In any circumstance you would say that their life was far from commonplace.

He was a barber that killed his customers and she was his accomplice that baked them into pies. Their oblivious neighbors devouring one another each time they come in for a bite. (Little did the men looking for a shave afterwards know that that's what they were going to become)

In the long run the idea might have seemed wonderful to them, having been Mrs. Lovett was almost as insane as her deranged husband. But all good things- or bad things in their neighbors case, must come to an end.

Some of the transmutations Mr. Todd had undergone since he had fallen so helplessly in love with Mrs. Lovett were strange to him. Perhaps the most significant was the knowledge that he would eventually have to stop killing, which was basically telling him to stop being who he was. A murderer.

Some might have thought that he was some kind of proletariat hero. Murdering the wicked Judge and Beadle. Saving Johanna from a forced marriage and ridding of the 'vermin' on the streets.

On one particular day, Mrs. Lovett was on her way to the bake house when she found herself freezing in the doorway, staring down the stairway.

"Nellie, Nellie!" She heard her aunts words echo through her mind over and over again…

She couldn't do it. It was going to die. Her unborn child couldn't die….

Moments later Mr. Todd's thoughts were interrupted by Mrs. Lovett standing before him in the middle of the parlor.

"When is it going to be over?!" Mrs. Lovett exclaimed with frustration.

He stood there for a moment, not sure as to what she meant or why she was so upset and mumbled, "What?"

"This! The killing… The lies…. Everything. It's all wrong!" Her words were frantic and worried, her hormones raging and pregnant.

"I haven't killed anything in over a month." He said plainly.

"Ya-ya 'aven't?" She replied with surprise.


Mrs. Lovett stiffened and stood frozen for a second before he sighed and took her into his arms as her tears of happiness soaked through his shirt.

And one evening, when the two were lying peacefully in bed, Mrs. Lovett awoke with a gasp from something nudging her from within.

"Is everything alright?" Mumbled a tired Mr. Todd.

"It's beating, love." Mrs. Lovett smiled as a few tears streamed down her cheeks.

"What?" He replied, not sure as to what she was getting at.

"The baby," She whispered as she sat up, "It's kicking… Our baby's heart is beating… It's alive."

"Of course pet, it's what it does and why wouldn't it be?" He said, shrugging off her amazement with the fact that the baby was moving.

She said nothing and lied back down, stroking her hand over her stomach and falling back asleep contentedly.

Sweeney Todd would probably never really understand Mrs. Lovett's worry for their unborn child or the full extent for her love for him. But for the first time in a long time, he was content, and Mrs. Lovett thought the same too for even the littlest things made her feel happier and happier each waking hour.

Like that playful kick that reminded her that she would never be alone.

The smile that accepted her lover before words of pleasure were uttered.

And the decision to leave the ghosts on Fleet Street behind showed that life for Sweeney Todd and Eleanor Lovett was changing for the better.

"You've given me everything I ever wanted." Mrs. Lovett whispered to him one night as the sound of the sea lulled her quickly to sleep.

He wished he could say the same, for Lucy had already given him everything that Benjamin Barker had ever really wanted. But in a way, he could. Sweeney Todd had once thought that he had no other purpose in his life as a demon other than revenge.

Nevertheless, somewhere deep within his broken heart and behind his eyes that were once clouded with his lust for revenge, he found her. Sweeney Todd found love and with that, he found a new life as well.

And this was coming from a man whom once sang a familiar tune to seven silver razors-

"My friends… You shall drip rubies…"

They had a life those two, maybe not like she dreamed, maybe not like he remembered, but they could get by.


And that, my friends, is the end :D It will be a year on Friday since I first published this story, it was my very first Sweeney Todd fan fiction! It's nice to see how my writing has evolved in the past year… Anyways, I would just like to thank everyone who has ever read and reviewed this story. & I should let you know now that I am going to be re-writing this whole story. I know it probably sounds very dumb to you but it is going to be much better and a bit different from this one. I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I did writing it.

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