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This idea came from my friend and I while we were at school.

Galerians on Crack!

(Mushroom Tower)

Rion: Here's one without a name.

?: (Girly sounding voice) That's you Rion.

Rion: What the? Who are you?

Cain: (Still girl voice) I'm Cain you silly goose.

Lillia: (Eye starts to twitch)

Rion: You look just like me!?

Cain: Why shouldn't I hot stuff?

Rion: What the f--. (Censored that word for sure)

Lillia: I think it's the tight outfit that makes him sound a little faggy.

Cain: Well let's fight and then have some cookies.

Rion: F-- this!


(That computer room where Rion talks to Ash)

?: Hello Rion.

Rion: Ash..

Ash: Yes it is.

Rion: What do you plan to do with mankind.

Ash: I don't know... I didn't think i'd get this far, but I guess I must confess something..

Rion: What?

Ash: I'm not a man..

Rion: Oo?

Ash: I'm a woman.

Rion: Oo?

Ash: Shocking isn't it?

Rion: Oo? What the f--g God! I knew it, I f--g knew it!

Ash: Ok?

(Random place)

Nitro: I'm fat.

Parano: I'm mentally retarted.

Spider: I'm not a spider... I'm a pretty butterfly!

Parano and Nitro: Oo!

Ash: All of you are the fattest and stupidest people I ever met!

(Random street corner)

Ash: Ok Rion lets be best friends!

Rion: Ok. (Hold hands and start to cross the street)

(Car hits them)

Lillia(In car): I think I just killed someone. (Pause looks around car) Oooh cookie!

A/n: This was my first Galerians fanfiction. I will make more if I get good feedback this is just the test run.