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"I present Lelouch Vi Britannia, seventeenth heir to the Britannian throne," a voice boomed in the giant throne room of the Emperor of Britannia as a young boy with royal purple eyes slowly marched down the red carpet.

The nobles and royalty gathered in the hall were whispering amongst themselves about the recent assassination of they boy's mother, how it could be nothing but a scheme by someone amongst them or the royal family. How he had lost his chance at the throne, how his mother's family was ruined, and his younger sister's condition. The boy ignored it all and stood before his father and announced, "My Emperor. My Mother is dead."

With a bored expression as he looked down at Lelouch, the emperor merely asked, "What of it?"

"What of it?" Lelouch asked like it should be obvious.

"You sought an audience with me, the Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire, simply to tell me that? Bring in the next supplicant. I have no time to listen to the whims and fancies of children." Lelouch merely stood there, clenching his fist and gritting his teeth, "Was there something else? the emperor asked, still looking down at Lelouch.

Lelouch clenched his fists, the idea that his father could care less about what had happened to him sinking in now, gritting his teeth he then declared, "I request the chance to take revenge, to find out who."

"You, nothing more than a mere child, think you are worthy let alone capable of avenging the death of one of my wives? Foolish, childish," the emperor said coldly, his eyes glaring down at Lelouch..

Lelouch almost took a step back, and then steeled himself, stopped himself from shaking, to continue his request, "Then I'll prove myself, name it, what do I have to do? What will it take?" Lelouch asked, his knuckles going white from him holding his fists as tightly as he was.

The emperor raised an eyebrow as he looked at Lelouch, as if he was trying to determine if Lelouch's fists were a sign of defiance, or a sign of fear, of him trying to hold himself together. "I have no need for the weak, what makes you think I have any faith that you could accomplish a task I set before you? You with the weak blood of your mother," the emperor asked.

It was slight, but it was there, the Emperor was testing Lelouch. "Would it hurt you if I tried?" Lelouch asked, "Would it hurt Britannia if I failed in whatever task you could think up? I can at least try." The emperor's mouth, drew up ever so slightly as he watched his son, "I will succeed in whatever you set before me!" Lelouch declared loudly, so much so that it echoed throughout the hall.

"Very well, Lelouch, I will set before you one task and one task alone. You will be required to follow through with this task even after completing it, but should you complete it I will allow you to investigate that matter," the emperor said, a smirk on his lips as he looked down at Lelouch, "Do you accept?"

"Yes, what task must I accomplish?" Lelouch answered without hesitation.

"Conquer Japan,"

"Yes, your majesty," Lelouch said, the nobles throughout the hall stunned at this, that a mere child was being given such a task, "Will I be given troops or must I raise them myself?"

The Emperor smirked, his expression changing from one of annoyance to amusement, "You will be given command of one theater of the Empire, two hundred thousand solders. Choose one of your siblings as your second in command, I don't care who. However I wish to see the effectiveness of the Knightmare Frames, use them however you wish but I want them tested in actual combat. You have six months to plan the attack," the emperor said, "Show me that my blood is stronger in you than your weak mother's."

Lelouch gritted his teeth and answered, "Yes, your Majesty."

The emperor turned to look at a rather rotund man in a military uniform, who had a receding hairline of brown hair, "Bartley Asprius, you will command one of the armies in this theater, take Lelouch and pick out the other three armies and generals."

The man snapped his feet together and saluted the emperor, "Yes, your majesty," then he turned enough to look at Lelouch, "You highness, please follow me."

Lelouch sighed, his entire body language telling all he was greatly relieved that things had gone so well as he walked towards Bartley, who then led him from the room, "Thank god," Lelouch sighed out in relief the moment they were a decent ways away from the throne room.

"You did very well Prince Lelouch," Bartley congratulated the young prince, "Not many people could stand before his majesty like you did. You certainly made yourself look good to the nobility in that room."

"That doesn't really matter, I don't care what those nobles think of me. What matters is why Japan."

"Sakuradite, it's an important material to build superconductors, meaning it's an important in the construction of electronic devices, especially military equipment," Bartley explained.

"Don't we have our own supplies?" Lelouch asked, thinking this sounded rather suspect.

"Yes, but nowhere near as high as Japan possesses, it produces around seventy percent of the world's supply. Although there are alternative material, Sakuradite is a liquid superconductor, making it rather unique,"

"I see, then we have to secure the sources of Sakuradite first while taking out military opposition," Lelouch said as they left the main palace, "Sakuradite is the King, the leader of Japan is the Queen, and the army are its rooks, bishops, and knights. The pawns are the civilians," Lelouch continued on, more to himself now, "The best way to take this problem out is to strike at the queen while aiming at the other important pieces. Once those are removed the King is helpless. Now then, I need to choose who'll play my second."

"It shouldn't be too hard, you'll start getting offers by the end of the day your highness. This news will travel fast…"

"Yes it does, congratulations Lelouch," a calm and collected male voice said as a blonde man in imperial clothes walked out from around a corner.

"Schneizel, you've all ready heard?" Lelouch asked, a small smirk on his face.

"Yes I have, I must say I'm surprised you convinced father to give you this chance. I came to wish you luck, and to suggest you take on Cornelia as your second. She may not be as experienced as myself or Odysseus, but she is very promising," Schneizel suggested, his ever calm and small smile spread on his lips.

"Thank you, I'll take that into consideration," Lelouch said with a bow of his head, Schneizel ruffling his hair and then walked away.

"Good luck Lelouch, the Japanese can be a shrewd people," Schneizel commented as he turned around a corner.

"Shall I contact Princess Cornelia?" Bartley asked Lelouch when they continued to walk down the hall.

"No, Cornelia is tested and her ability is well known. If I choose her this won't be my accomplishment. Although it is not tactically sound I need to pick someone they know I'm a better tactician than," Lelouch answered quickly.

"Then allow me to help you out Lelouch," a blonde haired man in an outfit similar to Schneizel's suggested as he walked up, though he looked younger than Schneizel.

"Clovis?" Lelouch seemed to ask, "I see, I have beaten you far more often in chess and in strategy games in general. But why are you offering?"

"It's simple, even though it'll be well known that it's your work, I'll look good by being involved in such an important effort," Clovis explained, "I probably couldn't do this invasion on my own, but between the two of us we can succeed and earn position."

"I see, well you are certainly good enough to not be a burden, in fact a boon, and you are old enough that the solders will take you seriously," Lelouch said, sighing he added, "Definitely something I need considering my age." Lelouch smirked and said, "I've got a plan, it'll put the Japanese off guard and it'll raise you up further than if we did this any other way Clovis. But you will have to follow my battle plans exactly. Otherwise it'll make you look worse than any other way."

"A risky plan, but one with great benefits?" Clovis asked, "Well, if it's you, I'll believe it'll work. What's the plan?"

"Not here, we'll speak in private," Lelouch said as he led his elder brother Clovis and the far older Bartley along, "Alongside the other generals we choose."

"About what?" Bartley asked.

"My plan to lower Japan's defenses. We'll attack the northern part of it with our main forces, and attack the capitol with the Knightmares, have them sweep in quickly to put down the various military facilities there. The element of surprise will be our strength, they won't expect a small force of Knightmares as the main force of the attack when we'll prepare to assault in much greater numbers with more conventional weapons elsewhere," Lelouch explained, "We'll tear though far faster than we could do so otherwise, minimize the casualties on both sides."

Six months later…

"Suzaku, I'm sorry, but this was the only way," Lelouch said to a brown haired Japanese boy who was looking at Lelouch almost dumbly, standing with his older brother Clovis as the Britannian army escorted the now conquered Japanese people to shelters, Lelouch looking fairly guilty, "This way was the only way I could guarantee the least amount of bloodshed for both sides."

"Lelouch, you did it, you organized all of it?" the young boy, Suzaku, asked, "But…weren't we…"

"Yes, we were, and I'll continue to think of you as one," Lelouch said, he was now buttoning a royal vest and jacket up on his small frame designating himself as Royalty, "You were my first friend Suzaku. I wish I could have achieved this in some other way. Suzaku, we probably won't see each other again, but good luck, I'll do my best to make sure the transition will be as easy as possible for you and your people."

Lelouch turned around as Suzaku was led alongside the other Japanese away into the refuge camps. He got into a car alongside Clovis and they began to drive towards the command center for the Britannian Army. "That must have been hard for you Lelouch," Clovis said carefully, trying not to upset Lelouch more than he all ready was.

"How is Nunnally?" Lelouch asked, changing the subject rather quickly.

"She's surprised, shocked, and a little angry with you when she found out you organized it all," Clovis sighed as he looked out the window, the solder driving them obviously uncomfortable by the rather personal nature of the conversation he was being forced to listen to.

"That's understandable, and what of father?" Lelouch asked, his primary concern out of the way now.

"Pleasantly surprised we pulled it off, he honestly didn't expect us to be able to win this fight. He would have been astounded if we didn't receive some formidable opposition near Itsukushima, we won that battle, but it took a couple of days. The general in that area was truly astounding, Toudou something…"

"I see, well then, we have a lot of work to get done don't we?" Lelouch asked, trying to sound happier.

"Indeed, Governor Lelouch," Clovis said with a chuckle, "Father officially promoted you after he heard your plan was a success. I've been appointed as your vice-governor because he thinks we make a good team."

"Heh, imagine that. Well then, I was thinking about implementing the Honoree Britannian System here as soon as possible, given how quickly Japan was taken…no what area number was it given?" Lelouch asked.

"Area Eleven," Clovis answered, "A nice number if you ask me, two ones side by side."

"Area Eleven, that would make the Japanese Elevens now…that's going to take some getting use to," Lelouch said as he looked out the window, then he saw something that caught his attention. "Stop the car," Lelouch said and was quickly obeyed.

"Lelouch what's…" Clovis began to ask when Lelouch opened the door and hopped out of the car, Clovis fumbling with his door to follow him.

Lelouch marched towards a scene he found rather distressing, a young red-headed girl was being manhandled by a Britannian solder who was trying to separate her from an older Japanese boy, well into his teens as he was being herded towards the refuge camp, "What is the meaning of this?" Lelouch loudly asked catching all of their attention.

The solder let go of the girl and clicked his heels together in salute, "I'm trying to take the girl to find her family, this Eleven has obviously kidnapped…" the solder responded as Lelouch looked at the two of them.

"Are you two related?" Lelouch asked in Japanese the teenager and the red-headed girl, she couldn't have been older than he was, but the look in her eyes was far more naïve than his own, a fact that didn't sit well with Lelouch.

"Yes, she's my younger sister, well half-sister," the teenager answered looking at Lelouch, somewhat surprised that the Solder listened to him.

Lelouch turned to the solder and said in English, "She's half Japanese, he is her brother. You're doing the opposite of what you intend to do. Cease and desist."

"Yes your highness," the solder said, walking away to deal with the crowd as a whole now.

"There, that solves your problem for you," Lelouch said in Japanese again, turning to leave.

"Ummm, can I ask your name?" the teenager asked.

"Lelouch Vi Britannia," Lelouch answered while he walked back towards the car, Clovis finally managing to get his door to open and got out of the car, only for Lelouch to take that exact moment to hop back in.

"I have the worst timing," Clovis laughed as he got back in, closing his door, "So what was that about? You're not the type to take other people's problems on yourself."

"They were brother and sister," Lelouch said, answering Clovis' question without directly stating his answer.

Seven years later

A much older Lelouch was now examining a capsule that he had been trapped inside a truck with. Lelouch had let his hair grow out slightly and was wearing a school uniform to a Britannian Family that was related to his later Mother, the Ashfords. He sighed as doors to the truck opened up revealing he was pretty deep underground, "I swear, I got myself into one hell of a situation," Lelouch complained lightly, right before something caught his eye, a flying kick aimed at his head which Lelouch barely had time to block, but the source of the kick was powerful enough to send him flying to the ground, and he was quickly pinned.

"Stop killing! I know it's tough but stop involving innocent…" a solder demanded of Lelouch.

"Get off me Private unless you enjoy pinning your governor to the floor," Lelouch said in a commanding voice, glaring at the solder.

"What…" the solder stammered, getting up and backing away, Lelouch getting up himself and then walking into the light, "Lelouch, it is you…do you remember…" the solder said as he removed his helmet.

"Suzaku? You joined the military?" Lelouch asked surprised at seeing his old friend again.

"Yes, but you, you joined a…"

"Of course not, that would be counter-productive to do things in such a round about way when I could just order it," Lelouch said as he looked at the capsule, "What's in this thing?"

"Poison gas by the reports," Suzaku said, his eyes widening, the capsule was opening, Suzaku leapt forward to cover Lelouch with his body as he forced a gas mask over Lelouch's face.

The capsule opened in a brilliant display of light as a young green haired woman was revealed to have been kept inside, bound in an excessively complex straight-jacket.

"Suzaku, I hate to break it to you, but that's not poison gas," Lelouch said as he tried to get up, hampered by Suzaku being just as surprised as he was by this revelation and still laying on top of him, "Suzaku, I'm going to start accusing you of liking this position if you don't let me up," Lelouch threatened snapping Suzaku out of his shock and off of him. Lelouch got up and walked over to the girl, "Suzaku, give me a hand getting her out of this thing."

"Ah, yes of course," Suzaku said, the two of them lifting the girl up and out of the capsule, and then out of the truck onto the ground, and began undoing her bonds bit by bit as she slowly came to, "So who is she Lelouch? Do you have any idea?"

"Not a clue, but if word gets out about…"

"Word won't get out," a much older voice said as many clicking of guns could be heard, "Who gave you permission to…"

"His governor that's who," Lelouch snapped as he stood up, "Your name and unit solder," Lelouch ordered as he walked forward, taking a small cross from his jacket, the badge of the Royal Family, "Lelouch Vi Britannia commands it, and I want to know what's going on here."

"The…" one of the other solders said as Suzaku came forward and walked towards the leader of the group.

"It doesn't matter. Boy, shoot him," the leader said, shocking Lelouch as he handed Suzaku a pistol.

"But…I can't shoot a prince, let alone…" Suzaku objected and turning to Lelouch, and was quickly shot in the back.

"Suit yourself, nobody can know about this, even the Governor of Area Eleven," the leader of this unit of solders said, obviously a special unit. "Any last words your highness?" the solder asked with a smirk on his face as Lelouch grimaced, trying to find a way out of this situation, "Perhaps something you'd like me to tell Prince Clovis when he takes your job?"

Fortunately for him, he didn't have to find a way, the truck behind him exploded, sending rubble crashing down, separating Lelouch from his would be executioners for a moment, which was all Lelouch needed to grab the girl and retreat down one of the many tunnels and out of site. "Damn it, what's going on here. What is Clovis planning?" Lelouch grumbled as he led the girl, "And what is with this girl? Why is she considered to be such a secret?" After a while, Lelouch stopped to catch his breath, and looked at the girl, who was watching him with her yellow eyes, almost cat-like, "Do you have a name?"

The girl remained quiet for a moment, just watching him and then answered, "C.C."

"C.C. is it? Well then, I don't suppose you could inform me of what's going on?" Lelouch asked, "Or at least why you were in that capsule."

"They were, studying me," C.C. answered carefully.

"So there's something special about you," Lelouch said looking at her, taking note of a strange tattoo she had on her forehead, "That doesn't exactly narrow things down any. If they are willing to kill me over you, there is something very special about you."

"I'll show you, in exchange for one wish you will grant me," C.C. offered, "In exchange for granting one of my wishes I'll give you a power unlike any other."

"Is this some sort of, no it's probably not. What is your wish?" Lelouch asked looking at C.C.

"Destroy the Sword of Akasha," she answered immediately, "A simple request."

"Destroy a sword, very well, if you can grant me this so called great power, I'll gladly destroy this sword for you," Lelouch said, C.C. walking towards him and placing her hand on his chest.

Then Lelouch began seeing strange images, Jupiter, an army of women with the same mark on their bodies as C.C. had, two planets about to crash into one another, and then he heard the woman's voice, "In exchange for this gift of power, you will grant one wish of mine. You will live amongst humans as one of them, but also not one of them. Different Rules, Different Time, Different Life. The power of the king will indeed make you lonely," and then Lelouch saw his father standing before a strange temple.

"Very well, I enter into this contract," Lelouch said as the images faded, and he suddenly became aware of something awakening inside of him, "Geass," he said as his eye lit up with the same symbol as the one that was on C.C.'s forehead. He smirked as his mind flooded with information, all pertaining to how to activate this new found power, "Destroy the Sword of Akasha? Such a simple request in exchange for this power, I could destroy Britannia with this power…no, I think I'll take the throne instead, I'll rewrite Britannia's rules, I'll find out my mother's killers. Heh, this power, finally it will grant me the power I need to grant my wishes," Lelouch laughed, and the looked at C.C., "Lets go, we have a few things we must do before we're safe."

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