About Kitsunegan: It's clear to me that while my actual writing skills are pretty good, my plots needed some work. As well I didn't seem to have a grasp on the finer details of character development and interaction. I did humor pretty well and the story reads well, but the naivety and the story premise itself are pitiful. I as well seem to have lost my desire to write for now.

I don't particularly like the one-sidedness of this story, as well some things in my personal life have prevented me from working on it. It's Discontinued because the whole story idea of an unstoppable Godlike Naruto, a Yondaime Hokage who is alive and a good Kyuubi make for a character with no real hope of a suitable villain. Plus the whole Kyuubi's dead children thing was retarded, no doubt.

Some of my ideas I like, and will be watching out for. Some of the best ideas I had I never got a chance to actually upload, and that makes me kind of sad. On the other hand, some of the story was pure dross, and I regret that.

All I can say that while it had a long way to go, it was still better than most of the stories out there. And one day it will be better.

I like writing, and one day I'll be back to either rework the story, or scrap it and actually put something worth reading in it's place.

I will keep the story online as a sort of message to myself that I have a long way to go.