The boys watch as Hardin drives them to show how the muggles lived and enjoyed themselves. This made Malfoy realize that the muggles had some connections with wizards. They enjoyed lying in the sun, go out to eat, and other things; although it looked a lot different. Hardin then drives up to a store that was covered with posters of apparently many different muggle bands. Hardin walked in and was back out in a few minutes. He threw a CD to each boy. Draco looked at his.

"t.A.T.u? Who's that?"

"I dunno. Apparently they are said to be a good band over here." Ron looks at his and instantly recognizes the name.

"The Beatles. My dad told me about them." Hardin smiles, "What are these for anyway?"

"You need CD's to work an ipod so I got some test CD's."

"What do tATu sound like?" asks Draco.

"I heard that they sing about love." Draco gives Hardin a look that makes Hardin laugh, "Thought it would suit you two." Suddenly, the car shakes violently. Hardin looks over and sees two men in black cloaks. He could instantly tell that they were death eaters. Hardin, who was without his wand, slams on the reverse and the car starts to speed backward. The death eaters leap out of the way. Hardin looks over to the two boys.

"Time to show if you learned anything from what I taught you," Hardin speaks between clenched teeth. Ron and Malfoy roll down the windows and whip out their wands, which Hardin didn't want them to bring but they brought them anyway. Draco swings his wand and the spell hits the death eater right in the chest, sending him flying back. Ron swings his wand and stupefy slams into the death eater's face, knocking him out cold. Hardin peels out of the parking lot and they quickly drive back to the safety of the house. Malfoy suddenly gets a look of confusion on his face.

"Why didn't we disapperate from there instead?"

"If we disapperated, they would be able to find us and track us to the house. The protection spells can only take so much abuse. Luckily, the death eaters are completely unaware of this building's existence. Hardin gets out of the car and looks at the side of the car. There was a huge dent in it from where the spell had hit. Hardin extends his hand and his wand flies out from the window of his bedroom and he catches it effortlessly. He flicks his wand and the dent pops out and looks good as new. Draco and Ron shake their heads in amazement. How much crap could this guy fix. He fixed cars, love, and people. It was just so weird. Hardin walks over to the house, twirling his wand in his fingers, and entered the house. The boys finally got out of the car and sat down on the beach to watch the sun set. It had been quite a long day. When the sun finally set, they went inside and decided to try and watch TV. Malfoy sees Hardin finally stand up after an hour and says he was gonna go to bed. They hear his door close and Malfoy suddenly remembers the CD that Hardin gave him. He manages to get the plastic covering off and spends about 10 minutes trying to understand how the bloody stereo worked. He puts in the CD. The first song plays and it was amazing at just the right volume. Malfoy and Ron listen and slowly start to enjoy the song. However, there was something about the song that was making Draco a little anxious. Just listening to the lyrics just made him horny.

It's all about us,

All about us,

All about, all about us...

Draco's leg was slightly shaking as the song ended and another one started. This one was a bit more upbeat and Malfoy soon couldn't take it anymore. He reaches over and takes Ron's lips into his own. Draco's tongue begs for entrance and Ron complies.

Not gonna get us,

Not gonna get us,

Nothing can stop this,

Now that I love you...

Malfoy climbs on top of Ron and straddles him on the couch. He slams his lips into Ron's and both boys were lost in the ecstasy and the music. Ron's hands went up Malfoy's shirt and palmed the toned muscles while moaning into the kiss. Ron pinches a nipple and finally lifts Draco's shirt right off. Draco slams their lips together and bites Ron's lower lip. Ron's hands run down Draco's toned abs and reach his shorts. Since the shorts were mesh, nothing could be hidden. Ron slowly pulls the shorts down and Draco moans in pleasure as his dick flies back and smacks him in the stomach. Ron engulfs it and sucks, almost violently, Draco moans in pleasure and bends back so Ron could take in even more. Ron tries to smile with Draco in his mouth and lets out a low moan, causing vibrations to cause Malfoy to go into pure ecstasy. Draco's mouth just hangs open from the pleasure and Ron slowly pulls out, but not before giving his hardest possible suck on the tip, finally pulling away with a loud POP. Malfoy fell backwards and landed on his back. Ron climbs on top and starts to undress himself as well.

Not gonna get us,

Not gonna get us,

They're not gonna get us...

The music is the only thing going through the two boys' heads as they fall even deeper into the rapture of each others love. Ron pulls his own shorts off and is practically straddling Draco's chest, positioning his dick at Draco's mouth. Draco flicks the tip with his tongue and Ron thrusts right into Draco's mouth. Draco runs up and down the pole, sucking hard on the tip and then quickly going back to deep throating Ron. Malfoy's hand then grabs his wand and points it at his dick. It is quickly covered with a nice lubricant. Draco finally pulls away from Ron's dick, almost regretting it but his thoughts are gone when Ron forces Draco to impale him. Ron lets out a pained squeal but Malfoy pulls him into another kiss and they wait till Ron is stretched out. Malfoy slowly starts to thrust and Ron's moans of pain are replaced with moans of pleasure. Malfoy smirks as the redhead moans louder and louder. Finally, Malfoy erupts inside of Ron and Ron erupts but not before Malfoy takes him back into his mouth and Ron explodes, letting Draco taste him and swallows it all. Both boys lie on the floor, riding cloud nine, when they hear footsteps as well as the blaring music. They look up and see a half asleep Hardin walk over and shut off the stereo. Hardin then turns to go back to bed when he sees them on the floor, naked, sweaty, panting, and liquid emerging from Ron's ass. Hardin just stares at them for a few seconds and lets out a deep breath.

"I saw nothing." Hardin then turns and walks back to his bedroom. Both boys let out a quick laugh and embrace each other in another long kiss. They didn't even bother to go back to their bedroom. They just pulled on their boxers and held each other on the floor of the living room.

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