Best Mistake Ever.

Prologue: The Mistake.

"Don't stop..." Cameron panted harshly against her former boss's lips, the smell of alcohol lingering strongly on their breaths. "Please..."

He had her pushed back against the door of the bathroom stall in the ladies' room, one of his hands was up her shirt and under her bra- touching, fondling, and teasing the sensitive rock hard flesh her nipples had become, while his other hand was beneath her skirt- teasing her damp sensitive folds through the fabric of her panties, soaking them and his fingers with her sweet silky love juices. "Please..." She pleaded again this time rolling her hips roughly against his fingers, whimpering.

House groaned loudly, pressing his lips roughly and sloppily to hers, pinching her harden nipple and earning a soft moan deep from her throat. House then took that opportunity to thrust his tongue hungrily in her mouth while her lips were parted, only to be greeted by her own tongue. Their tongues fought in a desperate lust filled frenzy, both wanting... needing something more.

Cameron's arms slowly slide from around his neck, trailing her hands down his chest as she began to greedily thrust her hips into his hand until he removed it. Whimpering, she freed her lips from his and looked up at him with lust filled eyes. "House..." She choked out breathlessly.

Both hands were under her shirt now causing her to gasp in pure delight. "House..." She repeated just as breathless as before.

"Cameron..." He replied huskily, momentarily peering down into her eyes as he position and pressed his thick hard shaft into her warm, wet, and welcoming entrance, groaning softly in pleasure. His head dropped down as she arched into him, moaning, and he took a rounded nipple into his mouth.

Cameron rolled her hips with him, matching each and everyone of his thrusts, momentarily wondering when exactly had he had time to lift her shirt, drop his pants, and pull down her panties. " Oh God!" She cried out softly as House's teeth yanked her nipple sending a shock of both pleasure and pain down her spine.

Quickly he lifted her a bit, her legs instantly wrapping around his waist. House released his claim on her now swollen and bruised nipple as her back slide down the door a bit and she reached behind her to grab a hold of the top of the door, positioning herself so that he could thrust deeper inside her.

Holding on to her hips with bruising strength, he began to pound himself into her faster and harder. Their pants and moans lingering in their ears, not caring who could hear. "H-harder!" Cameron cried out, her small body beginning to tremble with the intensity of their pleasure and of the climax that was soon to come.

He complied, feeling her inner muscles tightening around him, knowing he wasn't far off. Desperately he thrust into her, quickly sending her over the edge in a back arching orgasm. "H-House!" She called out.

House grunted loudly, holding her hips as firmly against him as rocked against her, releasing his seed into her womb.

Panting heavily, he held onto her tightly as she released her hold on the door and began to slide down it.

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