Summary: Bella, Alice, and Rosalie are sisters and also princesses

Summary: Bella, Alice, and Rosalie are sisters and also princesses. They are all 16.

Their parents are Queen Esme and King Carlisle.

The girls love wear breeches, and run in the forest and get dirty.

Their parents want them to become real ladies, so they ship them off to finishing school.

Half the school is female, and half is male. The building is separated, boys on one side and girls on the other.

What happens when they meet Edward, Jasper, and Emmett in the forest one day?

What will happen? Only I hold the secret…

Medieval times. All human. BxE AxJ RxE

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Finishing School

Chapter 1

Bella's POV

"Rosie! Hurry up! The guards are catching up with us!" I laughed, as Rosalie zoomed passed Alice and me.

"Who has to hurry up now?" She half asked half laughed.

Alice and I hurried up to her, not wanting to be snatched by our guards.

We reached the lake in the middle of the forest, and swarmed into a circle.

"Bella, you go left into the trees. Alice, you go right. I'll go around the edge of the lake. We'll meet at "the spot"." Rose ordered. She was always the most bossy one of all of us.

We bowed into the middle of the circle, and spit before running off laughing. That had always been our secret handshake because we never liked to be all lady-like.

Sometimes we even missed meals, just to annoy our parents.

I looked down on my bare feet, brown breeches, and white tunic. Our mum had gotten them for us for riding, but now we wore them all the time. Petticoats, dresses, corsets… just thinking about those clothes made me wanna gag.

I thought about "the spot". We made it when we were 9, after running out of brunch one day. We just wanted to get away.

I remember ripping and getting our dresses dirty, and laughing the whole time. I smiled at the memory.

"The spot" was a small clearing in the woods, with trees surrounding it. The trees kinda made a roof over it. The leaves were so thick that only small trickles came down when it rained. The trees were so tightly squished together that there was only one small opening between them. That was the door. When we would go in and leave, we would push bushes up to cover it.

On the inside, there were 4 big bushes, which we used as chairs.

We had a wooden box that we hid under the 4th, and un-used, bush. Inside there was paper, ink, and feather pens. We also kept clean and dry changes of clothes, just in case.

I finally caught sight of the familiar trees. I quickly moved away the bushes and jumped inside. I put the bushes back, and sat down on my bush.

Soon I heard 2 pairs of footsteps outside.

Rosalie and Alice stepped in.

They finished fixing the bushes, but kept their backs to me.

"Hello, ladies." I scoffed, trying to sound like on of our guards. They jumped around, hands over their hearts.

"Bella. Don't do that again." Alice whispered, before skipping over to her bush, acting like nothing happened. That's Alice, alright.

"Bloody hell, Bella. You scared the living daylights out of me." Rose said, as she trudged over to her bush and flopped down.

"What shall we do today, m'dears?" Alice asked, picking at her nails.

"Make a play? Write?" I counted off my fingers.

"Nah. We did that yesterday." Rose answered, playing with a piece of her long blond hair.

"Let's go sneak over to the stables. I really wanna see Dani." I said, standing up and stretching.

"Sure! I really wanna visit Melanie." Alice answered, jumping up too.

"Fine. I guess it would be fun to Holly." Rose finally said, and we ran over to the stables.

I skittered over to Dani, and grabbed a carrot. I fed it to her, before starting to groom her. Dani was a beautiful silky black, with light streaks of milky white in her mane and tail. She was aggressive, and Alice, Rose and I were the only one she didn't bite, or kick.

She stuck her nose into my pocket, looking for more.

"You bad girl." I laughed, before handing her another carrot. I spoiled her, as you can see.

Alice and Rosalie were doing the same.

Melanie was a pretty light brown horse, with a dark brown mane and tail.

Holly was a gorgeous perfect white, with a bright white mane and tail.

"We thought we'd find you in here." I heard a familiar voice say.

We all turned around to see our guards Brain, Max and Dylan.

"Your parents need to talk to you." Dylan, Rosie's guard.

Max, my guard, gave me a disapproving look. I stuck my tongue out at him, before giggling and linking arms with Rose and Alice.

We soon un-linked our arms, and started to run.

"Go to your father's study!" Brain, Alice's guard yelled.

We ran into the house, and up the stairs to father's study. We burst through the doors, laughing. We flopped down on the couch, across from where mum and father sat in armchairs.

Our mother gave us disapproving looks, and we became quiet.

"Your mother and I have seen that you three have been in the forest a lot." Our father said, and we nodded.

"You miss meals, don't make your beds, or act like proper ladies." Our mother added, in a proper tone.

"We have thought a lot about this, and have come to a decision about what to do with you three.

I listened to his words in horror, and knew the same expression was on my face. I was pretty sure it was on my sisters too.

"We are sending you off to finishing school." My mother said quietly, but her face stayed the same blank expression.

I gasped.

"Mother! Father! You can't do this! You just can't!" Rosalie screamed, jumping up from the couch.

"Oh, yes we can." My father said, his eyes deadly.

Rose screamed, before stomping out of the room.

Alice and I scurried after her.

"They can't do this!" Alice sobbed, before falling down on her bed.

"But they can." I whispered softly, before sitting down on m bed.

The door creaked open, and our heads turned to the door.

Dylan stuck his head into the room.

"Pack up. Your leaving in the morning." He said softly, before closing the door softly.

Alice burst into another round of cries, and we started to pack.

All we packed was breeches and tunics.

We packed our extra blankets, sheets, and pillows. I also stuffed about 10 books into one of my bags.

I stuffed some paper, ink, a feather pen, and my favorite book into a shoulder bag, and placed it by my other bags.

Once we finished, we blew out the candles and slid into bed.

"What about the horse!?" Alice cried.

"What about Dani?! She's gonna kill everyone!" I yelled into the darkness.

Alice and Rose burst out laughing. I started to laugh too. That would be pretty funny.

All too soon we fell asleep.


I woke up, and jumped out of bed. I was always a morning person.

I screamed, and Alice and Rose sat straight up. I quickly changed into a pair of black breeches and a white tunic.

When we were all dressed Max, Dylan and Brain came in to bring our bags. I slung my bag over my shoulder, same with Alice and Rose.

The guys put our bags in the back of the carriage.
We gave our parents awkward hugs and stepped into the carriage. Alice was squished between Rose and I, and I pulled my book out of my bag.

"Max! Please take care of Dani." I said.

"Of course." Max said quietly.

He kissed my hand, and we pulled away.

I looked out the window, and watched my home get farther, and farther away.

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