I was taking a short break from my story Into the Darkness, and wrote this!

I was reading the book Crank, by Ellen Hopkins, and I got to a part that after I read it, I was like "ZOMG! Thats so Zutara!" ...so I just had to write this.

So guys, the bold/italics is an excerpt from the book.



I expected demands.

He gifted me with tenderness.

"Katara…" He whispered my name.

His hand reached out to cup my cheek, bringing me into him gently. My breath caught in my throat as he leaned into me, resting his forehead on my own.

"Katara…" He whispered again and my breath came out in a shaky whoosh of air.

I trembled all over, my chest, my arms, my legs, my whole being shook as he leaned in those last few inches and his lips finally met mine.

I expected ego.

He let me experiment.

I was on fire. Heat burst from my lips and engulfed me, it burned me gently to my core.

I responded to the kiss tentatively, and a little scared. Should I be doing this? This is the prince of the Fire Nation, the man who hurt me so many times. But as we kissed, my mind seemed to gradually go blank. All I thought about was him, his lips, his eyelashes tickling mine.

He kissed with none of the awkwardness of someone his age. He made me feel like a woman, he made me feel invincible; he made me feel more experienced as I was.

Expected disrespect.

He called me beautiful.

We pulled away from each other, breathing heavily, lips tingling.

His other hand tangled into my hair, fingers brushing through my hair with tenderness I didn't know was capable of his strong, callused, hands.

He pulled me into him again, whispering my name once more. "Katara…" and I knew it meant he loved me. "My beautiful Katara."

My knees weakened and shook with the sheer force of his words. He was so unlike what I thought he would be. His calloused fingers seemed to worship me. His thumb brushed against my lip, and my legs gave out.

He caught and steadied me, bringing me into another mind blowing kiss. My hands grabbed at his neck, pulling him closer to me, and my one hand tangled itself into his untidy hair, fingernails massaging the back of his scalp. His hands fell to my waist, pulling me flush against him, arms encircling my waist.

The fire inside me raged as the water tried to extinguish the flames. The water, fire, and steam swirled around me, and I pulled him closer, hoping to experience more.

I expected him to expect perfection.

He taught me all I needed to know.

We pulled away, faces inches from the other, looking into each others eyes.

His golden orbs sparkled. I saw every detail in his breathtaking eyes. I gazed closer trying to see into his soul, but saw my eyes reflected in his instead. It was like I was a part of him. We were one.

And at that moment, every single thing about my life changed forever.


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I know its really short, but I didn't want to ruin the meaningful excerpt with long drawn out pointlessness.

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