A/N: A long time ago I wrote a Poem called ''Saphira's Song'' and I decided to re-write it and make it...well...more indepth. I hope you enjoy it :] - Lia

Eyes burning like blue fire, but cool as a lake,
They tell stories of pain, murder, and sorrow,
And they are over flowing with hate,
With love only glistening for one, and only one.

Anger bursting like a volcano,
Yet joy as infectious as a ripple in a pond,
Though sadly it is rare,
Her laugh rings out through the valleys,

Braver than a knight, yet as gentle as a butterfly,
She glides through the air,
The cool wind whistling through her scales,
The sunlight reflecting off her, causing a glittering.

Breathing hot flames, as soothing as a warm bath,
Yet when aimed at an enemy they become as the burning sun,
The sound of her padding steps can be comforting,
Or they could give you goosebumps and make the hair on your neck stand up,

Beautiful as a gem, rough as a mountain,
Her wisdom beyond that of man,
Her roar like music, and louder than life,
Can make you shiver or smile,

She is gentle, but not tame,
Wether she is your friend or not is your choice,
For only you can create your destiny,
Be honest for a liar is no friend,

Saphira is a hero, as well as an enemy,
Watch your step, for fear of stepping on the mine,
Hold your tongue and chose your words,
They could decide the choice of life or death