Summery: Lilly, Jamie, Caspian, and Zac are kidnapped after their village is attacked and destroyed

Summery: Lilly, Jamie, Caspian, and Zac are kidnapped after their village is attacked and destroyed. They are taken to a prison where they are split into two groups and Lilly and her brother Caspian must survive as children.

Chapter one


Lilly hummed to herself as she curled up in the corner of the cell she shared with her brother and friend Kate. The music was one of her mother's old lullabies she would sing to Caspian and her.

"I can't believe you still remember that Lilly." Caspian said from the makeshift bed.

"It is so sweet, can you sing it Lilly?" Kate asked as she rolled over in her bed. Lilly was the youngest of all three of them. She was only 16 and she had been taken when she was only five. Caspian would be hitting 20 in just a few days and Kate was 17.

Lilly's beautiful emerald green hair shined in the darkness of the cell. As did the white dress that was almost completely covered in dark crimson blood.

"It is one of the few memories that I do have, Caspian. I remember mother sitting by my bed in the shining moonlight. There was a crown on her head that she said would one day be passed down to me. She would sing the same song over and over again until I was finally asleep.

'Who are those little girls in pain
Just trapped in castle of dark side of moon
Twelve of them shining bright in vain
Like flowers that blossom just once in years

They're dancing in the shadow
Like whispers of love
Just dreaming of a place
Where they're free as dove

They've never been allowed
To love in this cursed cage

It's only the fairy tale they believe

They've never been allowed
To love in this cursed cage

It's only the fairy tale they believe'"

Lilly smiled when her over sensitive ears picked up the even breathes of her friends now asleep.

Lilly closed her eyes behind the purple cloth silk that covered her eyes. It was hard for her to sleep, I always had been that way. Her four remaining senses were always on high alert and it drove her crazy.

Although her eyes were of no use to her Lilly could still see. She could detect sound waves that would bounce off things and hit her sensitive ears and give her the exact shape, and location of what ever was in a room.

There was a low voice coming from down the corridor of cells and it was easy for Lilly to pick up the voice. It was Captain James Cross. He was a tall man with handsome features but and he had always been kind to Lilly even if she was a prisoner.

"Did you here the news?" She heard James asked

"No, what's going on?" The other man asked.

"The Darkmoon family is coming to choose slaves. I can't believe that out of all the places they could have gone they come to this one." James said eagerly.

"James?" Lilly called out in her angel like voice.

"Lilly, you still awake? Wow, you weren't kidding about not being able to sleep. What you need kid?" James asked with a smile on his face.

"Who are the Darkmoons?" Lilly asked.

"Oh that's right, you don't know them. Well they are one of the four legendary families that rule the land."

"Thank you James." Lilly smiled the same smile she had in years. It was sad but it showed so much of the woman that was wearing it, Bravery, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, Strength, and a whole lot of stubbornness. It was a genuine smile that only Lilly could pull off.

"Good night Lilly, sweet dreams."

"As to you Captain." Lilly raised her gloved hand and pressed it to her eyes. Her eyes were fire.

It was always like this. Ever since she was little and that terrible accident had stolen her eyesight.

'"Lilly, I heard you scream, what…" Caspian trailed off as soon as he saw his younger sister's body'

'That was the worse day of my life.' Lilly thought as she let her eyelids slide closed and she welcomed the familiar darkness and the nightmares that came with it.

It wasn't long before every cell was opened and Lilly was pulled awake. She felt her eyes once again, only to find them still on fire.

She sighed. At least she would get a cool shower today, hopefully that would cool down her burning eyes.

Kate and Caspian were still asleep while others moved out of their cells for the only meal of the day.

"Come on you two, get up before all the food is gone." Lilly said as she dug through the blanket on her bed.

"Lilly, how can you stand not eating? I mean look at you!" Kate said as she moved off her bed. "You should be dead! But no, you hold a perfect figure and you eat no more then a street rat!"

"Leave her alone Kate. She has never eaten." Caspian groaned as he rolled off his own bed.

"It's just not healthy." Kate shook her head and her blonde hair moved with her as she walked out of the cell into the long corridor.

"Darn! Where is the bag?" Lilly searched through her only belongings to find what she was looking for.

"Looking for something sis?" Caspian asked as he held out the purple bag that kept everything Lilly owned in it.

"Give me that!" She grabbed the bag from her brother

"Be nice." Caspian began, "I'm going to eat. I'll be back later."

"Ok, see ya." Lilly sat down on the makeshift bed. She dug through the bag and brought out a small yellow pencil with a sharp point and small notebook.

She opened and looked at her neat handwriting. She had written several notes on the music paper that the Captain had given her for her birthday ten years ago.

She softly hummed the song to herself and when she was satisfied with the song she flipped to the next page. This one was clean and the five lines waited to help her create her music.

"Miss Lilly!" A boy shrieked as he ran into the cell and climbed omyp Lilly's lap.

"Tommy, is something wrong?" Lilly set down her paper and pen and held to crying boy to her chest.

"They're coming Miss Lilly, they're Miss Lilly." He sobbed into her dress. Lilly reached into her purple bang and pulled out a small blanket she had since she was a child and wrapped it around the young 2 year old.

"There you are boy!" A man shouted Lilly jumped to her feet and held Tommy closer to her.

"Lilly?" Captain James rounded the corner with Boss ahead of him and two boys my age, and middle-aged woman, and a middle-aged man. All four of them had crowns on their heads.

"Lilly, what is going on?" James asked.

"What did you do to Tommy? I haven't seen him this upset since his mother died." Lilly asked as she narrowed her eyes. "I was left to protect her and you had darn well tell me now." She hissed.

James flinched. He had heard Lilly like this before. And if they didn't do exactly what the girl in the shadows ordered someone could end put with a broken hand or worse. But unfaultable the Boss didn't know this.

"Give us the child prisoner. You are not fit to protect him. Look at where you are now." He said as he began toward Lilly.

At that moment Caspian came running down the hall followed by his two friends. Zac and Jamie.

James pushed the royals out of the way telling them to get back and stay back.

"Miss Lilly you're running cold." Tommy said as he touched the black fabric over Lilly's eyes.

Lilly set Tommy down on her bed and pulled the blanket around him again.

"Stay here Tommy. Everything will be alright." Tommy nodded and Lilly turned back to the boss. Her emerald hair was already tied up and her bangs hung in front of her eyes.

"Boss, get out of there!" James yelled.

"NO! NO! NO! NO! LILLY DON'T!" Caspian yelled as he and his friends ran faster. Boss smirked and grabbed the notebook lying on Lilly's bed. Everyone that knew Lilly froze in their place.

Caspian looked to his sister and their back to the notebook. He slowly made his way inch by inch to his sister. Seconds before he reached her Boss took hold of the other side and ripped the paper to shreds. Lilly fell to the ground in tears. Caspian caught his sister and held her to his chest. James stood there with his mouth hanging open and Jamie and Zac here both staring at Boss with such rage. Tommy and gotten to the ground and picked up what remained of the many pages of music.

"Y…Y…You destroyed it." James said as he stared at the ripped pages. The notes were all over and he knew that Lilly would never heal.

"That was her life work you stupid man!" Jamie yelled in rage she moved to attack but Zac held him back.

"This girl needs to get something straight. She is a prisoner here, she has not need for that stupid cloth over her eyes!" The boss reached and grabbed the cloth on Lilly's face. All five of Lilly's friends screamed not to but the Boss did not stop.

He ripped the black cloth and Lilly eyes snapped open for the first time in over 14 years Caspian saw his sister's eyes. But they were not the same

"You stupid man!" Lilly hissed. The light shined into her eyes and she backed away into the shadows covering her eyes.

"She no harm done." Boss said with a smile.

"You fool look at her eyes again!" One of the royal boys shouted.

Boss looked at Lilly's eyes and saw that they were a clouded gray.

"BLIND! I'M BLIND YOU STUPID MAN!" Lilly yelled in rage.