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Chapter 10

(Pat's ship)

Rion: Do you remember when Lillia's voice wasn't annoying?

Pat: No...

Rion: Neither do I!

(Dorothy Room)

Dorothy: Crap I have an itch on my back...or lack there of!

(Uranium Refinary)

Rion: I get the feeling that my fight will Ash is going to be so simple that it makes the final boss of Shadow Hearts Covenant look impossible...

(Good game, ludicrously easy final boss)

(Rion's House)

Woman: This looks like a nice place to live.

Birdman: (Goes crashing into the house and destroying it)

Man: Let's try the one down the street...

(Lin Kuie temple)

Subzero: Must freeze random video game characters!


Subzero: Grr!

Ash: Oh crap!

Scorpion: (Comes out of nowhere) SUBZERO!

Subzero: SCORPION!

(Epic fight)


Subzero and Scorpion: Your mother!

Ash: Oh....

(Reinheart's death)

Reinheart: Mother I failed!

Rion: She's not your real mom d------bag!

Reinheart: Oh...(Dies)

(Dorothy room)

Dorothy: (Tries shooting Rion with lazers)

Rion: (Runs to end of room)

Dorothy: You bastard! And where did Lillia go?

(Nail Salon: Lillia, Rita, Nitro, and Cas are there)

All: (Laughing)

(Dorothy Room)

Rion: I dunno?!

(White room)

Rion: Hello, I am Rion Steiner! Those of you who have read these chapters should know that I HATE YOU!

(Tranqulizer darts)

(Ten minuets later)

Rion: And that we love you so much that we are rewarding you with this new invention from Dorothy!

Dorothy: The invisible, weightless, non-volume taking up penguin. It is a revolutionary sight to see!

Rion: Yes so order now at- 1-800-867-5309! FOR ONLY: $9.95!

End of chapter 10


Lillia: If this system gets one virus we're all screwed!

(Romances will be made!)

Romero: Random taco...I LOVE YOU!

(Tensions will rise)

Lillia: A trojan virus! From Ashpwns ! Bastards!

(Enemies will battle)

Subzero: Bring it on bitch!

Ash: It is on!

(And someone Will DIE!)

???: OMG! (Dies)

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