Chapter 8: Calling in the Calvary

It seemed like Eggman was inches away from victory against his foes. Sonic the Hedgehog was pinned down by Eggman, who was yet determine how to dispose of his arch blue nemesis. At the same time, Tony Stark was having his own trouble of trying to find a way to avoid the EMP cannon loaded up by Scratch and Grounder.

"Any last words before we help our good evil genius Dr. Eggman?" asked Scratch as he was about to fire the EMP cannon at Tony to which Tony could see from a far distance that his friends in the military were setting themselves up to launch some sort of a rocket attack at the hovercraft.

"Oh my, you two must have an evil creator to thank to have such an evil plan like this" replied Tony in a sarcastic manner.

"Say, something isn't right here, he didn't sound scared at all" said Grounder as he scratched his head not knowing that Tony's friends in the military had secretly spotted them from afar.

"Oh just fire the EMP cannon already!" cried Scratch, "Because we're going to finally get him, and the blue hedgehog bawahaha!"

Tony's friends within the military had already set themselves up as the jeep stopped, and members of the small platoon got out.

"Sir, what the heck is that thing?" asked a soldier to the commander as he noticed Eggman and his Chaos Suit from a distance pinning down Sonic.

"I'm not sure, but that other strange ship has our good friend Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man in its sight, we'll aim at that one first" replied the commander to which his men quickly began to ready their bazooka targeting the hovercraft Scratch and Grounder were controlling.

Meanwhile, back on the battlefield, Scratch ignored Grounder's suspicious concerns and was charging up the EMP cannon to ensure that Tony would not be able to help Sonic. The missile was then fired by Tony's friends in the military, and as the EMP cannon was about to be ready to fire, Scratch immediately pressed the button not knowing that there was a missile coming straight toward the hovercraft. The missile then exploded, knocking the EMP cannon's blast off balance, and instead hitting Eggman and his Chaos Suit, making it quite inoperable.

"You idiots!" cried Eggman as he couldn't move his Chaos Suit, "Now my Chaos Suit is useless in disposing the blue hedgehog!"

"But we were aiming it right at him!" cried Scratch.

"Looks like you boys missed your target" said Tony.

Tony then readied his weapons and blasted an energy burst at the hovercraft, sending both Scratch and Grounder right off the hovercraft and falling flat right on the ground. Tony then turned toward Eggman, who was doing his best trying to get out of the area.

"Please, you wouldn't hurt someone this helpless?" asked Eggman to Tony as he was approaching the evil genius.

"Why don't you ask how you treated my new blue friend?" replied Tony as he then picked up Eggman, to which Tony also noticed the Chaos Emerald as the source of Eggman's suit, "Oh, I'll also be taking this from you if you don't mind."

"Hey, put that back!" cried Eggman to Tony after he took the Chaos Emerald from its place.

"Make me then" replied Tony as he then threw Eggman right against Scratch and Grounder whom were trying to recover from the surprise missile attack.

"I told you there was something suspicious about that Tony Stark!" cried Grounder as he was trying to get Eggman off.

"This suit of his is quite heavy!" cried Scratch.

"Oh stop it you two!" cried Eggman as he was trying to get himself up, "Ah, my suit is still inoperable, thanks to you two dim bolts!"

"Well it wasn't our fault!" cried Scratch.

"Oh yeah, whose fault was it then?" asked Eggman to which a jeep carrying a small military platoon were arriving on the scene.

"Er, I think we're about to find out!" cried Grounder as he noticed the men in green uniform coming right toward them.

"Quickly, load me up on the hovercraft!" cried Eggman as Scratch was able to finally use the remote control to get the damaged hovercraft down.

"You're still kind of heavy!" cried Grounder as he was trying to lift Eggman onto the damaged hovercraft.

"Just get me away from Tony's friends in green!" cried Eggman.

"Yeah, yeah, we're doing our best!" cried Scratch as he finally helped Eggman onto the hovercraft to which Grounder and Scratch put the hovercraft in full throttle to leave the scene.

"I'll get you for this, Tony Stark, you and that blue hedgehog!" cried Eggman as the hovercraft was struggling to get away.

"Tony, are you alright?" asked the commander of the platoon to Tony, "Does your blue friend over there need medical attention?"

"Don't worry, I'm fine over here" replied Sonic who managed to get himself up.

"Sonic, Eggman, Scratch and Grounder are getting away" said Tails.

"Don't worry, I'm sure we'll come across paths with Eggman again" said Sonic.

"I think this belongs to you, my new blue friend" said Tony as he handed over the Chaos Emerald to Sonic.

"Thanks" said Sonic as he took the Chaos Emerald, "I'm probably sure old Eggman will not go after this for quite awhile."

Meanwhile, Eggman, along with Scratch and Grounder were finally heading back to Eggman's hideout.

"That stupid hedgehog out smarted us again, this time with his new friend Tony Stark!" cried Eggman as he was finally getting up, "My Chaos Suit is useless now without a Chaos Emerald powering it up!"

"Well, it's not our fault that we lost it" replied Grounder.

"Of course it's totally your fault, you never counted on Mr. Stark's friends in the military of helping out!" cried Eggman as he slapped both Scratch and Grounder while still wearing his now deactivated Chaos Suit which was quite hard on the two.

"Hey, easy on that Eggman, that really hurt!" cried Scratch.

"I may not have a Chaos Emerald powering this Chaos Suit of mine, but I can still slap you two around!" laughed Eggman, "Now get back to my hideout, pronto!"

Eggman then continued to keep on slapping poor Scratch and Grounder, to get out the anger after his latest failure trying to use the power of the Chaos Emerald. To which then scene then promptly ends from there.