All Standard Disclaimers Apply

All Standard Disclaimers Apply.

Best Mistake Ever.

Chapter Fourteen: House Hunting.

"Shouldn't you be doing this with Cameron?" Wilson asked as he followed House up an empty driveway of a new looking white one story house. "I mean I'm not going to be the one living here and all."

House stopped in his tracks and turned to face his friend, gripping his cane tightly in his hand as he felt himself growing impatient. "No, but you dragged me along to look at your apartments," He said through gritted teeth. "Plus, I've never actually bought a house before and I thought with your experience I could use you."

Wilson sighed, rolling his eyes as he slipped his hands into his pants pocket. "From experience Cameron is going to be pissed if you buy this house without her knowledge. She is going to want a say in where she is expected to live."

"If I told her it wouldn't be a surprise." House said, turning and heading for the front door where realtor was now waiting in the door to begin the tour of the house. "Besides I'm not sure if this is the one anyway."

Wilson heaved another sigh, deep and heavy, and continued to follow house. "Morning," He said politely to the agent as House sidled his way passed her to get into the house with out a word. "You'll have to excuse him." He said nodding his head in the direction his friend disappeared in. "He isn't really big on manners."

The realtor forced a smile. "I noticed and I've only talked to him on the phone once." She sighed. "I'm assuming you're… his partner?" She asked turning, practically running into House.

House glared down at her. "Yeah, because he definitely looks pregnant."

The woman blushed brightly, instantly remembering the conversation they had the night before about needing a home for him and his pregnant girlfriend.

"It's okay." House said making his way passed her again. "You're an idiot. It can't be helped. Well, for the most part. It's not what I'm looking for."

Wilson hung his head and sighed as the realtor fought to keep her composure. "Um , I'm really sorry."

She took a deep breath. "How does his girl friend put up with him?" She asked mostly to herself as she pulled the door shut and locked it, being as no one else was scheduled to look at it today.

"I have no idea." Wilson replied softly, making his way down the driveway to catch up with House.

House looked at him once he joined him in the car. "Nice of you to finally join me."

Wilson rolled his eyes. "If you are going to be like that all day I'm going home."

House snorted. "I'm like that every day. You can't tell me you are just now picking up on it."

"House…" He warned.

"I'm done."

-House MD House MD House MD-

"Are you about ready?" House asked, peering at her backside from the doorway of her bedroom, his eyes roaming over her bare back- stopping when the met the white of her bra, wishing she would turn and let it fall. "We are going to be late."

"No," She whined turning to face him, her dilemma instantly obvious.

House's lips twitched and curled into a small smirk as he limped forward. Stopping in front of her his hands went to the small swell of her belly. "Hey look, you are pregnant after all." He murmured softly, playing with the zipper and button of her jeans that on longer would fasten. "I was beginning to have my doubts."

Cameron smacked his chest, pouting. "That's not funny! What am I suppose to do now? I have nothing else to wear."

"Well, I'd suggest putting your shirt on and forgetting about it for right now." House said with a simple shrug. "Your shirt will cover it, so no one will know. And even if they did I doubt they will care."

Cameron pouted more causing House to sigh.

"We can go shopping for clothes when we are done."

Cameron took a small step back and crossed her arms over her chest. "In the mean time you expect me to go where ever the hell it is that we are going with my fat all hanging out and my pants unbuttoned?" She snapped.

"You're pregnant, not fat." He growled a hint of anger in his voice. "And yes, I do, now put your shirt on so we can go."

She stood there glaring at him.

"Or if you rather I'll drag you out like that with your breast and belly hanging out."

Cameron huffed loudly, turning away from him to get her shirt off her bed. "This better be good." She murmured angrily, pulling her shirt over her head.

With out a word House turned and left her to finish getting ready.

-House MD House MD House MD-

Cameron stared at the crème colored house as the pulled up into the driveway and looked at House confused. "I'm lost." She said softly, turning to examine the house more carefully. "Where are we? Who lives here?"

House turned off the car and placed his hands in his lap as he looked at the site before him. It was a four bedroom one story house with a huge backyard that was blocked off by a privacy fence. Behind the fence said a small swing set and sand box and plenty of room for a few children to run around.

"They have a beautiful flower bed." Cameron said, causing house to turn and look at her as she stared at him in awe.

"I'm glad you like it." He said softly. "With a little bit of your personal touch it will be perfect."

"What do you mean?" She asked, looking into his eyes, perplexed.

"This is our home."

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