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Chapter 1

Goku's Pride

It was a beautiful Friday morning at the Son household. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and a very pregnant Son Chichi was drinking her morning tea at the window seal, awaiting the arrival of her husband, Son Goku, to return home from his daily breakfast hunt.

Chichi rubbed her stomach. "The baby is one month overdue. When are you coming out, little man?" Chichi wondered. She was ten months pregnant, and had already had two false alarms of going into labor. She was in a great deal of pain, for it seemed as if this child's kick was harder than she could handle. Just then, the door opened.

"Ossu, Chi!" Goku exclaimed, "Look what I caught," Goku continued, while holding up his prize for the morning, a giant fish bigger than himself. "Now all I need is some bananas, and your breakfast will be complete!" he finished, with a disgusted look on his face. "I just don't get it, why does Chi like fish meat blended together with bananas?" Goku pondered. Chichi's current food craving was, what she called, a fish smoothie. It was one of the only foods Goku found gross. He found it sickly disturbing. Goku then grabbed the fish, put it on the grill, and waited for Chichi to come over and cook it. Slowly, Chichi made her way over to the grill to make Goku and herself some breakfast. Chichi cooked the fish for 30 minutes, while Goku watched her the whole time. Suddenly, Chichi gripped the side of the grill, and doubled over in pain. Goku saw this, and was quickly by her side. "Chichi?" he asked. She quickly stood up and nodded to him, assuring Goku she was alright. "Somethings still wrong, I can feel it." Goku thought. All of a sudden, Goku remembered that he had forgotten all about Chichi's bananas, so he set out for the forest. When he started walking, Chichi stopped him.

"Goku, I'm not really feeling well, so I'm not very hungry. Here, your fish is almost done. Come and get it so I can sit down," Chichi said, making her way over to the couch.

"Hey, Chi, are you alright?" Goku asked her. Ever since Chichi's last false alarm, he had been on a constant watch of her. Sure, he didn't know what labor was, or how babies were born for that matter, but it still scared him. All he knew was that whenever Chichi went into this "labor" thing, Chichi was in pain, and he hated to see her in pain.

"Yes, Goku, I'm fine!" Chichi said rather snappy. "If you want to help, go get me some water and a pillow," she commanded. Goku ran off to grab what she needed, not wanting to upset her. Just then, Chichi felt another sharp pain. Only this time, it was longer. Chichi suddenly felt worried, and she realized these were no ordinary pain. These were contractions.

"GOKU!!" she screamed, causing for her father, who was asleep upstairs, to wake up and come running downstairs to see what was wrong with his only daughter. Goku also came running in, worried about what had caused that sudden death scream.

"Chichi, Chichi, what's wrong!?" Goku asked frantically. Chichi screamed, as her contractions coming very fast and very painful.

"Get. Me. A. Cold. Washcloth. And. A. Doctor. NOW!!" Chichi screamed at him. Goku heard the word doctor and jumped. He hated doctors. He brushed that thought quickly aside, and ran to get the phone.

"Chichi, sweetheart, are you ok? Is this the real thing?" Gyu-Mao calmly asked his daughter. He was the only member in the Son household who keeping his cool at that moment.

"I'm going into LABOR Dad, how do you THINK I feel!?" Chichi yelled, while panting. At that moment, Goku came running in, phone in hand.

"What is the doctor's number!? Who is the doctor I'm calling!? HOW DO YOU TURN ON THIS PHONE!?" Goku yelled, desperately wanting help.

"Goku, let me call the doctor, you stay with Chichi," Gyu-Mao said, grabbing the phone and quickly dialing the doctor's number. "Goku, you do know where Dr. Kimune lives, correct?" he asked.

"Well, yeah. Me and Chi went there lots of times before, for checkups and stuff. You want me to go get him right?" Goku asked. Before he got an answer, Chichi screamed. "I'll take that as a yes!" Goku exclaimed, running out the door. "KINTOUN!!" Goku yelled. Within a few seconds, Kintoun came, and Goku jumped on, flying miles away to find the doctor. Finally, he spotted his house. He landed, and ran into his house, without even knocking. "MR. DOCTOR MAN! YO! ARE YOU IN HERE!?" Goku yelled.

"Yes, yes, Mr. Goku. I'm right here. Now, what is it you need? Has Chichi finally gone into labor?" the doctor asked.

"Yeah, whatever that labor thing is!" Goku said.

"Mr. Goku, we've been over this many times. Labor is when Chichi has her baby." the doctor explained.

"WELL THEN WE GOTTA GET GOIN' FAST!" Goku yelled, grabbing the doctor and jumping onto Kintoun, making it to his house in less than a minute. Goku then again grabbed the man and ran inside to Chichi's screams.

"GOKU, IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU'RE HERE!" Chichi screamed at him. The doctor then, after getting over the shock he had from Goku dragging him there, went over to Chichi to see how far along she was.

"Well, it seems that baby is coming fast! She already 10cm dilated! It appears I was almost too late! Mr. Gyu-Mao, if you don't mind, could you please go grab a few blankets so we can get that baby out of there?" the doctor asked Gyu-Mao. In a flash, he was running upstairs. And in an even quicker flash, he was back downstairs. He set the blankets down beneath Chichi, and went to stand by the side of Chichi that Goku wasn't by. Chichi screamed, and grabbed Goku's hand.

"GOKU HELP ME!" Chichi cried.

"Isn't there anything we can do to stop her from bein' in pain?" Goku asked. But the doctor only shook his head. Goku grabbed Chichi's hand tighter.

"Alright Chichi, now when I say 'push' I want you to push until the count to ten is over. Ready, now? PUSH!" the doctor told her. "Goku, count to ten!" the doctor commanded, as Chichi started pushing with all her might.

"Uhh, well, ok. One... Two... Three... Four... Five... Six... Seven... Eight... Nine... Umm, Chichi? I forgot, what comes after ten again?" Goku casually asked.

"TEEEEEEEEEEEN!!" Chichi screamed at the top of her lungs. And with that, a baby was born. The doctor quickly grabbed it, looked at Chichi, and handed it to Goku.

"Woah, woah, wait! Why did you give me this!? It's all bloody and wet and...yuck! You take it!" Goku exclaimed in surprise.

"Goku, wrap that one up in a blanket. I'm still busy. It appears as if there's another baby inside Chichi, we saw the one still inside her, but not the child that you're holding. I don't understand how we missed it!" the doctor explained. Goku nodded his head, still disgusted at the first baby's appearance. But he ignored his nauseated stomach, and grabbed a blanket. Before wrapping the banket around the small baby, he wiped the blood off it's face. And what he saw, was the most beautiful thing he had even laid his black eyes on. He started at it for a minute, and realized that he still didn't know if it was a boy or a girl. The baby has long eyelashes, so he figured it was a girl. But since he wasn't 100 sure, he decided to use his old "Pat-Pat" technique to determine the baby's gender. He patted and smiled. It was a girl. HIS little girl. And for the first time, Goku felt as if he could never look away.

"IT'S A GIRL!" exclaimed the VERY proud father.

"GOKU!! NOBODY CARES RIGHT NOW! WE'RE STILL KINDA BUSY HERE!" Chichi screamed, while still in the process of getting the second baby out.

"Ok, Chichi. Ready now? Mr. Gyu-Mao, please count to ten when I say push, as Mr. Goku appears to not know how to. Ok, PUSH!" the doctor said. Gyu-Mao started counting.

"One... Two... Three... Four... Five... Six... Seven... Eight... Nine... YOU DID IT CHICHI!" Gyu-Mao exclaimed. The second baby was out. Only one thing, Goku hardly payed attention to it. He was still too mesmerized at the sight of his first daughter, and, yet again, payed hardly any attention to the doctor when he yelled.

"It's a boy!" Chichi and Gyu-Mao started crying, as the doctor but the baby boy in a blanket, and handed it to Gyu-Mao.

"Mr. Goku! Why have you now put that child in a blanket yet!?" the doctor asked, causing Goku to come out of his trance. The doctor grabbed the baby out of his hands, and wrapped her in a blanket. Goku's eyes didn't leave his daughter. When the doctor was done, he noticed Goku was still staring at the baby girl. "Goku, would you like to hold her again?" he asked.

"W-well, I don't wanna break her or anythin'!" Goku replyed.

"I want to hold her!" Chichi exclaimed, still in tears. Instead, Gyu-Mao handed the baby boy to her, and went to grab some tissues for their eyes. "Oh... my... god. Goku, look at him! Isn't he BEAUTIFUL!?" Chichi exclaimed. But Goku wasn't listening, his eyes were still fixed on the other baby.

"Again I ask, Mr. Son, would you like to hold her?" the doctor asked, handing the baby out to Goku. Goku hesitated, but slowly he held his hands out. "There now, Goku. Now, hold under her head, and- Yes, very good, just like that!" Goku didn't answer, but just stared at the baby. She wasn't crying, unlike the baby boy that he heard. She was just looking at him. All of a sudden, Goku saw a camera flash, bringing him back to reality. Looking up, he saw Gyu-Mao smiling at him, as he had jut taken the first picture of the two of them together.

"Goku, if you don't mind, may I?" Gyu-Mao asked, holding out his hands to Goku, wanting to hold his granddaughter.

"W-well, I was hoping, maybe I could still, well just for a little while longe-" Goku was cut off mid-sentence.

"Here dad, come hold him. If you don't mind, I would like to take a nap. I'm quite exhausted, and I'm sure you can understand that." Chichi said, while handing the baby boy out to Gyu-Mao. Meanwhile, Goku was still looking at the beautiful sight his baby girl was. He was staring at her, and she was staring at him. All of a sudden, she smiled.

"SHE SMILED AT ME!" Goku yelled, with a huge smile on his face. While saying that, he saw a camera flash go off once again, as Gyu-Mao was still taking pictures of him.

"Goku, she probably just has gas," the doctor told him. Goku frowned and looked back down at his daughter. "No, I know it's not gas. I'm not that dumb. I know a smile when I see one, and that's a smile on that pretty face. I just know it," Goku thought. She was still smiling at him one minute later, and then Goku felt the doctor pulling his daughter away from him. When he was doing this, the baby girl frowned, and started screaming, jolting Chichi awake from her nap.

"WHAT'S WRONG!?" she yelled, in worry for her baby. As soon as the baby boy heard his sister crying, he joined in, screaming just as loud, if not louder. Suddenly, the Son household sounded like a screamo rock song. Everyone tried to quiet them, but they just wouldn't stop. Everyone but Goku tried to hold the baby boy, and everyone but Goku also tried to girl, in hope that they would stop screaming.

"Let me hold her!" Goku exclaimed, grabbing the baby girl from Gyu-Mao. The minute she was in his arms, she stopped screaming. And when she stopped screaming, so did the baby boy. Everyone smiled.

"I see a daddy's girl in the making!" Gyu-Mao said, a smile wide on his face.

"NO, Dad, my babies are going to be great scholars when they're older! No child of mine, especially my daughter, is going to be like their father, just training all the time, and no brains to go with it," Chichi said. "Now, Goku, when the doctor is done checking our babies, you are to take him home."

"No, no. It's alright. A six hour walk won't kill! It's good for me! And besides, I already checked the babies, and they're perfectly fine, so I will be on my way. You two are to take the babies to the hospital in two weeks to get a check-up. The only concern I have for the two is the fact that they have, well, tails! But I'm taking Gyu-Mao's word when he says it's normal from Goku's side. And Chichi, stay in bed for the remaining of the day, and you will be able to walk around by tomorrow. Now, I best be on my way! Good bye everyone, and congratulations!" the doctor said as he went out the front door.

"Well, Goku, Chichi," Gyu-Mao started, "I think I'ma gonna go take a nap now. That was exhausting. I'll come down later!" And with that, he went upstairs, and Goku and Chichi quickly heard snoring within a few minutes.

"Goku, can you believe it!? We're parents! We have children of our own, now!" Chichi said while holding the baby boy as she started to cry. "I think I'm also going to take a nap. I need one. If anything happens, wake me up. Now, goodnight. Oh, and Goku?"

"Yes, Chichi?" Goku asked, while holding the baby girl.

"I love you," Chichi said, and she fell asleep, leaving Goku the only one awake with the babies. He went and sat on the other couch with his daughter. He noticed she was starting to fall asleep, after her brother did on top on Chichi. Goku watched her slowly falling asleep, and he soon found he was starting the drift off to sleep as well. Right before Goku fell asleep, he whispered to his daughter.

"Don't worry, my daughter, I will still find a way to train you."