The Legend of Pucca: Twilight Fiends

Chapter 11

The group finally made it to Hyrule castle, after running everywhere from the open fiends to the sewers. They climbed up the stairs, pausing only to catch Pucca as she almost fell. They went into the large door and found themselves in Zelda's room. Midna fell off Link's back, and he nudged her with his nose. Zelda quickly came over to stand by Midna.

"Zelda . . . tell them where to find . . . the Mirror of Twilight . . .," Midna said, knowing she didn't have a lot of time left in this world.

"Midna, I think I finally understand just who and what you are," Zelda said. She looked at Link, Garu, and Vendetta. "The curse put upon you is to strong for me to lift. Go find the blade in the sacred grove, and the curse will be lifted. That is all I can tell you for now." A while glow formed around Zelda's hand.

"N-no! Link, stop her!" Midna shouted, as Zelda raised her hand over Midna's body. There was a flash of light, and when everyone's eyes had adjusted, they saw Midna standing, returned to her normal complexion. She was staring at the spot where Zelda once stood. Then the group noticed why she was staring: Zelda was gone.

"Midna?" Link said. Midna was silent for a moment. Then, she lifted her head up and floated over to land on Link's back.

"Alright Link, let's go. To the sacred grove!" Midna said. Just then, Pucca and Charlotte woke up.

"Whoa . . . what just happened?" Pucca said, rubbing her head. She noticed the three wolves in the room. Wait, three? she thought. Garu and Link were wolves, so then that one must be . . .

"Vendetta!" Charlotte exclaimed, throwing her arms around Vendetta's shoulders. "Wow! You're so cute and fluffy!"

"I am not cute and fluffy!" Vendetta growled at her. "I am cursed, and I want it lifted NOW!"

"We have to get to the sacred grove," Link said. "Then, we have to find a blade, and the curse will be lifted."

"Okay, so let's GO!" Midna said, kicking Link in the sides to make him start running.

"Wait!" Link said. "Don't we have a warp portal near there?"

"Oh, right!" Midna remembered. "Okay guys, you each need to sit on someone's back so it will be easier to travel." Pucca sat on Garu's back, but Vendetta moved out of the way as Charlotte tried to sit on her back.

"Vendetta . . ." Link said.

"Do I have to?" Vendetta whined.

"Let me put it this way: If you don't let Charlotte ride on your back, you'll be stuck as a wolf forever," Midna said. Vendetta glared at her, then sighed as Charlotte sat on her.

"Wow! It's almost like riding a pony!" Charlotte said. Vendetta growled at her.

"Okay, here we go!" Midna focused her powers and the group dissolved into thin air. They reappeared at the entrance to the forest temple.

"Alright, I'll help you all across," Midna said, gesturing to the wide open space between the entrance to the sacred grove and where they were standing. "Pucca and Charlotte, you guys will need to hold on tight. It will be much harder for me to lift Garu and Vendetta with you on their backs. If you fall off and into the pit . . ." she left the sentence unfinished, but everyone understood what would happen.

Midna quickly pulled Link across, but was having trouble with Pucca and Garu. It was very hard to grab Garu while trying not to crush Pucca with her giant hand. Finally she managed it, and did the same thing with Vendetta and Charlotte. After the group had balanced along tightropes and walked across, the came to a howling stone. Link listened to the tune, memorized it, and howled it back. The group was surprised when a little blue kid appeared out of nowhere and blew his horn, summoning four Puppets.

"What the heck are these things?!" Vendetta screeched, trying to dodge as one of the Puppets took a swing at her.

"I don't know, but we have to follow that thing! Come on!" Link ripped into one of the Puppets, and with the help of Garu, they finished the rest off and started after the little blue kid, who was really the Skull Kid. Much to their dismay, the Skull Kid kept blowing his horn, summoning more of his Puppets. After searching for a while, Vendetta had managed to climb up onto a ledge and was snarling at the Skull Kid.

"Tell us where to find the sword," Vendetta growled. The Skull Kid just laughed and blew his horn again.

"Vendetta, you have to bite him!" Link said, helping Garu destroy a Puppet who was about to hit Pucca.

"Ew! No!" Vendetta said.

"Vendetta, just do it!" Garu yelled at her, fighting off yet another batch of Puppets. Vendetta looked at the Skull Kid disgustedly. She sighed.

"I'd better get my body back soon," she muttered, jumping at the Skull Kid. She caught his arm, and he screeched and ran away.

"Ech! That's disgusting!" Vendetta said, spitting out a torn piece of fabric.

"Aw, come on!" Pucca said as she watched the Skull Kid run away again. The group set off after him, and many bites later, the Skull Kid turned into leaves.

"Eee hee! We should play again sometime!" he said, giggling. The group looked around, and Link heard a tune playing. He listened, and then he howled it back. The two statues on either side of this great arched doorway came to life. Vendetta, Pucca, Charlotte, and Garu were sent flying, and Link and Midna were left alone on what looked like a game board.

"We are the guardians of the Sacred Grove," the first statue said.

"Return us to our original places and you will gain entrance to the Sacred Grove," the second statue instructed.

"Great, just what we need. Another puzzle," Midna said.

"Hey, I think I know how to solve it," Charlotte said. "Link, jump left." Link complied. "Okay, now go right." This continued on until the Guardians were back in their original spots. A door appeared, and so did the ground.

"I didn't know you were good at puzzles," Pucca said as Garu joined step with Vendetta.

"Tee-hee! I love to do them in my free time!" Charlotte said, smiling.

"What free time?" Vendetta asked. "You spend all your time annoying me."

"Hey guys, we made it!" Link exclaimed, Midna having to cling to his fur so as not to get thrown off as he ran to a sword stuck into the middle of the ground on a pedestal. As soon as everyone had gathered around it, there was a blinding flash of light and Midna, Pucca, and Charlotte were thrown back. When the light dispersed, Link, now in human form, pulled out the sword and held it up over his head.

"Finally, I'm back to normal," Vendetta said as Pucca ran up to Garu and they met in a hug.

"Hey, guys look," Midna said. Everyone walked over to Midna and they saw three crystals in her hand.

"Be careful. If you touch them, you'll turn back into a wolf!" Midna warned as Link reached out his hand. He snatched it back.

"Hmm . . . I guess I should just hang on to these then," Midna said. "Now you three can turn into wolves whenever you want."

"Link I would ever want to do that again," Vendetta muttered.

"You might have to," Link said. "Midna, can you get us out of here?"

"Sure," she replied. Just as she opened up a portal, there was a flash of blue lightning in the sky, and the portal turned yellow.

"NO!" Midna exclaimed as they were all sucked into the portal. They disappeared, not knowing where the portal would take them.

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