber of fleet street" I liked Tim Burtons (I am not saying I don't.) lol But this is just a "what if."


"We could have a life us two. Maybe not like I dreamed, maybe not like you remember but we could get by…"

Sweeney turned around from his stare at the window and fixed his eyes upon Mrs. Lovett. "Could she be right?" Sweeney thought as he dazed into her warm brown eyes. Lucy was gone, along with Benjamin. Sure Lucy had been right for Benjamin Barker. But, what about Sweeney Todd? Could Mrs. Lovett be the one for him? Sweeney took a few steps closer to Mrs. Lovett, his lips inches away from hers. Mrs. Lovett looked down and than up seeing that Mr. Todd was gazing at her. Her eyes fluttered as she saw him pulling in for a kiss. Mrs. Lovett closed her eyes and her and Mr. Todd shared a passionate kiss. Suddenly, Anthony burst into the room, only to find Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney kissing. Mrs. Lovett and Mr. Todd immediately pulled away from each other.

"Oh… I'm terribly sorry." Anthony said, obviously embarrassed. "My apologies mum, sir."

"Quite alright, what is it that you need?" Sweeney asked, irritated.

As Anthony and Sweeney talked about their plans to save Johanna from the mad house, Mrs. Lovett turned to the window and touched her lips that only seconds ago were attached to Sweeney's.


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