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"What….what in the world?" Hetsu asked looking at the now fused frame floating in front of himself and his remaining partner Keitsu.

"No matter how many enemies are before us," Karen said in the frame as she pressed a trigger.

"We will not be stopped," Lelouch finished typing away at a pair of keyboards.

Outside the now glowing Knightmare Frame raised its right arm, which now had a strange orb like structure at the end of it instead of the normal clawed hand. The orb glowed brightly with the characteristic glow of the Radiation Surge, "Sessho-Seki!" Karen yelled as a pair of intense beams shot out from the orb, lancing the frames of the false code-bearers.

"Looks like my calculation were a bit off," Lelouch commented as the two of them sped through the sky to close the distance between them and Hetsu's machine.

"That only means we have to hit this time," Karen responded to Lelouch latching onto Hetsu's machine and then thrusting the orb into the cut in its hull caused by the previous attack, and then fired again.

"Well crap," Hetsu commented while his frame was ripped apart from the inside out, "Guess that's it for…"

In the Britannian Capitol, Charles Di Britannia sat on his throne with a smirk on his face; the throne room now empty save for his compatriot. Watching the battle he couldn't help but laugh, at least until he started coughing, Schneizel's body not used to producing a laugh in the pitch Charles was used to, "This is going to take getting used to," Charles sighed, "How long?"

"It should be appearing any minute now. It won't be in time to save the Templar however," the Geass Prophet answered.

"Good, the Templar were a necessary annoyance that I no longer have any use for," Charles said, "As for the rest of the troops there, not many are left of my own loyal soldiers are there?"

"No my lord, there aren't many left,"

"Then we'll have it fire the moment it appears," Charles laughed as a huge shape moved behind him, within the Sword of Akasha, Charles himself standing up and walking into the sword in preparation.

Keitsu had been sent down to the ocean with a concentrated blast of power from the fused Knightmare frame Lelouch and Karen were using. "This Amaterasu, the attack power is insane," Lelouch said, "I wonder why this is the strongest of the fusions."

"Isn't it obvious?" Karen asked, almost like she was enjoying herself, "It's because its with my Guren."

The island that had been the source of the Imperial reinforcements began to shake and shatter, "What is that?" Lelouch wondered, just as a small purple light flashed off near the flanks of his troops finishing the battle. And then a great sphere of purple light ballooned from that small light, engulfing everything it touched, "What was…that' can't be…"

A loud, booming laugh filled the open channels as the island exploded, a flying fortress slowly rising from it. On the top of it stood a single frame, a giant of a frame with what appeared to be pits built into its shoulders and a great sword handle grasped in hand. "Well done, well done, Lelouch!" the voice congratulated as the sky seemed to groan, a red light erupting from the ground below, "But you have lost." Twin columns rose from the light, twisting about each other and seemed to be made of the bodies of tortured humans, wrapping themselves around the fortress, "Ragnarok has begun."

Lelouch gritted his teeth, and glared at the sight before them, "That voice, is Schneizel's, but that tone, those words, are my father's."

"But…he was…the Geass again," Karen realized, "He survived, and…you don't think all of this has been…"

"Yes, I do, a brilliant plan, but he failed to take one thing into account," Lelouch said with a smile, "The fact that he thinks I'm just going to accept losing."

"Lelouch," C.C. broadcasted, "We'll need Akasha."

"Yes we will, whatever Charles has planned is not what we had planned. I won't accept this plan of his, something he had to keep hidden from me," V.V. added, "It is not the original Ragnarok but something else now."

Lelouch sighed, "I was hoping I could avoid using it, Karen are you ready to disengage?"

"Yes, you better win though," Karen, said, the Apotheosis shooting off of the Guren, which flew off sans one arm.

The Apotheosis, Deification, and the Divination met up as they shot towards the fortress, and then combined. C.C. in the Divination formed the upper body and arms, V.V. formed the lower body and legs, and Lelouch formed the head and a pair of glowing energy wings. "Akasha," Lelouch said as the multi cockpit opened up between the three pilots and moved them closer to one another, the Knightmare Frame atop the fortress lit up it's sword, a blade seemingly made of fire and light appearing from the hilt, Lelouch smiled, "Surtr…"

"At last you come, we can finally finish this battle with my victory!" Charles laughed out, descending from the fortress in the frame, "And Surtr shall claim victory as has been predicted!"

Lelouch laughed out and then replied back, "It was said Surtr successfully slew those who came before him and set the world to fire only because Freyr gave up his sword."

"What is your point?" Charles asked as he swung his weapon down against the Akasha, only to meet unexpected resistance, something unseen was blocking it.

"Then the Akasha shall be Freyr," Lelouch replied, having pulled down the eye device for his Geass, a great glowing red sword appearing in the Akasha's hands, "And will defeat Surtr before he can set the world aflame."

"Clever word play," Charles said, "A bit off though, Aether doesn't have quite the same pronunciation as Aesir."

"Of all the things you're concerned about, it's my choice of transliteration?" Lelouch asked as the two machines crossed swords, "Really?"

"Naturally, it did put you off guard after all?" Charles replied, slashing a rather large chunk of the Akasha's left arm off.

"True, but he wasn't the one controlling the sword," V.V. replied, the lower part of the Surtr's left leg missing, "Little brother, you're far too naïve."

"That's right, there are three of you in there," Charles replied as several purple light appeared across the battlefield, which then exploded into purple spheres that engulfed everything they touched, "But what can you do when Yggdrasil has rejected you?"

Lelouch's eyes went wide, "…He can do that many of those?"

"And many more, come Lelouch, can you defeat me before I kill everybody?" Charles asked with a diabolic smile, something infinitely scarier upon Schneizel's face, "Can your Freyr kill Surtr before his flames engulf the world?"

"He won't have to!" Ogi yelled, a bulging missile in the Gawain's hand prepared to be rammed into Charles' Knightmare whole the Gawain grabbed hold of it with its free hand.

Charles said nothing for a moment as the missile failed to go off, "I think not, Eleven," Charles hissed out and sliced the Gawain in half, "I've set them so they cannot detonate when they are too close to myself." The Gawain exploded brilliantly, no final message, nothing came on any channel, only dead silence, "But what can you expect from tra…" Charles was cut short, the Surtr suddenly had the red energy sword piercing its chest, barely missing Charles, "Not bad, but you…that light."

"You noticed," Lelouch growled, the red light flooding Charles' cockpit, coming from a simple looking crystalline rod, "Lelouch Vi Britannia orders that only you die Charles Di Britannia."

A moment passed, and then laughter, "Yes, by your command…my Fenr…no my Freyr." The two frames separated and was quickly followed by the Surtr self-destructing.

"Is it over?" Lelouch asked, slouching back in his seat.

It is, but you have one final test, come aboard this fortress, the Damocles, Lelouch Vi Britannia, if you dare to take it.

Lelouch was visibly started, and then sighed, "Not quite I guess, I'll go this one alone," Lelouch said, the three frames separating back into their separate parts, "This one feels like I have to accomplish it on my own."

V.V. laughed at Lelouch's words and then said, "Yes, I suppose this one you do. I never would have guessed this would be the result. Ten years of planning I would say."

"What are you talking about?" C.C. asked the immortal boy, "Your plan was around long before that."

"Yes, but the plan that just beat it couldn't have been around longer than ten years. I can't believe it, no I can, but to think she has had this planned. To beat us all." Within the hour, the Damocles was lowering back into the red light it had sprouted from along with the columns, the light subsiding slowly. The Apotheosis flying out of it while it happened. A similar scene all around the world as the individual Geass Ruins and gates closed themselves, and at the last second as the gates finished closed, a purple flash erupted and was quickly snuffed out.

And then, on that same day, three years later, "The free trade talks with the European Union are going well. About as well as can be expected with that bunch. Too much history between them and Britannia, not to mention there is always someone who disagrees which sets off ten others," V.V. said while sitting down in a chair to a much older Lelouch, who was now wearing white robes with gold highlights, the two of them looking out over a vast garden in the middle of the Britannian Capitol of Pendragon.

"That's to be expected, they did kick our ancestors out of Britain after all, they're apprehensive about our intentions, especially with my rise to the throne and exactly how much I'm like my father," Lelouch replied with a small smile, "Looking back, I can't blame them."

V.V. chuckled, hopping up from his seat, "Nephew, you are not Charles, or myself. Deep down, you are now a happy person, you have what you want and everything you could ever have asked for. Charles had it all and was unhappy. I'm still apprehensive about it, I still don't think your idea will work, that your idea to bring peace to humanity. But, I'm willing to give it a shot."

"Even after she said it would work?" Lelouch asked.

"That girl's ability can only simulate people's reactions ten years into the future, she is unable to read past that. Ten years is not a lot of time, not to an immortal," V.V. stated bluntly, "And there are still unknowns thanks to you placing me as a key piece in your plans. Her ability can't predict me."

"No, but it's better to keep an eye on you rather than not have you pose problems to her ability to read the future," Lelouch countered, "Secretary of Foreign Relations."

"Speaking of which, what about that situation with the Chinese Federation, you need to develop a plan soon," V.V. began to speak, at which Lelouch promptly left the room, "Still so naive, and so easy to tease."

Lelouch walked the hallways of the palace, making his way towards his throne room, "Your majesty, good to see you doing as well as always," an ever young Jeremiah said walked towards Lelouch, "The new recruits are doing well, and the plans for the colony are doing exceptionally well, it'll be another year before we can make many serious attempts at constructing it but everything is going splendidly."

"Excellent," Lelouch said, eyeing a graying Toudou Lelouch asked, "How comes the Templar Hunt?"

"Slow but steady, many of them are hiding in the European Union, which makes for a very difficult time getting clearance," Toudou responded, "And the Chinese are concerned about future relations with the Empire. You are the Emperor now, but your hold on the Empire is still shaky, many of the new members of their parliament are pushing for that matter to be resolved, one way or another."

Lelouch looked highly displeased by the thinly veiled meaning behind that statement, "You should have known better than to just leave the matter hanging," C.C. said with a mocking smirk, leaning up against the doors to the Throne Room, "One big mistake of many you made during that war."

"The first of which was taking that collar off you," Lelouch sighed, "You've never stopped talking since."

"Only because you keep making mistakes," C.C. replied immediately, "Stop making mistakes and I'll start praising you instead."

"But you'll still be talking," Lelouch pointed out the obvious.

"Good luck making me be quiet then, a couple men tried a hundred years ago, they weren't too successful," C.C. said, opening the doors to the throne room, only for a scene that would make anybody to look again, if only for where it was happening.

"How dare you question my resolve, I joined with Lelouch long before you did!" Karen yelled at a now more mature Anya.

"When you joined with him makes no difference, only how strongly you have become one with his ideas," Anya replied; the same characteristic lack of emotion in here voice, however it was also a little bit different.

"Amusing aren't they?" the airy voice of the Geass prophet asked as she appeared out of nowhere next to Lelouch, "You certainly picked quite the pair of Knights."

"One of these days I may end up regretting my choice of companions," Lelouch sighed and then marched into the throne room, "Okay that's enough, I don't need you two tearing up the throne room again."

Jeremiah looked down at the Geass Prophet and then asked, "Exactly how much of this was planned?"

"Would it matter? They made their choices of their own free will, even if I knew what choices they'd make it wouldn't change that," the Geass Prophet explained, walking away from the Throne Room.

"Ow! That was me you were biting Karen! Break it up already!" Lelouch yelled trying to get between the fight between his knights.

And that's where I'll end this fic. Have to say, didn't end quite how I originally planned it all. The final showdown was always going to be Lelouch and Charles, however it was originally going to be Toudou dying while failing to kill Charles. The original plan was also for the Euphemia massacre to still occur and for the Black Knight Remnants to all die during the following Black Rebellion. Oh and the ending was not going to be this happy, that surprised me a bit. Quite a few other things changed as well, Schneizel was originally going to be a serious threat being one of them, and the whole fake Code thing only formed about, three chapter after I introduced G.G.

As for the other characters in the fic and what they are doing now, well I'll leave that up to you to imagine…and I don't want to say for a reason dealing with the next fic.

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