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Jutsu no Jutsu


Minato Namikaze was flying.

Now if I were to be truly honest, he was not "Flying" per se, it was more like falling, slowly.

"Damn Fox, he almost got me with that one."

And now we come to the reason, for the Yondaime Hokage's current falling/flying predicament. The Kyuubi no Kitsune, the massive fox demon lord, strongest of the bijou, the tailed beasts. The Kyuubi had been steadily advancing on Konohagakure no Sato, the Village Hidden in the Leaves, for about two weeks now, and this was the fourth time that the Yondaime had decided to confront it.

It wouldn't be the last, not if he had anything to say about it.

"Alright, let me just spread out my awareness…there! That's where I slapped that seal, well it looks like I will live to see another day, but it will probably be just one more."

And with a yellow flash, the same that earned him his nickname, he was gone.


Jiraiya the Toad Sage was a great and feared ninja, one of the legendary three, the Sannin but even he and his giant ego knew his apprentice left him in the dust years ago. And now watching that very same apprentice, the Yondaime, battle the Kyuubi and watching the monster shrug off a double Oodama Rasengan, the fourth's most powerful move, was nothing short of terrifying. "How can it be so damn strong?"

Suddenly he saw a yellow flash and then felt a weight on his head, propelling him face first off the branch he had been standing on. "Minato! I'm going to get you for that! If I ever find where you hid that Hiraishin seal on me you are so dead!"

"Come on Jiraiya sensei, let's be honest now, you were the closest Hiraishin seal, and I had to get out of their fast." The only response from the irate Sannin was the large ball of chakra that slammed into the tree below him knocking it over and taking the Yondaime along for the ride.

"Looks like we're going to do this again, Hiraishin no Jutsu!" Again the flash of light, again the disappearing and reappearing, but this time, a tree was involved in the equation.

After a chuckling Jiraiya dug himself out of the ground with a mild Doton Jutsu, something his student was awful at, he went over to Minato, and got serious, well as serious as you can get talking to someone whose only part above ground was his head.

It might be interesting to note that they were having this (rather childish) debate while no more then 500 yards from the strongest demon in existence, who was supposedly asleep. If one had been paying attention, and had prior knowledge of the almost godlike hearing of the King Bijou they would have not been surprised to hear a light snickering from the Kitsune. Foxes after all, delight in trickery and mischief.

"Minato, there is no hope for defeating the Kyuubi he is simply too strong! We must abandon Konoha and try to come back later. It's the only way!"

"No Jiraiya-sensei there is another hope, if I use the Shiki Fuujin, I can seal the fox away for good."

"Minato it's too dangerous! Find another way!"

"No sensei, there is no other way, I have successfully gauged the Kyuubi's power, using only 4 of his tails he is more than a match for any shinobi in existence including me, and he has 9! "

"But you're the Hokage! They need you!"

"I have already talked to Sarutobi-sama; I told him that I would use that technique, I then told him how to do it, in case the Kyuubi should ever break free. But to prevent that I also taught him two other seals, that will provide an added layer of defense. He even said he would become Hokage again if the seal is successful. Now I need to find if some child can be used as the container. I will ask for volunteers from the villagers. I hate doing this, especially to a helpless child, but it is the only way." He sighed, "Let's get back to Sarutobi-sama, I need to check in on him seeing as the Kyuubi's asleep and we learned weeks ago the folly of waking it up." Minato then looked thoughtful, "He was working on a pill of some sort…"

With that Minato utilized his Flying Thunder God Technique and escaped the hole, grabbed his sensei, and with a yellow flash disappeared, heading towards the village.


Minato and Jiraiya appeared in the Hokage's office, Minato's office. He immediately saw Sarutobi with his nose buried in a book and muttering to himself, "I need this to work, if I don't I'll never have enough chakra…"

"What was that Ojiisan?"

The Sandaime Hokage (retired) looked up and almost had a heart attack.

"Damn it Minato! What did I tell you about Hiraishin? God If I find where you hid your seal in this office I will kill you!"

"Funny, Ero-sensei said the same thing."

"Damn it Minato! Don't call me that!"

"Sheesh, just like master like student." Minato thought; then, composing himself, he was about to ask about Kyuubi when his predecessor interrupted.

"The Kyuubi is about 2 days travel from here and is currently sleeping, it appears to know that we are far too weak to kill it so it's taking it's time. The motherf­­…"

The rest of what the Sandaime was about to say was cut off as a dog masked Anbu burst in.

"Yondaime-sama! It's your wife, she went into labor 4 hours ago, it's not looking goo…" he didn't even have time to finish his words as Minato Hiraishin'd to his manor, where he knew his wife Kushina would be giving birth. The Anbu, suddenly realizing he was intruding gave a bow and shunshin'd (Body Flicker) back to where he had come from.

Jiraiya gave a flat look towards his old sensei and merely stated, "I know what you're working on and, while it will probably work, why would you want it to? The effects will come at the cost of your life, sensei, if we run we can save the lives of hundreds; hundreds who will otherwise be wasted to buy time for yours and Minato's plan to work. And besides, even if it works, and by some miracle you don't die, the Kyuubi is simply to strong for you to fight, even if you were in your prime."

"Jiraiya, for those shinobi, they know they will be laying down their lives for the village and the people they love, Minato and I, we would gladly trade all those lives for our own, but we can't. In order to stop a creature that delights in senseless death and mayhem, I would gladly die a thousand times, and so would most shinobi and kunoichi in this village, if only we could take that monster with us. And why? Because that monster threatens not only the people of our village, it threatens our way of life, it threatens our homes, and most of all it threatens our ability to raise the next generation with the 'Will of Fire'. It is because we have this, the Will of Fire, this is what makes us strong…Ah enough of ranting my old friend, we should go check on Minato and Kushina, that Kakashi didn't make it sound good."

"Yeah…I hope Naruto's ok." It did not go unnoticed by the white haired Sannin that his teacher hadn't answered Jiraiya directly.

"Naruto? Ah yes, he's to be your godson is he not?"

"Yes, let's go, I hope that fox keeps sleeping for awhile yet."

With a swirl of leaves they were gone.

The cool breeze suddenly without compatriot in the barren office of the Hokage.


"Kushina! Are you alright? Kushina?" Minato was looking around frantically at the Namikaze family estate. Looking for the room where Tsunade was supposed to be looking after his wife.

"Oh I remember, she was in…here…" Minato finished in a whisper, trying to come to grasp with what his eyes were seeing.

What should have been a happy occasion with the world's number one medic nin commenting on how cute her godchild looked, while his beautiful wife slept and recuperated instead looked like something out of a nightmare.

His wife's eyes were closed, not in the gentle grasp of dreams, but in the rigid rigor mortis of something gone horrifyingly wrong. Where Tsunade of the Sannin should have been was instead a 15 year old girl with short black hair holding his son as they both cried their eyes out. And the blood, well Minato tried his damnedest to not notice the blood.

Shizune, yes that was the girls name wasn't it? "Shizune…? What happened…? Where's Tsunade-sama?" Minato's voice almost pleaded for her to wake him up, to end this terrible nightmare that was threatening to take everything he known away from him.

The girl jumped, obviously so wrapped up in her grief she hadn't noticed him enter. She immediately jumped into a fresh gale of weeping and crying.

"Hokage-sama! Oh god, I'm so sorry…sob…I…I…I couldn't do anything. It was going so well, and so Tsunade-sama said she needed to go back to the front, but that everything…sob…was…gonna be just fine. And it was, and Naruto looked so cute, and everything was fine, and then she just…Oh god…sob…she just started bleeding and I couldn't stop it. And I…I just started yelling for help, and then Inu-san came in and he left, and now you're here and she…Oh god!" Shizune broke down weeping yet again, this time with the added bonus of Naruto joining in, obviously hungry.

"Shizune…please give me my son." The Yondaime's voice was frightening. Not because of extreme pain or anguish, but because of his total lack of any emotion whatsoever. It appeared that Minato had just died inside. She stopped crying long enough to hand Naruto to Minato and then ran out of the room.

Minato stood there for the longest time, looking at his son, but not seeing him. This moment would probably be the most defining moment of Minato Namikaze's life.

It had the potential to rescue him, to place him back on the road of light, and for him to regain the inner life that his recent catastrophe had taken away.

Or he could withdraw in himself. And commit reckless acts of insanely dangerous peril in order to be reunited with Kushina yet again.

"That last one sounds so much simpler, not like I'm gonna live anyway. But…" Then suddenly his choice was made for him. His hour old son reached up and grabbed on his hair.

Minato snapped back into reality to look upon what appeared to be a miniature version of himself. His son. The look of total concentration on the infant's face was adorable, as the baby grabbed onto the spiky golden locks of his father. Minato smiled,

"Hi there Naruto, I'm your daddy, I love you, and I think that you'll grow up to hate me with all your heart. Because what I'm going to do to you, one would not wish upon even his most fervent enemy. I am going to seal the Kyuubi no Kitsune inside of you. Sure I could ask someone else, but the Hokage cannot ask someone to do what he would not be willing to do himself. So here it is son, I'm going to get myself killed, and consumed by the Shinigami himself, so I can save a bunch of villagers. Eat your heart out kid." Naruto just cooed. Minato chuckled, "I'm going to miss you son, I'm going to miss your mother to, but at least I knew her, and had time with her, what I would give to at least be able to say the same about you. You look like me, but how much like me are you really? Maybe you're like Kushina, clumsy, loud, quick to anger but with the amazing ability to befriend anyone you meet. Maybe you'll be like me, serious one moment and laughing the next. I think the only regret I'll have is leaving you behind. Ah well, c'mon son, let's find someone to feed you. Because later tonight, we meet fate."

"Some speech Minato-sensei, too bad the kid won't remember it. Where's Kushina, I want to offer my congrats." Minato whirled around, only to see his now Anbu student Kakashi; code named Inu (Dog). And behind the 'Scarecrow,' Jiraiya and Sarutobi where making their appearance known.

"Hey is that my Godson? Come here gaki, it's your uncle Jiraiya."

It was clear that the people in the doorway couldn't see the ghastly scene in the room, and so caught up in their vision of the little child that they didn't smell the unusually high amount of iron.

Only the Sandaime remained quiet, being significantly older than the others in the room, his powers of observation were much more highly honed. As such, he noticed the quiet pain in Minato's eyes, and the fact that Tsunade wasn't here was troubling. He noticed that the last Namikaze seemed to be standing in the farthest corner from the door. So with a look at his successor that told the Yondaime volumes, he finally spoke up.

"Why don't we take Naruto and Minato and leave Kushina be?" Even as he said he was shepherding Kakashi and Jiraiya out the door, with a pointed look at Minato.

The Yondaime, with one last glance at his wife, left the room. He had a fox to seal and a date with a death god to keep.


The four strongest shinobi in the Leaf were currently getting ready to engage in the battle of their life, with a sleeping foe. They heard a shrill whistle and so it began, Jiraiya and Kakashi, the bait, went out and from opposing sides unleashed some fairly destructive attacks.

Raiton: Raihiryuu no Jutsu (Lit. Flying Lightning Dragon)

Doton: Numi Yuma (Swamp of the Underworld)

The plan was for Kakashi to try and short circuit the beast for a few seconds while Jiraiya would try to slow it down with the bottomless swamp, at least in theory anyway.

A lightning dragon flew from Kakashi's hands, but the Kyuubi, theoretically asleep, just held up its tails and blocked the attack. And as for the swamp that was supposed to be consuming the fox? Kyuubi's aura merely grew so that the fox was doing a massive version of the water walking exercise. All without opening its eyes.

"Screw this…Hey Fox! Wake the Fuck up!" The Kyuubi feigned indifference, Jiraiya grew bolder, "Hey Fox, if you're afraid to fight the gallant Jiraiya I understand, maybe I'll just have to eat your babies!" Kakashi looked over at Jiraiya, and even with an Anbu mask on you could tell that he was giving a 'What the fuck?' face. With Jiraiya's last 'insult' the fox opened one eye and growled.

"Mortals, you dare bring my kits into this? I will eat not only your flesh but your soul." Then the fox's eyes changed. What had once been simple vertical slit pupils in red eyes – intimidating enough -- now had nine tomos like bent fox tails around the pupil. The tomos were black; the right eye had the tomo curving in a counter clockwise direction, and the left eye had them curving clockwise. They started spinning as the Kyuubi's aura grew more and more malevolent. It looked like nothing so much as a black and red whirlpool, like looking into it would suck away your soul. Jiraiya quickly looked away.

"Like what you see mortal? This is my doujutsu, the Kitsunegan, it was the first doujutsu and all others were born from it. It is the mark of my mastery over all demon-kind, and was gifted unto me by Kami himself. I was going to make your deaths quick, pathetic 'shinobi' but now I will make you suffer. Just as you have made me suffer, worthless tools of the Kuroi Kitsune no Hachibi. (Black Fox of Eight Tails)"

The Sandaime and Yondaime looked on, remembering the stories about the godlike Doujutsu.

Legend of the Doujutsu

A long time ago three ninja looking for more power had been in a journey across the land. Their names were Hiryuu Hyuuga, Kenshin Uchiha and the last was merely called Sorrow; they were the Original Sannin, three of the strongest ninja ever to exist. They lived in a time long before the existence of the hidden villages. The story goes that the three had been just walking along when they felt power levels so enormous that any lesser ninja would have been crushed; even these three were hard pressed to keep walking. After brief consultation they journeyed towards the source of the massive chakra.

What they saw was so breathtaking that words couldn't describe it. They saw the fight between two eight tailed demon foxes, fighting for the title of Kyuubi. They were clearly battling for dominance, and titles. The story tells that the two were as different as night and day.

One was as black as night and an aura of hatred and malice was rising off of him. He had scars all along his body clear evidence of years of fighting. He should have been an awe inspiring sight, but his aura was so foul and debased that the Nin merely felt sick instead.

The other was blonde, like the sun, and his aura was that of sorrow and hatred. He was clearly enraged by something, and the Nin couldn't help but feel inspired by the beautiful creature.

Before he knew what he was doing, the Uchiha had joined the fight. No one knew what really happened in the battle, or whose side they joined, or even how they won, but two facts remain the same. Kenshin Uchiha joined the battle first, and then the three were gifted with their own doujutsu by the winner, who gave them properties of his own Kitsunegan.

Sharingan for the Uchiha, with its mythical final power of being able to summon the Kyuubi itself, said to be a repayment for Kenshin's selfishness. It borrowed the Kitsunegan's precognition abilities, and the ability to see through Genjutsu's. However unforeseen abilities included the ability to copy Jutsu's and all the abilities of the Mangekyo Sharingan.

Byakugan for the Hyuuga, said to be a gift for Hiryuu's piercing vision. It gave the user godlike 360 degree vision, and it sprung from the Kitsunegan's ability to see Tenketsu. The X-ray vision factor was not one that had been foreseen merely because the Kitsunegan did not have it.

The last one, said to be almost a myth, was the Rinnegan, it was given to the man who called himself Sorrow. It gave the user the ability to use all known Jutsu's and sprang from the fact that Demon's possess all five chakra elements and can use almost all Jutsu's without hand signs. Not much is known about this Doujutsu except that some would call it strongest, after its parent of course. Sorrow would later go one to call himself the Rikudou-sennin, The Sage of the Six Paths, and he became a revolutionary of the Shinobi world.

It is said that the winner of the battle between the two Eight tailed foxes grew a ninth tail, and turned red.

Sarutobi knew that the Kitsunegan nearly impossible to beat, especially for just the four of them.

Minato knew it was now or never. Ninpou: Kuchiyose no Jutsu! (Ninja Art: Summoning Technique) "Come on Gamabunta! It's now or never! Let's go!"

The Boss frog, now summoned, let Minato and Sarutobi on his back. He hopped over the forest and, drawing his sword went to attack the Kyuubi knowing full well that he might die. But damn it he would try to take that demon with him.

Sarutobi, noticing that Minato wasn't looking took out a pill. A pill he had been working on with the help of the Akimichi clan. It would increase his chakra 100fold but the cost was that it would burn up his body. He knew that right now the only one in the village with enough chakra to seal the Kyuubi would be his successor. "Not anymore. I retired so I wouldn't have to deal with the hassle of this village anymore. That is supposed to be his job, I got to retire. Paperwork will never get it's claws in me ever again! I'm too old for that shit damn it!" He popped the pill into his mouth at the same time swinging the staff down on his successor's head. The Yondaime went out like a light.

Feeling that much chakra course through him, chakra that was over 25 times as strong as him in his prime, 20 times that of his successor's current chakra, only made him appreciate the Kyuubi's power a little more. He was still only about half as strong as the beast.

"Gamabunta? I need you to hold him off while I start the Shiki Fuujin."

"Sarutobi? What are you doing? What did you do to Minato?"

"I'm going to do this jutsu Bunta so just shut up and hold him off, before we all go down."

"As you wish Sarutobi-san."

When Gamabunta showed up on the scene, Jiraiya and Kakashi jumped to the relative safety of his head, where they found a Sarutobi who was glowing bright blue with chakra performing over 150 hand seals.

"Sarutobi-sensei? This was your plan? To take Minato's place? But why?"

'Because the 'will of fire' is in the younger generations, not the elder. Because it is the elders duty to be surpassed. Because I don't feel like losing another person who has become precious to me. Because I'm tired. Because I'm way too old for this shit. But mostly? Because I want to. So Jiraiya, remember to add the Hakke Fuin (Eight Trigrams Seal) and the Shishou Fuin (Four Symbols Seal) to the Shiki Fuujin (Corpse Spirit Sealing Method) or Naruto wont be able to access the demon's chakra. And tell Tsunade that it's not her fault, tell her to take care of Naruto and Minato, I have a feeling she'll need it. Goodbye old friend and pupil."

With that the Shinigami appeared behind Sarutobi and reached through him to start pulling the Kyuubi into Naruto. The demon howled, long and mournful, not the bloodcurdling animosity they had come to expect but instead one full of mournful sorrow.

"KUROI! You took everything! And now your puppets have taken what's left."

With one last smile, the former Sandaime Hokage was taken up by Shinigami to wait in the death god's stomach until his now eternal rival could come meet him.

Jiraiya unsummoned Bunta and grabbed his student, leaving Kakashi to take the child.

"Tomorrow is going to be just another day…right?"

Poor Jiraiya, he had never been so wrong.


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